Etori's Plotnotes~

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Etori's Plotnotes~

Postby Etori Whitevine on October 29th, 2013, 12:47 am

Goals for Fall, 513AV
(Not much time left… ;0;)

Skill/Job related goals for this season:
- Gain at least 20 points in Wilderness Survival. 15/20
- Gain at least 20 points in Weapon: Short Sword. 15/20
- Gain at least 20 points in Medicine. 15/20
- Learn Animal Husbandry.
- Teach Sana (Pet puppy) to hunt.
- Be taught a new skill by a PC
- Write two job threads
- Gain a few useful lore’s regarding, medicine, wilderness survival, how to wield a short sword, how to be sociable and how to take care of animals.

Social related goals for this season:
- Befriend at least two PC’s. 0/2
- Meet some new PC’s. 3/5 ( I think o.o)
- Become an enemy or rival with a PC.
- Be socially rejected by a PC.
- Be put into an awkward situation by a PC.
- Become close to a PC.
- Investigate the ghost rumours at the Crystal Hall on the 82nd with a PC.
- Medically treat a PC.

Thread related ideas/goals for this season:
(Ehhhh, I'll think of this later *Flails* )

(If anyone would like to participate in making these goals a threading reality, please do PM me. I am happy to begin a thread with anyone who is just as keen as I am. :D )

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