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Cynnya gets a new job

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[University Library] Scribe your life away

Postby Cynnya on December 6th, 2013, 8:16 pm

2nd Day of Winter, 513 AV

Unlike a few of the privileged students who attended the university, Cynnya's parents were not funding her classes. They were bonded and didn't have much investment in their daughter. Besides, they didn't have an income besides that of their bondmates and their bondmates barely knew Cynnya existed. The money for this semester had come from what little her parents could save and a few odd jobs Cynnya had done while taking classes to catch up on the early education she missed as a Kelvic. However, she needed some spending money for clothes, food and other items, so she had decided to get a job at the university. She wasn't going to get paid a whole lot, but it was something and if anything it should help improve her reading and writing skills.

She entered the library quietly, her pupils dilating from slits to ovals as she adjusted to the dim lighting. The scents of the library washed over her and smiled just a little, taking a deep breath of the old parchment and new scent that permeated the library. Before she took one more step into the library, however, her senses were assaulted by something out of place in the quiet, dusty atmosphere. Heavy footsteps and the scent of sweat overwhelmed her as she looked around a stack of bookcases to see a heavyset figure stomping his way none-too-quietly between the bookcases. Cynnya took a step back as the huge man turned to see her peering at him, dropping one of the many scrolls he was juggling in the process.

"Hello!" his deep voice boomed through the library and she looked about nervously, hoping no one was going to come and shush them because of his outburst. He leaned down and scooped up the scroll before lumbering awkwardly towards her, his steps causing the floor to vibrate slightly. The scent of sweat definitely increased as he got closer and she could see that he was more than a little disheveled. "What can I help you with?" he asked, placing his pile of scrolls on a nearby table before adjusting his glasses to sit levelly on his nose.

"I'm...uh the new scribe? Professor Rhys told me to come here and ask for Finnias..." she said, wishing there as someone less loud to talk to. Unfortunately, he grinned widely at her response and gestured to himself. "Well you have found him! I am Finnias, I work here at the library cataloging. A new scribe, huh? Follow me and I will get you set up!" he started walking towards the back of the library. Cynnya followed reluctantly, wrinkling her nose at the stench that wafted from his large frame. Apparently, he was caught up in his books so much that he forget to bathe every once in awhile. "Uh, thank you," she murmured so quietly she wasn't sure he heard her because he kept talking right over her. What ever happened to being quiet in the library? So far, it looked like the library was mostly empty so at least he wasn't disturbing anyone trying to study.

"You are going to enjoy working here, it's quiet, you get to go at your own pace, and no one is breathing down your neck to get things done," he continued to ramble, stopping at a table with a cushioned chair and blank parchment. He busied himself by stacking some leather-bound books on the corner of the table and setting up a pile of ink sticks next to the blank parchment. "This is your work station and you can work as much or as little as you want in one day as long as a certain number of pages get copied each month. To start we'll say thirty pages by the end of the month. I will check on you periodically throughout the month and depending on your pace we can adjust the goal. Start with these books and if you make it through these, I will get you some more. Sound good?" Cynnya hardly had a chance to nod before he had a hand on her back, pushing her around the table and into the chair.

"Good, get started and I will be around if you have any questions!" he said enthusiastically with a grin before bustling away through the bookshelves. Cynnya took a deep breath as he disappeared between the many books, finally able to breathe clean air again, and took a look at her workstation. At least it was clean and quiet without Finnias around. She picked up the first book and opened it, setting it up in front of her so she could read easily and copy each word. She picked up an ink stick and began to copy what was on the pages, penning each letter carefully and neatly.

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