Solo Setting sail I

Voss is prepairing to go to water again. But this time, their captain has a surprise for them.

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Setting sail I

Postby Voss on December 22nd, 2013, 4:01 pm

17th of winter

Syna was barely peaking over the horizeon, but already the docks were filled with activity. Heedless of the chill. The crews doing their bussines to get their ships either ready for departure or loading it of before going off on a well deserved shoreleave.

Voss looked over the barrels with a critical eye. 'four, six, eight, ten.. that can't be right.' “Oi, phenelope!” he yelled. The first mate looked over the railing of the ship down at him. “What is it Voss?” she yelled back.
“You sure the provisions are right? I'm counting ten barrels. That's to much food we're taking!” he yelled back.

“The captain told me to take that much food and water with us. Think he said we were taking a longer trip this time around.”

Voss gave her an odd look. “longer? How are we going to keep the fish fresh then?” Phenelope just shrugged. “Beats me. Just lug them aboard will you? ”

Voss was still unsure about the entire thing. But if the captain told them. Well then he better do it then. He grabbed one of the barrels and with a grunt and a heave lifted it from the ground. Panting slightly as he lugged the heavy barrel towards the ship. It took him a while, and luckely when some of his crewmates finished their preparations they went to help him. But eventually they managed to get the food and water aboard. Now they just had to wait on their captain.

A few chimes went by. “He's letting wait on him today?” Brick, an isur sailor who had been given the nickname because he was build like a brick house.

“Maybe he's got something to negotiate with his boss.” Voss chimed in. “Something's odd this time around. Did you guy's know we were gone for five day's?” The majority of the crew looked at him weirdly. “Five day's? But won't the fish rot then?” Brick replied. The rest of the crew except for the first mate nodding and muttering agreement.

“As a matter of fact.” phenelope cut in. “He has something to negotiate with the merchant. I don't know what but you know how it goes Who knows what they are cooking up.” Phenelope said as she shrugged. “We can't sail off till he is here and who knows how long he could be tied up.”

The rest of the crew groaned as they walked of , a few went to doublecheck their work, one or two just sat down and took a nap. Huddeling in their coat.

Brick however just looked at the cutlass voss had hanging at his hip. “So kiddo, can you handle that thing yet? Or are you just going to wave it any pirates. Hoping that they're a bunch of pansies?” Brick laughed patting his own sabre. “Or do you want a small lesson.”

Voss laughed like the young boy he was as he jumped a few feet back. Unhooking the clasp that kept the scabbard on his belt and held out the blade in an akward manner. “Me a lesson? I'll school you. Old man.”

The isur and phenelope laughed. The first mate just looked at the two with a smile on her face. “Go at it Brick. Teach that kid how to use that cutlass. Might come in usefull to have a decoy that can last longer then a chime if pirates jump aboard!” Now the entire crew, including voss, laughed. Pirates attacking a fishing ship. As if that would ever happen.

The isur brandished his own weapon. Still sheated at the young sailor. “Well, this old man is going to let you take the first shot at him. Unless you're afraid?”

“As if!” Voss said with a laugh as he crossed the distance between them and wildly swung his cuttlas at the isur with all he got. The isur didn't even bother raising his weapon and just took a quick step to the side. Voss overstretched himself, leaving him wide open. 'Petch.' before he could do anything else Brick kicked him in the leg and send him sprawling on the deck.

“Well, now I'm afraid you're going to hurt yourself.” Brick laughed as he faced the downed boy. Waiting for him to get up.

Voss quickly scrambled back to his feet and held his sheated cutlass in front of him. Cheeks burning with embarrasment.

“If you want some advice, don't swing your weapon wildly like that. It'll only bring you off balance and leave you open.” the isur adviced the young boy before getting ready.

Voss nodded at the advice and this time was a lot more carefull. Slowly getting closer to the isur before again striking as fast as he could. This time he was carefull to not put all his power into the swing. He still didn't get it right though. Once again the isur easily stept out the the way. This time going backwards. Once again he had overextened himself, but at least this time it wasn't as bad. Still before voss could get back on his feet and away from his opponent the isur lashed out with his sheated blade and lightly wacked him on top of his head.

“I told you to keep your swings smaller didn't I?” The isur said. Voss just gave him a grumpy look as he rubbed the top of his head. Which was promptly rewarded with another smack. “Keep your guard up as well. In a fight they aren't gonig to be nice and give you time to catch your breath.

“Guy's, the captain has arrived!” The first mate yelled. “Finally!” One of the napping sailors yelled out loudly as he got up.

Brick hung his sword back at his belt. Voss following suit. “Lets see why the captain was late this time eh old man?”
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Setting sail I

Postby Voss on December 26th, 2013, 8:05 pm

The captain wasn't the only person that boarded the ship. Another man was following him. Unsteadily making it over the gangplank. The rest of the crew gave each other worried glances. What kind of sailor wasn't able to cross the gangplank? He looked to old to start learning to be sailor as well. So if he wasn't a sailor, why was he going with them.

“Oi captain.” Voss spoke up before either the man or the captain ahd finished boarding the ship. “Why's that weedy bookpecker coming allong? He looks more like one of the scholars then a sailor.”

“That's because he is a scholar Voss. ” Voss and the rest of the crew just gave the captain a disbelieving stare. Before they, or more acuratly, voss, could break out in a storm of questions he held up his hand. “He is a man studying reimancy, a form of magic at the university...”

“Magic? What the petch do honest sailors like us have to do with petching mages!” A sailor shouted out. Voss nodded in agreement to that statement. Just as a few others.

“Look I know nobody of us likes the arrangement.”
The mage, who finally had managed to climb aboard spoke up. “Me the least of all, being stuck on a fishing ship for day's without any chance to even visit the library. But neither of us had a choice. The merchant your captain is working for knew I needed money to fund some research into para-elements.” He didn't elaborate. “And he wanted to see if longer fishing trips with ice to cool the fish could pay off. So lets just ignore each other for five day's, let me do my stuff while you do yours. Agreed?”

then the captain took over. Ignoring the horrified looks as some of the words began to click in the minds of his crew. 'Making ice, reimancy, elements. The petcher can throw around ice and shyke!' voss thought, backing away from the man.

“I't's as he said. He's here to supply us with ice as we sail. Keep the fish cold so it doesn't rot. He is not insane or ripe for the asylum. Otherwise I would never have agreed to let him come with us. Now all of you go to work.” The captian turned towards the mage. Done with talking to his crew. Voss and the rest didn't have to be told twice, they all quickly did their tasks. Voss began untying the ropes that kept their ship mored. Pulling up the gangplank as well Out of the corner of his eye he saw the captain guide the mage into the cabin. Probably to go over more details. He looked toward brick, who was raising the anchor.

“Brick, I don't trust this guy. He's all shades of shifty.”

“Just because he is a mage doesn't mean he is shifty...” Brick replied, but he didn't sound sure of it himself.

Voss scoffed. “As if. Mages are all nutterier then squirel shit and you know it.” He shot back. “That guy is bad news. Laviku mark my words. Having a mage on board is going to be nothing but trouble.” He untied the last rope and coiled them up. Dropping them in the right place.

“I know, I know. We're stuck with him though. Lets just keep an eye on him and be done with it for the rest. Nothing else we can really do about it innit?”

“I guess so.” Voss replied as he caught the ropes of the sails and began tying them fast. Helping up to open the sails. Trying not to think of the fact they were carrying a mage with them.
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Setting sail I

Postby Matthew on March 12th, 2014, 9:06 pm



Experience Points:

  • +1 Bodybuilding
  • +1 Socialization
  • +1 Weapon: Cutlass
  • +1 Sailing


  • Weapon: How to Perform a Controlled and Precise Attack
  • Weapon: How to Keep your Balance during a Committed Attack
  • Sailing: Preparing a Ship to Sail

Additional Notes :
Voss, there were a lot of spelling errors in your posts. I would advise running them through a spell check of some sort before posting them, as it makes it a bit hard to read. Also, to clear up any confusion, I awarded the Sailing experience point because Voss spent some time preparing the ship to sail. To me, this seems to be an important step of actually Sailing, so the point was awarded.

If you have any questions or concerns relevant to your grade, don't be afraid to send me a private message so that we can work it all out! Please remember to mark your grading request as Graded.
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