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Postby Matthew on June 24th, 2013, 10:01 pm


Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 26.
Birthday: In the Summer of 488 A.V.
Birthplace: Zeltiva.
Current Location: Zeltiva.

Matthew has a bit darker skin then most of the generic human race, blessed with a creamy golden hue. His hair is a dark brown to almost black, usually styled into some windswept look, but naturally falling in loose curls. He has blue eyes, strikingly bright and shifting with different moods and thoughts. His face is clean-shaven and young-looking, with a strong jaw line and full lush lips. His eyelashes are long, all of the features combining to give him more of a "beautiful" appearance than a "handsome" one. His body is slim and defined, just enough for looks and not at all for any additional strength. He has a gold tattoo hugging the V of his hips, a near-mockery of the belt that Yahal so proudly displays. He has a light voice, with a very tiny bit of husk in the back of it, giving each word he speaks a slightly suggestive sounding meaning (even if he doesn't intend to).

Standing at 6'2, even though Matthew manages to have a fit figure and nice height, he somehow gives off the very exact opposite of intimidation. It is hard to see the man ever being a threat in a fight, merely because of his feminine beauty and professional appearance.

Matthew is a calm, quiet, thoughtful, and confident sort of man. He is straightforward in approaching others with any questions or comments he may have, not really being one who is shy or withheld. Sometimes he can be intimidated (knowing his health is in jeopardy), but often not that flustered, as embarrassment is a practically unknown concept to him. All of his shows of emotion are quite restrained, the man seemingly a professional above all else. However, he lacks an understanding of most social norms, and will usually ask any question that comes to mind, even if someone would consider it inappropriate. When it comes to unspoken rules, he is clueless. Some would consider him naive because of his innocence when it comes to social norms, and some just consider him refreshingly honest in his quest to sate his curiosity.

He is an extremely curious man, looking to learn all he can about anything. If something will obviously cause him harm in learning it, he will sometimes shy away after weighing the benefits and downsides. Normally though, he approaches new knowledge with an eagerness in his eyes and expression, such eagerness one of the biggest shows of emotion he regularly makes. His current occupation, prostitution, is currently his favorite subject to study. While quiet, reserved, and curious, Matthew has a dangerously gray moral compass. His mind is a highly logical one when it comes to dealing with emotion and everyday life. If something is considered "bad", Matthew is the one who will question why it is labeled that. This can and has put him in questionable territory. He is highly logical in most other facets of life, giving him a very simple view on many things.

When using his Seduction skill, Matthew is usually working his profession, and takes on an almost completely different personality.

Seduction Personality
A different personality was constructed just for the use of Seduction and Prostitution. It is a personality that was logically constructed, and can be adjusted on the fly to meet the needs of his immediate customer. His study of how to seduce was so through that he is actually quite good at it, even if it is just a professional charade to him.

When like this, he is bold and confident, the sort of man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to express it. While polite and professional with his flirtations, he manages to throw a playful smirk and a bit of suggestiveness into any conversation he engages in. Practically an aura of confidence and carnal hunger radiates from him, soft enough to just barely feel on the edge of your conscious. Indulge in it, and it will grow and grow, a fire also sparking in Matthew's stare. As a logical man, Matthew takes everything apart and analyzes it, seeking the best way to solve every little puzzle of that thing. A person and their wants is just another puzzle, and Matthew's stare and smile promises that he will spend quite a bit of time to find every single possible solution. Somehow, it isn't that hard to believe he has the ability to perform on what his gaze swears to.

Positive: Clear-thinker, logical, confident, strong-willed
Negative: Unempathetic, confused by own emotions, impulsive, logical, naive

Special Notes

For any Dreamwalkers that may encounter Matthew's Chavi, they may notice that it was severely tampered with a very long time ago, most likely back whenever he was a child.

XP rewards have been tracked and can be provided on request so that totals can be verified. Currently working on adding this directly to the CS.

Skill XP Total XP Proficiency
Acrobatics 22XP 22XP Novice
Bodybuilding 14XP 14XP Novice
Brawling 7XP 7XP Novice
Climbing 7XP 7XP Novice
Dance 12XP 12XP Novice
Endurance 18XP 18XP Novice
Riding 3XP 3XP Novice
Running 11XP 11XP Novice
Stealth 5XP 5XP Novice
Swimming 19XP 19XP Novice
Torture 3XP 3XP Novice
Unarmed Combat 16XP 16XP Novice
Weapon: Dagger 12XP 12XP Novice
Weapon: Short Sword 1XP 1XP Novice
Wrestling 1XP 1XP Novice

Skill XP Total XP Proficiency
Deduction 7XP 7XP Novice
Intelligence 46XP 46XP Competent
Investigation 14XP 14XP Novice
Logic 20XP 20XP Novice
Marketing 1XP 1XP Novice
Mathematics 3XP 3XP Novice
Meditation 19XP 19XP Novice
Navigation 1XP 1XP Novice
Observation 100XP 100XP Master
Planning 25XP 25XP Novice
Research 3XP 3XP Novice
Subterfuge 6XP 6XP Novice
Tactics 18XP 18XP Novice
Tracking 2XP 2XP Novice
Writing 9XP 9XP Novice

Skill XP Total XP Proficiency
Acting 17XP 17XP Novice
Childcare 1XP 1XP Novice
Deception 3XP 3XP Novice
Flirting 5XP 5XP Novice
Intimidation 5XP 5XP Novice
Interrogation 42XP 42XP Competent
Leadership 16XP 16XP Novice
Negotiation 11XP 11XP Novice
Persuasion 22XP 22XP Novice
Philosophy 30XP 30XP Competent
Politics 5XP 5XP Novice
Rhetoric 79XP 79XP Master
Seduction 26SP, 68XP 94XP Master
Socialization 100XP 100XP Master
Storytelling 15XP 15XP Novice
Teaching 43XP 43XP Competent

Skill XP Total XP Proficiency
Alchemy 1XP 1XP Novice
Auristics 14SP, 45XP 59XP Expert
Hypnotism 15SP, 44XP 59XP Expert
Shielding 5XP 5XP Novice
Spiritism 1XP 1XP Novice

Skill XP Total XP Proficiency
Butchery 3XP 3XP Novice
Cartography 1XP 1XP Novice
Cooking 12XP 12XP Novice
Fishing 2XP 2XP Novice
Food Preservation 2XP 2XP Novice
Herbalism 3XP 3XP Novice
Hunting 1XP 1XP Novice
Massage 8XP 8XP Novice
Medicine 10SP, 22XP 32XP Competent
Organization 8XP 8XP Novice
Play Instrument: Harp 1XP 1XP Novice
Singing 2XP 2XP Novice
Wilderness Survival 4XP 4XP Novice

1 Treavery Mark from Tanroa. Gained from this thread.

History of the Oppression of a Sunberth Miner
Edreina Likes Alcohol
Using Scent to Put Someone At Ease
Edreina’s Teachers: Karin and Ignotus Everto
Overgiving: Sweet Whispers
Effects of Love Dust
Anatomy: Location of Nerves Near the Kidneys
Brawling: Using Shattered Glass as a Weapon
Makeshift Weapons Are Less Lethal on Fat
Brawling: Use Your Teeth
Fat: Very Hard To Chew
Biting Would Have To Be a Last-Ditch Effort
The Taste of Human Flesh
Dagger: Can Easily Be Stuck In A Body
Unsheathing a Dagger
Dagger: Too Dull To Effectively Throw
Location: An Elegant Weave
Acting: The Possessive Boyfriend
Persuasion: Eliminating other options
Philosophy: Unwanted touching is theft
Tsukiko: Ethaefal/Svefra
Marketing: Using a business card
Fishing: How to set up a fishing rod
Knot tying: Pitzen knot
Ethaefal: Two forms; two subtly different personalities
Swimming: Treading water
Ethaefal: Description of the Fall
Definition of a Bonding Experience
Estrellir: A Slightly Shorter than Average Konti
Meditation Technique: Removing Surrounding World Piece By Piece
Meditation Technique: Focusing on a Singular Object and Describing it
Meditation Technique: Letting the Mind Wander, Speaking Without
Latching Onto Estellir's Unique Aura in Order to Aid with Meditation
Noting a Parallel in Estrellir's Personality to One's Own
Running: How to Pace Oneself
Bodybuilding: Plank Technique
Kay is Dead
A Corpse Still Has an Aura
Acting: Showing Appropriate Emotions at Funerals
Noven: Knows Nate and Kay
Being Present at a Funeral is Enough
Sloshed: Word for Getting Drunk
The Anatomy of a Dagger
Duel Wielding: Shouldn’t Be Attempted Without Competency in a Weapon
How to Grip a Dagger
Strong Stance: Make Feet Match Shoulder Width
The Offence Capabilities of Different Dagger Grips
Bitzer: Skilled Fighter
Dagger Technique: Parry
Distracting an Opponent in a Fight
Dagger Technique: Feint
Using Logic Over Instinct
Defence: Step to the Side to Avoid a Blow
Tent City: Where All the Whispers Drown Each Other Out
The Tent City: Layout
A Complex Involvement With The Scars
Web: Blind in One Eye
Always a Time & Place for Self-Advertising
Scars: My Contribution is Knowledge
Lillis: Caelum’s Wife
Lillis: She Is An Artist
Lillis: Blessed By Avalis
Lillis: Her Gift. Her Prophecy. Her Painting.
Caelum: Healer, Store Clerk, Mystery(?)
Caelum: His Belief’s On Bookstores
Caelum: His Belief’s About Prostitution
Random Chess: A Game of My Invention
Herbalism: Aphrodisiac Herbs
Herbalism: Yarrow and Its Uses
Medicine: The Window of an Erection
Social Nuance: A Decided Lack of Tact
On Trusting Peddlers…
Deduction: Piecing Together Clues
Observational Insight: Visual Cues From Facial Expressions
Intelligence: The Role of Instinct
Philosophical Debate: The Circle of Instinct
Rumours: Fallon, Part of Recent Uprising
How to Approach a “Sick” (Hung over) Myrian
Giving Kaie a Bath
Kaie’s Reason for Coming to Sunberth
Kaie: An Excellent Female Specimen
Dominating Kaie
Seth: A Demanding Tutor
Snap Punch vs. Pushed Through Punch
The Power of a Punch Comes Through the Hip and Motion
Basic Guard Position
Forefist Punches & Inverted Forefirst Punches
The Utility and Versatility of Jabs
Passing a Key With Ones Mouth
Bregas House Layout: Detailed
Magic Used at Bregas
Fallon Considers Matthew a Scar
Fallon: Magic User
Confidence Can Destroy Tactics
Introduction: Noven Of The Readied Cock
Using Connections To Gather Knowledge
Noven: Headaches and Nightmares
How to Peel Potatoes
Novens Gnosis
Lore of Krysus
Effect of Krysus Mark
Reputation Precedes You
Location: Sunset Falls
Aoren: Fellow Mage
Aoren: Scholar and Apothecary
Shielding: Blocking Water
Magic Category: World Magic
Rumors About Sahova: Center of Magic
Seer's Lily: Gnosis Mark Of Avalis
Meditation: Clearing One's Mind Of Distractions
Reimancy: Personal Magic To Control The Elements
Auristics: Aoren's Aura
Zandelia: Owes you a favour
Nyxie: Finds talking about sex difficult due to social stigma
Nyxie: Never been in an intimate relationship; open to one
Seduction: Sex requires a mental stimulaion
Nyxie: Part of the Draer Dynasty in Kenash
Nyxie: Svefra, marked by Laviku
Religion: Abilities of Laviku's mark
Laviku: God of the sea
Philosophy: Definition of love as a sickness
Sunberth's History: Mining Center
Scary: Between Passion And Detachment
Seduction: Channeling It Into Another’s Dance
Caela Dorin: The Devilish Dancer
Intelligence: Learning By Experiencing
Grisham: A Comfortable Presence
Self: The Lacking Of A Social Filter
Auristics: Binding Cords Between Others
Auristics: Edreina’s Aura
Auristics: Razkar’s Aura
Seduction: The Art Of True Intimacy
Teaching: Instructive Criticism Upon Sex
Sunberth's Politics: Anarchy
Bitzer: Thinks Highly of Me
An Offer for Zandelia
Zandelia: A Taste for Women
Zandelia: Discussing Sunberthian Politics
Zandelia: Exchanging Contact Information
Zandelia: A "Dabbler"
Zandelia's Boots = Storage
Could Auristics Replace Eyesight?
Web, Weaver, People Person?
38th: A Date with Web and Bitzer
How To Seduce with Intellect
Getting Lost
Unfashionably Late
Zeltiva: Wright Memorial Library
Evidence of a Haunting
Indentifying a Ghost
Managing Fear
Spiritism: Being Possessed
Panoramic Observation
Swift Analyzation
Observing Soul Darts
Observing Dusting of a Ghost
Shielding: Rain Ward Task
Ruby Vs. Brega: The Double Agent
Intelligence: Using Seduction As A Cover For Data Transfer
Rigging To Be The Saviour
Being Beat To Death For A Gambit
Unarmed Combat: Deflection Techniques
Fights Don’t Always Take Long
Kaie’s Weakness
Kaie’s Explanation of Love
Thoughts Clarified by Putting Them Into Words
Sunberth: Stumble Alley
Sunberth: The Library
Sunberth: The Run-Down Mill
Mathematics: Orders Of Operations
Amael Shale: Isurian Gadgeteer
Social: A Date With Kaie
Location: The Welcome Home Orphanage
Children: "Immune" To Hypnotism
Nickname: Mattie
Giving Sex Education To Children
Dhani: Giant Snake Monsters
Amelia: Never goes on Dates
Amelia: Doesn't like Ballroom Dancing
Amelia: Very Different from her Mother
Syliras: Never speak of Ravok
Note to Self: Not a Child of Myri
Hunting: Smelling Like One's Prey
Children of Myri, All Others are Barbarians
All Strength Feeds the Goddess of War
Covering Oneself with Dirt
Learning from Raz: Monkey See, Monkey Do
Listening for Water
Raz: Feet like Leather
Trying to Manhandle a Buck
Attempt to Impress Raz Backfires
Offending the Green Goddess
Hunter: Do Not Waste Anything
Raz: Cursed by Yahal
Raz's Curse: How to Remove?
Preserving Buck Meat
Deemed Brave by a Myrian
Honor: An Odd, Bubbling Feeling
Witnessing a Myrian Sacrifice
My Survival Abilities: Build a Fire, Moisten Lips, Get Eaten
Raz's Curse: A Voice in My Head
Human Anatomy in Modern Medicine.
Lady Man: New Nickname
Perks of a Myrian's Company
Showing Raz the Clinic
A Special Whore to be Questioned
Raz: Distaste for the Clinic
Why Did Raz Kill the Whore?
Plans to Infiltrate Slaver's Row
Wariness with Hypnotism
Kostaja: A Customer of the Doctor
Slavery is Wrong
Raz: Different Definition of Morality
Rescuing Marius via Unconventional Means
Opposites Make Good Teams
Curious Interaction Between Marius and Razkar
Meeting Fallon at the Clinic
Tending to Fallon's Wounds
Putting One's Patience to Good Use
Cosmetology and Wrenmae
Admitting Fear for the Ocean
Musician: A Possible Path to Pursue
A Story behind Fallon's Scars
Plans to Cut Wrenmae's Hair
Sparking Fallon's Anger
Sunberth: Breathe in the Debauchery
Social: Study! Study! Study!
Places: Dance Night At The Grotto
People: Oriah, The Dancer
Personal: Arrogant, or Prideful? Which Am I?
People: Oriah, The Teacher
Universal Psychology Theory
Tanroa: Goddess of Time
A Vision of how Time Flows
Spring 514 AV: A Choice that must be made
A Tale of Time: To be Continued?
Reine: Dancer
Meeting a fellow hypnotist
Lore of Religion: Ionu, The Trickster
Ionu's Gnosis mark: Inverted triangle
Karin: One of the Inverted
Karin's Pendant
Disarming a professor with hypnotism
Practicing seductive and hypnotic arts on your teacher
Hated Enemy: Tobias Mordani
The Various Ways of Pleasing a Pycon
On The Longevity of Nuits: Years, Decades, Centuries
Science, Medicine…and Sex.
Isolde Seibold: Nuances and Quirks
Two Isur Females: Tough Stuffs
Edreina: Beautiful Red-head
Razkar: Victory Requires Sacrifice
Eyes Tell Stories
Razkar: Walking Arsenal
How To Sway Your Hips When Walking
Razkar Likes Edreina
Offering A Discounted Service
Bathing Edreina
Teaching About Pleasure Points
Sharing About My Family to Edreina
Edreina Is A Svefra
Suvan: Beautiful Sea
Razkar Was Involved In Illegal Activities
Kriital: Big Fat Black Bird
The Kriital's Foul Bile
Balicani: Terror of The Sky
The Odd Strings Of Fate
Saving A Drowning Girl
Sagitta: Girl From The Sky
Being Lost
Confidence Boost Through Hypnotism
Presenting Good Questions
Taking The Helm Of Leadership
Peython: Advocate
Ser Wade: Syliran Knight
Clothing should not overwhelm presence
Sigfrid: Ethaefal beauty
The Avarice of Clarity: Assumption of Brilliance
Hypnotism Spell: Sensual Suggestion
Isolde: Pity or Disgust?
Alchemic Principle: The Acceleration of Djed
Alchemic Principle: Doorways
Hypnotism Spell: Afterthought
Observational Insight: It’s always the shy ones
Pawns and Kings: The Role of a Leader
Lyrri Snowsong: Vantha Musician
Rhaus: God of Music
Myrian: Warrior Race
Kaie: Myrian Barmaid
Seduction 101: Fitness, Hair, Touch, Hook
Kaie: Seduction Apprentice
Auristics: Kaie's Aura
Seduction: Using Hypnotism to Aid in Seducting
Rogue Knight: True or Myth?
Fallon: Squire Investigator
Noaru: The Spirit in Black
Matheld: Apathetic Man
Plan: Rogue Knight Hunt
Razkar: In Love with Edreina
Location: The Soothing Waters
Edreina: Likes Octopus
Golem: Emotionless Automatons
Myri: Goddess of War
Wyrd: Razkar's Word for Magic
Food: Beaver Meat
Acrobatics: Sit And Reach Stretch
Acrobatics: Back Stretch
Social Nuance: Keep A Straight Face
Acrobatics: Touch Your Knees!
Seduction: Meaning Of A Kiss
On Love and Love Making
Acrobatics: Warm Up Stretches
Swimming: Efficiency of the Doggy-Paddle
Swimming: Different Styles of Strokes
Laviku’s Children: Playful Dolphins
Giving Edreina Advice
Medicine: Splinting A Sprained Wrist
Medicine: The Importance of Elevation
Rhetoric: Placating Angry People
Social Nuance: The Pecking Order
Philosophy: The Logic Behind Overprotective People
Interrogation: Casual Questions
Organization: A Tidy Appearance
Teaching: Pointers On the Fine Points of Women
Symenestra: The Spidery People
Manifesting Djed Outside The Body
Shielding: The Discipline of Protection
Shielding: Weaving, Painting, Forming
Shielding: Tasking A Shield
Auristics: Bearing Witness To A Shield
Dance: Box Steps
Dance: Circle Steps
Dance: Spinning A Partner
Title: The man who would bed anyone
The materials for making a MC Ring
Isolde: prone to flights
Isolde: Regretful Nuit
Isolde hates Crowds
Alder: Slave Driver
Litani: Girl of Dreams
Litani's Story
Offering of Affections: Litani
Sei Tendo: Acquaintance
Sei Is A Rude Man
Golden Grotto: Edreina's Sea Vessel
Ruby: Repulsive
Brega: Dangerous
Playing Double Agent
Brega: Who Really Knows Her?
Dr. Petricious: Craving for Blood
Growing Used to Gore
Wolf's Den and Pits: Injuries Galore
Grey Lines, Iffy Contracts
What Would Edreina Think?
Tempering Tempers in Wolf's Den
Lengths Gone to Meet Dastana
Dorian: A beast within
The Silence: Ruthless Assassins from Sahova
Marked by Tanroa, Goddess of Time
Lore of Self: The lives of thousands lie upon your shoulders
Emotion: Isolation
Seduction: Bondage
Seduction: Fecal Fetish
Seduction: Sadism
Seduction: Spanking
Seduction: Wax Play
Hypnotism: Instilling Love

Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Kontinese

-Satin Tunic
-2 Cotton Vests
-3 Silk Pants
-2 Silk Scarves
-5 Buttoned Shirts
-2 Buttoned Jackets
-10 Satin Undergarments
-3 pairs of Shoes
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Boots
-Various ties and bow ties

1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains multiple things-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

A selection of cosmetics and personal care items that include:
    Toothpaste (12oz)
    Cologne (4oz
    Mouthwash (16oz
    Face Powder (5oz)
    Pomade (10oz)
    Toilette Kit
    Bath Salts (6oz)
    Bar Soap (6oz)
    Skin Cream (12oz)

A small collection of badly-crafted posters and business cards, made from basic paper and ink.
Business Card :

12 Balicani Tooth (Value: 2 GM each)
12 Balicani Scales (Value: 4 GM each)

Karin's Necklace: A necklace with silver chains and a blue inverted triangle-shaped pendant made with high quality cold-iron. Given to Matthew by 'Karin', one of the Inverted, as a token of gratitude for servicing her in the Herald's Arms. It symbolizes that Matthew had attracted the attention of one of the Inverted and it would not be the last time he would see her... or them.

Dagger of Woe: The dagger's length is nearly two palm lengths, and from its tip down to its pommel it is pure black. Its edge is slightly curved, and there are faint designs etched along the blade that may have been magical in nature, but there are no obvious signs if they are. The dagger has a very nasty aura, and stinks of rotting flesh and sickness if observed with auristics. It also has a strange, twisting darkness like black vines that wrap its edges and encircle the pommel only visible to those of competent auristics or higher. If someone is merely cut by this blade they are infected by the curse held within its blade. It causes pneumonia-like symptoms as the darkness spreads, and the wound it causes will not clot and blood will slowly trickle forth. Stopping the blood flow slows the progress of the curse, but it requires a person marked with Healing to cure it completely. Once the dark vines reach the heart the person simply dies as their heart is stilled, and so wounds that are closer to the heart are more deadly than those farther from it. The time it takes for the curse to kill varies based on how deep the wound was, and how close to the heart it was. A shallow wound along the shin would take several days to finally kill, this time lengthened to a couple of weeks if the wound is constantly tended and the bleeding stanched. A deep stab in the chest could kill in seconds if the wound is directly over the heart.

The effects of the dagger will slowly fade unless used periodically on another person. If the dagger does not see use for a full year the curse will completely vanish and it will be just an ordinary dagger.

Escorting Her to the Time of her Life :
A dark book with a suggestive title written in dark red script. The inside is an old and dusty guide on being the ideal Escort in modern Mizahar; a subject that wasn't quite in demand back when the book was written, and still isn't.

Attaining Highest Sexual Pleasure :
A very scientific study on the methods used to attain just what the title suggests. The book is a pure black with white elegant letters, and details every little thing about how to handle every single little part of the common body in an erotic (but highly logical) way. Excellent if you like to put a lot of thinking into your love-making technique.

Tricksters and Troupes :
A questionable overview of Ionu and the Inverted. It is hard to tell if anything in the overview is actually at all correct, seeing as how it isn't really known if any 'facts' about Ionu and the Inverted are true facts. It is somewhat hard to write about everything behind the illusions without getting caught up in the illusions yourself.

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Clothing Purchase -51 GM 49 GM
Supplies for Business Advertisement -5 GM 44 GM
Study Books for Pleasuring Women -5 GM 39 GM
Questionable Study Materials for Ionu and the Inverted -20 GM 19 GM
D-Wire from the Indoor Market -10 GM 9 GM
Reward for Balicani Hunt +200 GM 209 GM
Yahal Necklace Gifted to Edreina
Common Living Expenses for Summer 513 -135 GM 74 GM
Cosmetic Expenses (encompasses Cosmetic list in Inventory) -36 GM 38 GM
Seasonal Job Pay for Summer 513 364 GM 402 GM
Living Expenses for most of Fall 513 (Edreina's Rented Boat) -45 GM 357 GM
Common Living Expenses for Winter 513 -135 GM 222 GM
Cosmetic Expenses (encompasses Cosmetic list in Inventory) -36 GM 186 GM
Love Dust for Edreina's Lesson -20 GM 166 GM
Winter 513 Wages 1104 GM 1270 GM
Common Living Expenses for Spring 514 -135 GM 1135 GM
Caring for Fallon 50 GM 1185 GM
Common Living Expenses for Summer 514 -135 GM 1050 GM
Common Living Expenses for Fall 514 -135 GM 915 GM
Common Living Expenses for Winter 514 -135 GM 780 GM
Cosmetic Expenses (encompasses Cosmetic list in Inventory) -36 GM 744 GM
Bathhouse Expenses -2 GM 742 GM
Common Living Expenses for Spring 515 -135 GM 607 GM
Inn Expenses for Spring 515 -1 GM 606 GM

Location: Zeltiva

House: None.

Thread List

Timestamp Pending | Haunted Fantasies

65 of Summer, 507 AV | Treading White Waters
20th of Summer, 508 AV | First a Read, then a Walk
20th of Summer, 508 AV | Then A Rest Of Course...
5th of Summer, 509 AV | The Raven at the Pond
8th of Summer, 509 AV | Night's Game
12th of Spring, 511AV | An Unexpected Pupil
15th of Spring, 511AV | Twin Daises Dance

89th of Summer, 511AV | Unadulterated Fun

8th of Winter | Lectures and Lessons

Summer, 513 AV
5th of Summer | Hypnotising Hands
8th of Summer | Chasing Rumours
11th of Summer | Book I: How Much Can the Dead Feel?
13th of Summer | Hope Found in a Harlot
14th of Summer | The Dancer and the Strumpet
15th of Summer | The Dancer and the Strumpet II
16th of Summer | Fallen from Grace | Fallen from Grace II
17th of Summer | Book II: Round and Round the Pycon Goes
20th of Summer | Punishing the Sinner
21st of Summer | Punishing the Sinner II
22nd of Summer | Ocean Air Tastes So Sweet
24th of Summer | Working while Learning
25th of Summer | Out of Her Element
30th of Summer | First Night on the Job
32nd of Summer | Fount of Stupid, Filter of Smart
34th of Summer | A Lesson in Love
40th of Summer | It's Just Business
41st of Summer | Swimming as Opposed to Soaking
42nd of Summer | Lap of Luxury
48th of Summer | Beside Manner
69th of Summer | A Complex Reunion
80th of Summer | Monster Hunter

Fall 513 AV
Most of Fall was used in travelling with Wrenmae and Fallon to Sunberth, though Matthew was mysteriously intercepted in the following thread.

79th of Fall | No Time for Logic

Winter 513 AV
20th of Winter | Group Lessons
21st of Winter | That Bloody Boy
25th of Winter | The Science of Killing
30th of Winter | Respect
43rd of Winter | Lessons in Lust
58th of Winter | Dancing with the Diseased
59th of Winter | Sore Spots

Various | All's Fair in Love and War

Spring 514 AV
15th of Spring | What Might Have Been
23rd of Spring | Dancing in the Spring
27th of Spring | Hunting for His Readied Sword
28th of Spring | A Better Place to Crash
28th of Spring | An Unlikely Spar
29th of Spring | A Chance Meeting of Minds
39th of Spring | Fishing Daggers I: A Beginning
40th of Spring | Such a Treacherous Slattern
40th of Spring | Tick Tock, Tick Tock
41st of Spring | Free No Longer
44th of Spring | Caged Profits
52nd of Spring | Busking for a Mining Adventure
55th of Spring | Chain Breaker

Winter 514 AV

Spring 515 AV
3rd of Spring | Exceptionalism
4th of Spring | Confessions
13th of Spring | Three's a Crowd
15th of Spring | A Girl's Best Friend
19th of Spring | Lovely and Instructive
25th of Spring | An Overnight Campsite
32nd of Spring | First a Dance...
34th of Spring | Taking a Peek

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Postby Matthew on July 26th, 2013, 2:00 pm


Name: Dorian
Race: Human(?)
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Height: 4'6
Weight: 50 lbs

Appearance: Dorian is thin and lanky, and it is obvious he lived most of his young life with little or no food at all. He has permanent scars all over his body, burns that twist around his waist and over his back. His skin is pale like he has never seen the sun, but even if he stands out in the sun he will never tan. His hair is the color of dirt, though a bit darker, and usually its length is kept to just over his ears to hide their slight points. Dorian's eyes are now an off shade of brown, with flecks of cold along the edges of the iris. The pupils are normal from a distance, but up close one can see they are slightly more vertical than average.

Personality: He is a heartbroken boy who has seen much suffering in his life. It has left him hollow, empty inside. After losing his sister Dorian began to sink into himself, and his moods became more and more base and wild. Fits of anger and frustration are common, as well as defiance which comes with his age. While he respects Matthew, he does not see him as a Father. More like a babysitter who he HAS to obey to eat, but not because he owes his love to the man. When he feels he feels strongly, and can lead to rash actions after very little thought. Dorian can be quite the handful, but most of his actions are not done in spite. They are the actions of a kid who has lost too much too early.

Origin: Dorian and his sister are the results of MANY failed attempts to recreate Marcus Kelvic's work. They were not kidnapped as Dorian had said, but for a child it was more comforting to think there was a family out there missing him. They were born on Sahova, and from the very beginning they were used as test subjects and put through such tortures that their young minds had begun to plot them all out. The Sahovan Wizards decided that the boy and his sister were no longer useful in their work, and so were about to dispose of them. It was then that Dorian awakened a part of himself that no one expected. Locked deep inside of his subconscious was another being, a creature of pure wrath and rage fueled with blood lust and the desire to kill, and it was this power that saved both him and his sister and allowed them to escape to the harbor and catch a boat to Sunberth. The Silence was sent after them to dispose of these failed and wild experiments to end their lives because they could cause more harm in the world, and inconvenience the Wizards. It was only through the efforts of Matthew that Dorian was able to survive the ordeal, but it only weakened the chains that kept the beast within.

The thing that rests inside of Dorian's subconscious is, for the time being, held in check by the boy's very own will, whether he realizes it or not. When it comes to the surface the boy's body undergoes a physical change, doubling every one of his physical traits and giving him more strength and speed than the Sahovan Wizards had accounted for. It is wild however, and Dorian cannot control it.

Unknown to either Dorian or Matthew, Tanroa has performed one last intervention. She has sealed away this inner demon inside of Dorian, and for two years the seal will hold unless something otherwise disables it. After that time, however, the beast will slowly grow stronger and the boy will have to learn to master it himself. This was done in order to give Matthew a chance to instill good values and teachings on the boy in that time, so that when the creature does begin to emerge, Dorian will have some form of values and teachings to fall back on to help guide his actions.


Skill Total XP Proficiency
Climbing 27 XP Competent
Pick Pocketing 23 XP Novice
Stealth 15 XP Novice
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Postby Matthew on October 21st, 2013, 8:32 pm


The Story Thus Far:

Past Lives :
Absolom, belonging of Leth, Former Champion of Zintila.

Alternate Race: Myrian
72 Astronomy
51 Glyphing
51 Summoning
23 Architecture
14 Birdkeeping
14 Painting

Absolom was a fallen Ethaefal who came frighteningly close to taking his own life out of pure despair. His descent had broken some piece of him, the Ethaefel desperate to return to his former home. All was almost lost before a single bright star caught his eye, momentarily pausing what would have been his final moments. It was then that Zintila descended upon him, soft voice and beautiful presence appearing for the mere purpose of giving the pathetic creature some form of hope. Absolom was enraptured, and from that moment on made the Goddess as his reason to live. He fully devoted himself to her, funneling the despair and rage that resulted from his fall into serving her. Absolom rose through her ranks, and soon came to walk closely with the Goddess. It was right before the Valterrian that he was marked as her Champion. At this point he had came to love her with a passion that he had never known he could feel, though this was kept a secret from his beloved. He was content to walk alongside as her advisor and friend, knowing the troubles that would result from taking a God as the lover of a Mortal.

The Valterrian was evidence of this. He ran to Zintila as she fell, nearly breaking once more at the idea of his Goddess possibly being forever gone. When he found her broken and at the brink of death, Absolom swore to stay with her to the end. He protected her, laid by her, did everything in his power to stand with his Goddess and serve her for one last time. It was then that he confessed his love, knowing it was now or never. His confession was not given a response.

Zintila was soon rescued, two chosen Etheafal coming to rescue her by the command of Leth and Syna. He went with her, but the result of his confession soon took over his mind. He had served her, he had walked alongside of her, he had become her best friend. Had she not grown to love him as he had? No matter the results of Ivak's romance with a mortal, their love would be different. His obssession furthered, Absolom acting in her service more than ever before. He worked feverishly to perform in ways he thought would please her, even when she demanded that he rest. He helped construct large portions of the Skyglass found in Lhavit and continued to unwaveringly stand by her side. His unrequited love haunted him though, and soon he approached her a second time. He confessed his love, begged for hers in return, proclaimed that their wedding could be the event that Ivak and Kova had only dreamed of.

Zintila had always seen the folly of what Ivak and Kova would become, and now fully saw the extent of her most trusted servant's obssession. She rebuked him, firmly explaining that she loved him as a friend and nothing more, and that this was always how it would be. Absolom's heart and mind cracked, despair rearing inside of him once more. He feigned acceptance of the idea and returned to her side, but his soul had been fully broken. If he could not be of this world as her lover, then he couldn't stand to be in this world at all. In his absolute desperation to be truly a part of the thing he loved for all of eternity, madness suddenly consumed his lovesick heart. He took himself outside of Lhavit and ripped a portal open to the star of Jaleri, throwing himself into the abyss to be consumed by starfire. Only in death would he finally become a piece of his beloved.

History :
Matthew had always lived in Zeltiva. He was born into a wealthy family, with parents who had lucrative careers. He was enlisted in the University, intellectual potential spied as he toyed around with self-taught skills in school class. He was a bright child, leading them to expect the pursuit of medicine (just like his mother). The entire first school semester was funded by his family, and he was expected to become the next great man of his house. He had everything going right for him, the admiration of his peers, and the support of his incredibly proud family. He had a very good life and he understood this.




To Matthew, everything was hard to understand. The fact that scandal arose was a simple miscalculation on his part, and his career was a wise move. He had the looks, and the education. Why not pursue something that interested him? Why not pursue something that would challenge him, something that would teach him a concept he had no understanding of? With the situation in Zeltiva the way it then was, he soon left, deciding to strike out on his own and try once more. While his current actions fill the void, there is still something deep inside of him that seeks something as simple as purpose.

Syliras, in the Summer of 513 AV :
Matthew was familiar with the standard scholars and shipwrighting nobles, but not the varied crowd he would find in Syliras. While he had traveled to the city once before, he was not truly braced for all the color he would find. Looking back on Zeltiva, perhaps his life had simply been too routine for him to really experience it. He was quick to get a job at the Herald's Arms, and also advertised a personal Escort business, only opening him up to more and more people. There he was introduced to feelings of friendship, encountered when he somehow made a connection with Edreina. He was introduced to feelings of fear and intimidation, encountered when he approached Razkar. Compassion was encountered for a slave at the hot springs, while gratefulness was felt for the woman at the blacksmith. Dozens of emotions that he had been able to ignore or avoid while he was at Zeltiva, now assaulting him from all sides. More and more people approached him, and more things were felt. They have been easy to handle on a logical level, easy to analyze and respond to in an intelligent way. His methods of handling emotions evolved while in Syliras.

Then came the Inverted one, who gave him a taste of emotion beyond his control. He was subjected to lust that he could not analyze and respond to, and instead was taken control of by it. Faced with the realization that it is still possible to be an emotional creature, no matter how much cold logic one applies, Matthew has been shaken deep within. He thrives on his ability to disconnect himself from what he sees as dangerous things, and is horrified to find that his ability may simply not work.

He still pursues his business, and looks deeper into becoming a harlot. He has a drive, for this is the purpose he has decided to set himself on. He craves to learn the most and become the best, to fully devote himself to this one single thing and master it. He is still trying to find if this will actually fill the void that he feels somewhere deep inside, or if this is a mere distraction until the emptiness makes him ache yet again.

More and more he finds that he feels horribly distant from everyone else he encounters, both confused and curious about how people are and why they act the way they do. Social norms and common understandings between people seem to elude him. The drive for love or glory baffles him, and the lack of such a drive in himself makes him wonder. He set out in his career so that he could expose himself to new and unique social situations, so that he could challenge a hungry mind and simply learn. Why is it the more he develops and learns, the more distant he feels?

Syliria Wildlands, in the Fall of 513 AV :

Sunberth, in the Winter of 513 AV :

Sunberth, in the Spring of 514 AV :


Secret :
507 AV
508 AV
509 AV
510 AV
511 AV
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