Flashback Tut - kids, these days.

Some Inarta kid trespasses on Jayce's land!

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Tut - kids, these days.

Postby Jayce Asher on December 29th, 2013, 8:21 pm

"I'll take that as yes!" He shouted, laughing out loud at the thought of the young Inarta fainting on the table. The poor young man had no alcohol in his body, but he incredibly managed to do what the more accustomed residents could not, even while intoxicated. When Jayce realised the seriousness of the matter, he still found himself chuckling about it. He shuffled around the table towards Manx - eventually clasping his arms around him and raising him up.

The boy was fairly light, it was however, only just possible for Jayce to lift him. Jayce was built up from all the fights he'd had, but he could definitely not consider himself a body builder. When Manx was on the table, he ordered the ladies to step back a bit (with the exception of Fawn, who stood by his side so that she could be with Manx a little bit). He then took a bucket of water from the bar wench, that had become involved with the situation by duty. After lifting the bucket above Manx's head, he turned it upside down, allowing streams of water to cool his skin.

The impact must have awoken Manx, but he took Zoe by the hand before he could find out whether or not it actually did. Almost pulling her away from the others, he put his head next to hers, and half-whispered into her ear, "Come with me tonight, my lady?" He spoke with a discouraging tone, and expected her to decline. He didn't really care that she'd be upset with the declination, because he didn't particularly want to sleep with this woman anymore.

When she (as Jayce had expected) turned down his offer, he gave her a soft kiss, as if compensation for what she'd missed. She was left slightly stunned, but to Jayce it was near to nothing, he'd done it so many times that it lost any magic, charm or anything commonly affiliated with it. He couldn't carry Manx back to the house, so he stayed with him until he woke up - however long that actually was.

When Manx recovered, he kept him apart from Fawn for the journey home, allowing her to be entertained by in her own company while Jayce took the lead with the young man. "Listen to me, that was impressive, Manx!" He was attempting to comfort him after the pass-out, but Jayce really thought the boy was a bit weak for having that happen to him. To be honest, this was pretty funny, because there were so many things about both of them that could be seen as faults by the other.

They returned to the large building that was Asher Manor, after about half a bell on the road. Jayce knew that Fawn's legs tired, and when they arrived at the modernised portcullis, he asked Manx to go back and support his lady on her way into the building. Upon entrance, they were greeting by the butler, Stephen, who had not spoke a word of Manx to Melchior. Before the butler could welcome them home properly, they were interrupted by a disapproving Melchior.

"Jayce, could you not have simply stayed at home until I get back?!" He screamed as he was stll not seen, "I've had it up to here--" All sound stopped when he saw the attractive lady, and the unusual young man, standing in their doorway. His one changed without warning, "Come on in, my guests, and make yourself welcome at Asher manor!" He broke out into a pretentious smile, and gestured kindly for them to enter. Jayce's instructions were simply for the pair of them to go upstairs and find an empty bedroom to sleep in.

Downstairs, he had a conversation (granted, it was a small conversation) with Melchior, apologising for the disappearance and explaining the 'Manx' case. He then returned to his own room - after reclaiming all of his belongings from the Living Quarters - where he got changed into some silky bed garments, and organised his possessions neatly. He drifted off after a little while into a deep sleep, and dreamed of all things monetary and sexual.
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Tut - kids, these days.

Postby Matthew on March 12th, 2014, 9:06 pm



Jayce, Manx, it looks like neither of you has updated your ledger to reflect the Winter Living Expenses. I can't grade this until your CS is up-to-date. Please shoot me a PM when it has been updated, and I will post your grade at that time.
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