Location The Wave Guard Headquarters

The Wave Guard homebase in Zeltiva

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Wave Guard Headquarters

Postby Pulren Marsh on May 3rd, 2014, 5:17 am

Pulren listened, remaining tall and straight as the man spoke to him. His face told the tale of his pride once he had been accepted. "I'll be ready to train, Sir. thank you for the opportunity." He could feel the tingling explosions of happiness inside his chest, but didn't want to burst out like a fool in this place of decorum. Stepping back, he smiled and nodded, leaving the headquarters. Once outside and down the hill a few yards, he leaped from the ground and exclaimed, "WAHOO!", before landing again. A bounce was in his step as he continued to head back into Zeltiva's arms.

Pulren knew that the Wave Guard was a voluntary militia and just about anyone could join. That didn't lessen his pride in beginning his journey, however.

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The Wave Guard Headquarters

Postby Rykanis Dakshata on June 3rd, 2014, 12:24 am

1 Summer 514

Rykanis' eyes darted about as he entered the structure. It fitted well into the surroundings of Zeltiva, of its architecture, but stood alone at the same time. Considering it was the place that housed its defenders, this made sense.

As one side of Rykanis looked at it, he saw its tall stone structure, and saw it had been built for defense. The men standing atop it on guard made the point, but so did its solid build, its iron doors, combining into a testament of strength. He saw the meaning the men who had made it had put into it, and saw the effect that they desired its sight to create.

The other side of Rykanis cared little for this, for this inspection, for this waiting and evaluating before going inside. All he cared about was the people inside of it, the people in it right then. He cared about the strength of arm those men had, whether or not they were worth their mettle, or worth the name of defenders of the waves. Of course some meaning was lost on translation, so perhaps Rykanis did not fully understand the name of the group.

Rykanis did not walk in, he strode inside, carrying with confidence his full stature which was just over seven feet of dark violet skin and muscle. Considering his size and weight he was oddly swift and smooth in his motions. Or perhaps it was simply that he was average in doing so, but his large size made one expect clumsy and heavy motions.

Part of this was a calculated move on one side of Rykanis, wanting to make a good first impression, wanting to show his strength and capability. He did not doubt that this could influence his being accepted.

As he passed through the doorway, Rykanis had to duck so that he did not hit his head on the door frame. Unlike in Riverfall, the doors were not made with Akalaks in mind, and so he had to do his best to navigate the smaller doors. It still took a conscious effort to do so, had not become habit, and so made a slight slip in his confident stride as he navigated entering the doorway.

Once entering, he would make a sweep of his hands along his sides, which should anyone be looking would draw attention for a moment to the scabbards on on either side of his belt, both holding a lakan. Rykanis did not go anywhere without them, would feel more than naked if they were not by his side.

Rkyanis would scan the room once, stride to the nearest desk that was not currently busy, and would speak to the man behind it in common.

"My name is Rykanis Dakshata, of Riverfall. I wish to join the Defenders of the Waves. "
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