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Pulren Marsh

Postby Pulren Marsh on March 31st, 2014, 7:36 am

Pulren Marsh
Uncle for Hire


Full Name: Pulren Marsh
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birthday: 6th of Summer, 493 AV
Birthplace: Zeltiva
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 160 pounds

Profession: Mercenary - Freelancer
Current Housing: A large apartment at Kuahala Estates in Riverfall overlooking the Suvan.

Likes: Swimming, women, camaraderie, a good fight.
Dislikes: Slavers, rapists, Nuit and Winter.
Merits: Brave, ambitious, industrious, good hearted.
Flaws: Brooding, careless, easy to anger.

Known Aliases: Uncle, Palaren Marshall

Fluent: Common
Basic: Fratava
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Pulren Marsh

Postby Pulren Marsh on March 29th, 2015, 10:17 am

I often get 'rugged'.

Standing at 5 feet, eight inches and weighing one hundred and sixty pounds, Pulren is a lean and strong fisherman, his life of rations and action keeping his body lean like a swimmer's physique. Swimming all the time also lends to this physique, as one might expect. His eyes are a sea green and his hair is brown with some peppering of blonde from Syna's tousling of it. He usually sports a scruffy beard or at least some stubble. Clean shaven is not very natural to him and he wouldn't have much need for it. He has a few scars over his body from his exploits to date.One large, angry horizontal scar across his upper chest, just below his collarbones. Another six inch scar, not so angry on his right shoulder. His right forearm is covered in deep scratch scars from the invisible predators of the Sahovan Prairies.

Oh, so charming.

Pulren is complex. He is friendly for the most part to strangers, though his time in Sunberth has put a darker spin on things. Sarcasm is a way of life and it helps pad the awful visions of gore and horror that permeate his memories. Fatally optimistic, he tries to squeeze out the best options from a situation, even if it rubs some people the wrong way. He tries not to get into fights so easily, but anyone with a little bit of social skills can tell that there is a powder keg smoking under the otherwise calm exterior of this guy.

We all have one.

As far back as Pulren could remember, it was he and Old Pal and lots of work. His parents were what Pal often remarked as 'sea lice that were a brine short of a salt lick.' They were just faces to Pulren, passing through his memories like flotsam. Flotsam was real, too. Made about as much of an impact on the young man's life.

He had grown up with Uncle Pal Marsh, the bearded curmudgeon that he had been named after. A real role model, Pal. Definitely past his prime, his dark, scraggly beard was streaked with gray and usually stunk of fish and kelp beer. He was an expert fisherman, though, as long as he didn't have to move much. Pulren did most of the scraping, baiting and cleaning.

They did have a small cottage in town, but Pulren rarely saw it, except to drag Pal's stuff, and sometimes Pal, back to sleep a few hours. Only in winter, when the Bonesnapper drove nails into your veins, would Pal resort to eating stock and passing time in his bunk. Every Spring, Pulren would watch the Wave Guard tryouts and watch guys flail their way out to the rock and back. He would watch and wish it was him out there. He knew he could do the swim with no problem. His many offerings to Laviku would not go unnoticed.

The routines all changed in the Winter of 513. Pal had been out drinking and cavorting with his sailing buddies, stopping at the cottage for what would be the last time, though Pulren wasn't aware. Being possibly as drekfaced as his nephew had ever seen him, he had decided to go out against the bonesnapper with these guys, as they were all convinced the fishing would be the best haul ever. Pulren never saw Pal again, hearing about the loss of the fishermen the next morning. He had always craved freedom, but now that it had come it came with a strange uneasiness.


In Spring of 514, Pulren's dreams were realized as he joined the Wave Guard as a Guardsman. Filled with righteous vigor, he gave his all to his City and Guard, facing deadly perils along the way. He was forcefully inducted into both Leeching and Reimancy, both times nearly costing the lad his life. He felt as if he had purpose and things moved along quite nicely. During the Summer, he met Markus Andres, a Knight from Syliras, and his consrt S'Essy, a Konti healer. Markus was investigating the disappearance of his family members and Pulren aided him in finding that the clues pointed to Sunberth. By season's end, Pulren turned in his Wave Guard uniform temporarily and left for the anarchic city with the Syliran pair.

Once in Sunberth, he stayed on the outskirts at the Aquillar Hot Springs with the Syliran couple, a retreat for Knights and their companions. The freedom of the city and his concept to try the life of a mercenary gave Pulren a distinct taste for a life he had previously dreamed of. Taking on the alias of Palaren Marshall, his adventures in the city brought him in contact with Fallon Skylar, the then leader of a gang known as the Scars. Joining them as Palaren, he began developing a persona known as Uncle. This archetype was a grim and vicious face to wear when things became dicey and blood needed to be let. Eventually moving into the Quay, an estate and the headquarters of the Scars, he started to lost touch with being Pulren, realizing future seasons spent in his persona might make it dominant. Fall became Winter and by its frozen end, the Scars were run out of Sunberth and Pulren found himself returning to his home city by the bay.


Spring became Summer and Pulren had rejoined the Wave Guard, trying to carve out a life and looking at rising in the ranks in the militia. His skills were tested but his former taste of mercenary work and the riches and fame it had brought him were too much to ignore. Begrudgingly, he left the organization that had given him his start, opting to join the Martial Society of Zeltiva, an elite group of mercenaries who were very precise in their tastes and skillsets. The interview alone was daunting, as he was selected and trained by none other than Tyler Johnson, the mercenary that had inspired him years before. The wizened merc taught him things that honed the blade that Pulren was becoming and soon his wanderlust came back to him. Sometime in the Fall of '15, he had decided to sell all of his lavish furniture and the diving platform had had been amassing, instead gathering himself to explore more of the world that he lusted over in map form.
In the Winter of 515, Uncle landed on the shores of the mysterious city of Nyka.
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Pulren Marsh

Postby Pulren Marsh on March 29th, 2015, 10:18 am

They pay the bills, I've heard.

Fishing15 SP,2,1,119Novice
Brawling10 SP,2,1,1,115Novice
Unarmed Combat1,1,2,1,2,18Novice
Weapon: Trident10 SP, 2, 4,1,2,2,2,4,3,2,2,4,1,4,144Competent
Weapon: Shield3,2,1,2,1,1,3,3,3,2,3,1,328Competent
Weapon: Spear22Novice
Weapon: Kukri22Novice
Weapon: Razor11Novice
Body Building1,1,1,1,1,4,2,112Novice
Swimming15 RB, 15 SP,1,4,5,2,3,3,2,2,2,155Expert

Meditation 1,1,1,1,2,2,2,1,5,218Novice
Intelligence 1,2,5,2,1,1,113Novice
Animal Husbandry22Novice


Tactics5, 5,1,4,1,2,1,2,5,1,5,3,1,1,3,1,1,3,3,3,3,1,156Expert
Land Navigation1,2,2,16Novice
Acting 1,3,2,2,2,5,116Novice

Reimancy (Earth)1,1,1,1,3,1,1,312Novice

Of yore

Pal: Beloved Uncle
Drunkeness Leads To Bad Choices
Kelp Beer: Drink Until You Can’t Taste It
Kelp Beer: Weakening his strength?
Kelp Beer: I will never drink it again
Codger, the beggar of Stumble Alley (hearsay)
Red/Elder the Owner of Disappearing Drunk
Lieutenant Severik: Wave Guard
Lore: Wave Guards provide security
Masks and Alias: Making it easier to deal with the chaos
Gerlo: Intimidating
Gerlo: Doesn't Aim When He Is Mad
Gerlo: Is Friendly, But Not A Good Sport
Ricky Maze: Sergeant of the Wave Guard
Ricky: an old friend
Ricky: Kind and Focused
Ricky: Is A Mage
Ricky: Is Dying
Ricky: marked by Priskil
Ricky: taking a break from the Guard
Ricky: having a second child
Ricky: helped me move in
Portraits: A Concerned Patron
Gale: A Better Name Than Portraits
Noven: Full of action
Noven: Held Hostage
Aider: Certainly a talker
Bitzer and Web use Aliases as Well
Bitzer and Web, dancing together
Bitzer: An odd bird
Fallon: A Magic User
Fallon: User of a Mysterious Invisible Force
Fallon: dislikes any who wake her early
Zandelia: Striking...In Her Own Way
Zandelia: More Cat Than Dog
Zandelia: A Lover of Games
An invitation to play a game
Web's Test: To find information
I've Saved the Red Wolf
Appreciating Bitzer's Wet Form
Caela Dorin: A Confusing and Contrary Beauty
Caela: Dancer
Caela's Mother was Zeltivan
Buying a Dance from Caela for 40 Gold
Denied a Dance by Caela
Keene: Highly Unemotional and Detached
Keene: Perpetually Frowning and Always Staring
Keene: Disrespects the Gods
Keene: Master Ice Reimancer
Keene: Useful but dull
Loken: Helpful Citizen
Aoren: Mage
Azmere: Drykas warrior scarred by fire
Azmere: The story of his scars
Marcus: Martial Society trainer
Isikai: Aoren's Dog
Kechaiya: A Doctor
Kechaiya: The Foreigner I Rescued
Kechaiya: Interesting and Eager to Learn
Kechaiya: Hai and Eyktol?
Kechaiya Does Have a Soul
Location of Kechaiya's Apartment
Kechaiya's Little Map of the South
Nellie: Fisherwoman.
Nellie: A Sunberthian
Nellie: An honest native
Nellie: 'Killer of Fishes'
Captain Walt Roy: The Lame Instructor
The Dark Wizards: Gaius, Addison and Thurman
The Lingering Threat: Gaius Sivet
Natlana: Co-Owner of the Aquillar Hot Springs
the sight of an Akalak
Tyler: A Mercenary
Tyler Johnson: Captain of the Martial Society
Tyler Johnson: A personal hero
Tyler Johnson: The shock of his disapproval
Tyler Johnson: Heroics get people killed
Tyler Johnson: Friendly yet sharp
Delia: Head Mage at the Headquarters
Delia: Does not appreciate vulgarity
S’Essy: Healer of Rak’keli
S’Essy: Born On Mura
S’Essy: A Beautiful Konti
Ravenous S'Essy eating for two
Markus: Knight of Sylir
Markus: In Search of Family
Viper: Her Gaze is Enticing
Viper: Incredibly Attractive
Viper: Is a viper dhani
Kaie of the Cutthroat Shadows
Kaie: An equal warrior
Kaie: A force to be reckoned with.
Kaie: Pays her debts
Ser Imass: The Fallen Knight
Ser Imass: Proud and Noble
Alija: Blacksmith at the Armed Scholar
Alija: A Nykan Businesswoman Now
Alija: The Blacksmith's Family Woes
Aliara: Beautiful
Aliara: A mess
Firenze The dragonfly chaser
Falling for Firenze?
Living with Firenze
Firenze: Acts like a Child
Firenze: Plays with her prey? That doesn't fit.
Firenze: Tiger Kelvic.
Shai: Lethal in the darkness
Shai: 'Saris'
Shai: A fellow nighttime traveler
Shai: Exotic
Shai: Incredibly thorough
Shai: Non human
Amunet: marked by Rak'keli
Amunet: red-haired Drykas mother
Khem: uncouth lout
Social Nuance: Being Polite About Conversation
Social Nuance: Picking Up On Accents
Social Nuance: False Bravado

Sylira Region: An odd looking creature
The belly of the beast is Zeltiva
Between the beast’s legs is Matthew’s Bay
Taldera Region: Borders north of Syliras
Cyphrus Region: Borders west of Syliras
Suvan Sea: A large in-land sea
North road from Zeltiva, leads to Syliras
Nyka: An Unjust City
Nyka: The Monks Rule This City
Nyka: The Food System
Offerings to the Aperture
Hide blades from the monks
Location: Warfields
Location: The Ocean Forge
Nykan Weapon Laws
The Swiftness of Nykan Justice
Location: Wheat Fields of Nyka
Nyka’s Energy Comes From The Aperture
The Aperture Contains Strange Loops
The Aperture Contains Impossible Spaces
Sometimes Backwards is Forwards In The Aperture
Beholding A Cosmic Vista
An Eldritch Thing’s Visage
Something Terrible Lies Beneath Nyka
Zeltiva: Most educated city
Zeltiva Location: Martial Society Headquarters
Martial Society: Common tasks
Harbor's current changes one's path
Location: Armed Scholar
The University Reconstruction Effort
Zeltivan Events: Destruction of the College of Djed (514)
Lore of the Wave Guard (basic)
Lore of Zeltivan Law
Laws of Zeltiva: Kidnapping, Conspiracy, Consequences
Spring 514: The New Year Festival!
Location: Mathews Bay
Location: Wave Guard HQ
Location: Zeltivan Temple Of Laviku
Syliras: A Fabled Walled City
Syliras: Home of the knights
Following a Sunberthian Whisper
Sunberth: A lawless city
Sunberth: full of the dead
Sunberth: Like an aftermath of a war
Sunberth: Sylira's armpit
Secret location: Pulren's fishing nook at the docks
Sunberth populace: Not the brightest stars in the sky.
All Sunberth natives hate authority
Location: Sunberth Docks
Location: The Pig's Foot
Location: Stumble Alley
No return at the 24th Bell, Stumble Alley
The Drunken Fish: Home to Foul Beer
Location: The Disappearing Drunk
Location: The Aquillar Hot Springs
The Quay: all done up for a party
The Quay: A place worth fighting for
Riverfall: Home of The Akalaks
Sahova: Island of research
Sahova: Not Made for Comfort
Sahova: Magic is Power
Glowing Sahovan Mushrooms
Location: Sahovan Guest Quarters
Location: The Prairies
Sahova: Island of Crazy People
Gibbat dogs: Irresistibly cute creatures
Falyndar: A jungle
Falyndar: East of Syliras, Endrykas & Riverfall.
Falyndar: Across the Suvan Sea
Mura: Home to the Konti
Drykas: Speak in grass-sign as well as Pavi
Ravok: A city floating on a lake
Temples: A Place Of Faith
Myrian clans: Not like Sunberth gangs
Myrian ritual: The Rites of Passage
Charodae: a water dwelling race

Magic: Personal & World
Magic: Dangers of Overgiving
Reimancy: Rite of Initiation
Reimancy: Control of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire
Reimancy: Attract the elements around you
Para-element: Ice
Para-element: Lava
Reimancy: Res
Reimancy: Progression of Mastery
Reimancy: Res Production and Transmutation
Reimancy: Discipline of the Elements
Reimancy: Para-elements
Reimancy: Magic of Discipline
Reimancy: Incantations
Reimancy: Gestures
Reimancy Theory: Elemental Choice
Reimancy: Requires constant practice to improve
Reimancy: A sucessful creation of a rock projectile
Reimancy: Earthen Traps
Reimancy: More Focus More Power
Reimancy: Gestures
Reimancy: Gaseous Res
Reimancy: Effects of Overgiving
Djed: As much a part of you as your flesh and blood
A Forceful Initiation Into Reimancy
A forceful initiation into leeching
Nuit Aren't Created through Proximity
Nader Canoch: Isikai
Nader Canoch: The First Language
The Madness of Mages

Skill Related
Leadership: Taking Charge In The Absence of A Superior
Leadership: Rallying Others To Inspire The Meek
Leadership: Gaining The Attention Of A Crowd
Subterfuge: Partial Truths
Archery: Broad arrows travel far & slice quickly
Archery: Game arrows are heavy & stun a target
Archery: Fishing arrows are tipped & sharp
Tactics: Avoiding An Attack Can Throw Your Opponent Off Balance
Tactics: 3 assailants
Tactics: To Gain An Advantage, Aim To Unarm Your Opponent
Tactics: Strike When Your Opponent Is Distracted
Tactics: Attacking With A Group
Tactics: Disabling Shields With Your Trident
Tactics: Assessing For Threat Level
Tactics: The element of surprise
Tactics: Having a comrade nearby to help
Tactics: Using cover to gain the upper hand
Tactics: Preparation for a fight
Tactics: Attracting an enemy's attention
Tactics: Running in Sunberth attracts unwanted attention
Tactics: Knowing when to flee
Tactics: Diving using rope, anchor and Buoy
Tactics: Distract and Conquer
Tactics: Luring Them in With Taunts
Tactics: Picking Your Opponent
Tactics: Retreat Before Defeat
Tactics: Playing on Their Emotions
Dancing is easy
Quill: Scrape excess ink before scribing
Intimidation: The wave guards are always watching
Intimidation Tactic: Outnumbered
Intimidation: Threatening a Wizard
Intimidation: The Uncle stare
An intimidating stance
Interrogation: Using Jokes
Interrogation: Promising to keep a secret
Negotiation: Working The Intimidation Angle
Negotiation: Appealing To Avenues of Etiquette
Investigation: Forming a well worded question
Investigation: Asking question in concern
Rhetoric: Insulting One’s Manhood
Rhetoric: Delivering the basics of a desperate message
Rhetoric: I couldn’t agree more
Rhetoric: Keeping explanations short and to the point
Persuasion: Being persistent
Persuasion: Quoting the law to make a Rat run
Persuasion: quips to defuse tension
Philosophy: Definition of Human
Philosophy: You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Trident: If You Hold It Too High, You Can't Make A Hit
Trident: If You Hold It Too Low, You Lose It
Trident technique: Blocking
Trident: Parrying A Downward Sweep
Trident: Using A Trident To Anchor Oneself To The Ground
Trident: An agile forked weapon used for hunting fish as well as combat
Trident: Technique – disarming a swordsman
Trident: Wave Guard defensive stance
Sharpening the Trident
Shield Position: Hold It High Enough To Cover Your Chin
Shield Technique: Blocking A Straightforward Strike
Shield hold: Handle facing downwards
Shield hold: Defensive, shield up in front.
Shields: for attack as well as defence
Weapon: Shield push
Trident-Shield Technique: Forward Lunge
Spear: Is Similar To A Trident
Acrobatics: Merits of Stretching
Philosophy: Man's Best Friend
Philosophy: The Warrior and the Wizard
Philosophy: Survival is simpler after facing Dira and deciding not to die
Philosophy: if you want something enough, obstacles won't stop you
Sailing: Aft and Bow
Sailing: Port and Starboard
Sailing: Windward and Leeward
Ship Savvy: Raise The Anchor
Weapons: One Should Always Get the Best of the Best
Making a Custom Order
Observational Insight: The Look of a Warrior
Observation: Military vs. non-military training
Observation: Keeping an enemy in sight despite darkness
Observation: A trio of sheep
Observation: Noticing smells
Seduction Technique: Slightest Touches
Teaching: Using a sketch to explain an idea
Teaching: Conversation helps keep a student at ease.[
Teaching: Positive reinforcement
Fishing: A worm for bait
Fishing: Threading the pole
Fishing: Not usually done in the middle of the day.
Fishing: Jerking the line to mimic an insect
Fishing can be a form of meditation
Missing: one worm
Butchering: How to Gut and Fillet a Fish
Swimming: Freestyle Method
Swimming: Backstroke
Swimming: Moving Whilst Bearing a Weapon
Swimming: hazards of diving over rocks
Swimming: supporting a non-swimmer
Acting: Playing It Cool
Acting: Remembering to be Palaren, not Pulren
Deduction: Recognizing a Sunberth native
Deduction: Recognizing a watered down pint of ale
Deduction: When it Comes to Treasure, People are Greedy
Logic: I Have to Eat the Mushrooms
Bodybuilding: Warming up one's body through stretching and cardio
Bodybuilding: Feeling Strain in the right places
Brawling: Violent Use of An Alcoholic Beverage Receptacle
Brawling: Frenzied Drunken Flurry
Brawling With an Oar
Underwater Combat
Stealth: Using Crates For Cover
Stealth: Hiding in one's Belongings
Stealth at nighttime: Required Light Footsteps
Tracking: Blood Trail
Planning for a dive
Medicine: Stemming Bleeding
Medicine: Act quickly to avoid hypothermia
Acceptance: a dangerous thing
Meditation: Focus on the palm
Medicine: Symptoms of shock
Medicine: Treating a wound with bandages and pressure
Medicine: Cleaning wounds with saltwater
Endurance: Taking A Punch To The Face
Endurance: Pushing through fear and pain
Drawing: A shape hard to reproduce
Drawing: Struggling to Depict What You Had in Mind
Drawing: Sketching simple geometric shapes

Palaren Marshall: An Alias That'll Keep Me Alive
Palaren: West Streeter Snob
Palaren: Has high standards of drink
My Friends Call Me "Uncle Pal"
Uncle: The hunter
Zeltivans: tea is a luxury
Books can only tell you so much
Pulren: Bearing your soul to Tyler
Playing with fire will burn you
Pulren: An Unknown
Pulren: always seeking more knowledge
Pulren: not the marrying type
Pulren: Enjoys martial goods
Pulren: Personal honesty
Pulren: The memories of Sunberth's "maddening spirit"
A face from another life
Letting Insults Go Unanswered
Scary Splashes in the Ocean on a Moonless Night
Salt water: Will make you go mad
Self: I Will Save This Maiden!
Shared interests traverse cultural barriers
Palaren Marshall: The Final Act
Moral Conviction: Never Give Up. Never Give In.
Life as a Guard: Routine
Planning: Thinking of What the Future Holds
The High Guard
Potential: Serving Under Tyler
Navigating through fog
Posters for a party
The complexities of 2 ladies and only 1 gift
Alcohol livens a party
Song: Happy Birthday
Carrying weights everywhere to get used to them
A clean kill
When In Doubt Proceed Prudently
Childcare: The Power of Bribery
Post-battle pride
'Investigation' is Code for War
Pulren: Robbed of a fishing boat
Self: Sunberth blood
if you lose your wits, you are already dead
My legs won’t obey
No time to spare
Too groggy to walk on my own
Wharf Rat: Don’t like to be pissed on
Plotting the Rescue of a Damned Woman
With Mizas, Comforts Become Available
Challenge Accepted
Thinking With My "Other" Head
Mutual Satisfaction
Jamoura: What the petch is that?
Zith: Winged bat-like creature
Zith: Intelligent hunters with poor verbal skills
Viper Dhani: Weakest but quickest
Viper Dhani different from the Dhani of the sea
Remember what really matters
"Arms Up!": Hold Your Weapons Ready
"Arms Down!": Drop Your Weapons, Step Away & Await Instruction
The calm of battle
Wave Guard don't deny their own
Wave Guards Get Metal Sheilds
A Perfect Beauty in the Hot Springs
Corpse trade is unnatural
Returning to Zeltiva = Failure
Talking to a bird
Honey: The ultimate secret weapon
Feathers: The ultimate accessory
A lesson in shields
The sight of fear
Truth Feels Good to Tell
Revealing my identity
Personal Safety is Secondary To An Unarmed Citizen's Safety
Allow An Opponent To Yield Before Hurting Him
Wave Guard: Governed by the Sailor’s Guild
Prostitutes: Great Source Of Information
The Void Shark: Terror of the Skies

Lore of Religion: Laviku
Gods: Are you playing with my mind?
Divine Power: Is To Be Respected
Don't Mess with the Gods
Darkness: Deeper than the ocean
Laviku: Prayers of accepting one's sacrifice
Laviku: God of the Waters, Protector of those that believe
Zulrav: Father of Storms
Zulrav: The God of Storms
Syna: Goddess of the Sun
Leth: God of the Moon
Priskil: embodiment of light and hope
Luminesence: Prikil's gnosis
Priskil's light gives hope too
Hope leads to courage
Myri: Goddess-Queen of the Myrian people
Myri: Usurped her throne from Ruros
Myri: Goddess of War, Smiles Upon those who bathe in the blood of their enemies
Uphis: Celestial of Blades
Skerr: Celestial of Wheat
Oblivion: Welcomed and restful
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Pulren Marsh

Postby Pulren Marsh on March 29th, 2015, 10:18 am

You can't take it with you.

-Black Linen Shirt
-Pair of Leather Gloves
-Fur Lined Fitted Leather Buckled High Boots
-4 Linen Undergarments
-Leather belt, Simple Buckle, Dyed Black
-Leather Pants, Fitted, Dyed Black
-Cape, Medium Wool, Black Rabbit Fur Lined
-Leather Vest, Sooty Gray Rabbit Fur Lined
-Fitted Low Boots
-Brown Fitted Cotton Trousers
-White Fitted Cotton Shirt
-Golden Compass of the Antiquites Society on a leather cord

1 Waterskin
Flint & Steel
Water Additive
Traveller's Stock x 2
Strong Rations
1 person Tent
Fishing Kit
Antifungal Ointment x 2
Weapon Tarnish
Supple Leather Mask
Swimming Goggles
Breath Bag
Blank Book
Quill (4)
Vial of Ink
Comb (Wood)
Kukri and scabbard
Studded Leather Armor
3 Tridents
Large Wooden Shield
Steel Chin Guard Helmet
Shortbow & 20 Arrows
Average Chest
Average Lock
Average Key

Good Wash Basin
Good Desk
Fine Armchair

Fins (pair), given to Pulren on his 18th birthday by Uncle Pal

Starting+100 GM-100 GM
Trident--15 GM85 GM
Swim Goggles--15 GM70 GM
Lg Wooden Shield-- 7 GM62 GM
Breath Bag-- 2 GM60 GM
Blank Book--1 GM, 5 SM58 GM, 5 SM
Quill (4)- - 2 SM 58 GM, 3 SM
Vial of Ink- -1 GM 57 GM, 3 SM
Food/Pickpocket- -2 GM 55 GM, 3 SM
Offering--5 GM 50 GM, 3 SM
Cash In Housing+500 GM-550 GM, 3 SM
Common Lifestyle Spring 514- -135 GM 415 GM, 3 SM
Common Lifestyle Summer 514 - -135 GM 280 GM, 3 SM
SUM 14 Geography Class - -30 GM 250 GM, 3 SM
SUM 14 Sailing Class - -30 GM 220 GM, 3 SM
SUM 14 Wilderness Survival Class - -30 GM 190 GM, 3 SM
Merc Purse+200 GM -390 GM, 3 SM
Spring 514 Wages +370 GM - 760 GM, 3 SM
Black Linen Shirt- -1 SM 760 GM, 2 SM
Pair of Leather Gloves - -1 GM 759 GM, 2 SM
Fur Lined Fitted Leather Buckled High Boots- -11 GM 748 GM, 2 SM
5 Linen Undergarments - -5 SM 747 GM, 7 SM
Leather belt, Simple Buckle, Dyed Black- -2 GM, 7 SM 745 GM
Leather Pants, Fitted, Dyed Black - -4 GM 741 GM
Fishing Pole - -1 GM 740 GM
Kukri - - 8 GM 732 GM
Kukri Scabbard - - 3 GM 729 GM
Shortbow - -30 GM 699 GM
Studded Leather Armor - - 25 GM 674 GM
Fall 514 Living Expenses (Common) - - 135 GM 539 GM
40 nights at Aquilar Hot Springs at 5 SM /night - - 20 GM 519 GM
Good Bed - - 20 GM 499 GM
Average Bookcase - - 8 GM 491 GM
Fine Wash Basin--10 GM 481 GM
Chamber Pot--2 SM480 GM, 8 SM
Fine Desk -- 12 GM 468 GM, 8 SM
Fine Dresser--10 GM458 GM, 8 SM
Fine Wardrobe--10 GM 448 GM, 8 SM
Fine Chair--5 GM443 GM, 8 SM
Large Chest with Average Lock - - 42 GM 401 GM, 8 SM
Ten Percent for Goods Fenced - -12 GM, 5 SM 389 GM, 3 SM
Delivery and Labor of Furniture - -6 GM 382 GM
Winter 514 Living Expenses (Common) - -135 GM 247 GM
Rowboat - - 100 GM 147 GM
Caela Dorin- -40 GM107 GM
Sale of Rowboat + 50 GM-157 GM
Sale of Victory Loot+55 GM-212 GM
Spring 515 Living Expenses (Common) - -135 GM 77 GM
2 beers- - 2 SM 76 GM, 8 SM
Spring 515 Wages +532 GM- 608 GM, 8 SM
Weights and Anchor- -50 GM 558 GM, 8 SM
Purchases from Store- -140 GM318 GM, 8 SM
Martial Society Dues Summer 515- -75 GM 243 GM, 8 SM
Summer 515 Living Expenses (Common) - -135 GM 108 GM, 8 SM
Migration Liquidation (hereafter referred to as ML) Weights and Anchor+50 GM -158 GM, 8 SM
ML Good Bed+20 GM-178 GM, 8 SM
ML Average Bookcase+ 8 GM-186 GM, 8 SM
ML Fine Wash Basin+ 10 GM-196 GM, 8 SM
ML Chamber Pot+ 2 SM-197 GM
ML Fine Desk + 12 GM- 209 GM
ML Fine Dresser + 10 GM- 219 GM
ML Fine Wardrobe + 10 GM-229 GM
ML Fine Chair +5 GM-234 GM
ML Large Chest with Average Lock +42 GM-276 GM
ML Store Purchases (sans Portage and tip)+ 136.5 GM-412 GM, 5 SM
Single room at Safehaven for Winter--12 GM400 GM, 5 SM
Pulren was inactive during Fall 515AV--400 GM, 5 SM
Shield Lesson-- 5 GM395 GM, 5 SM
Birthday Bracelet- - 25 GM370 GM, 5 SM
Twenty days at Safehaven Hostel for Imass- - 5 GM365 GM, 5 SM
Black rabbit fur lined cape of medium wool- -26 GM339 GM, 5 SM
Paid In Blood--14 GM, 5 SM 325 GM
Winter 515 Living Expenses (Poor)- -45 GM294 GM, 5 SM
Mizas to Laat Exchange--5 SM294 L
Winter Wages+ 1380 L-1674 L
House in Nyka--821 L853 L
2 Good Armchairs--16 L 837 L
Good Bed-- 20 L 817 L
Weapon Tarnish-- 4 L 813 L
Supple Leather Mask- - 1 L 812 L
Good Table- -3 L 809 L
3 Good Chairs- -3 L 806 L
Good Dresser- - 5 L 801 L
Good Wash Basin- - 5 L 796 L
Archer's Target- - 18 L 778 L
Shortbow- - 30 L 748 L
Arrows (20)- - 1 L747 L
Toothbrush- -3 L744 L
8 oz Toothpaste- -2 L742 L
5 pints of oil- - .5 L741.5 L
3 oil lamps- - 3 L738.5 L
City Map of Nyka- - 2 L736.5 L
Iron Pot & Iron Kettle- -1.3 L 735.2 L
Portage of goods to Home- -11 L724.2 L
Bounty Split from Sharknado+ 100 L-824.2 L
Spring 516 Expenses (Common)- -135 L689.2 L
Conversion from Laat to Mizas--689 GM, 2 SM
Two Tridents- -30 GM 659 GM, 2 SM
Large Wooden Shield- -7 GM 652 GM, 2 SM
Steel Chin Guard Helmet- - 50 GM 602 GM, 2 SM
Bedroll- - 1 SM 602 GM, 1 SM
Rucksack- -1 GM 601 GM, 1 SM
One Person Tent- -2 GM 599 GM, 1 SM
Antifungal Ointment x2- - 50 GM 549 GM, 1 SM
Traveller's Stock x 2- -6 GM 543 GM, 1 SM
Strong Rations- - 7 GM 536 GM, 1 SM
Fishing Kit- - 10 GM 526 GM, 1 SM
Water Additive- - 3 GM 523 GM, 1 SM
Sale of Nykan Home and Goods+ 957 GM-1480 GM, 1 SM
Summer 516 Living Expenses (Common)- -135 GM1345 GM
Fall 516 Living Expenses (Common)-- 135 GM1210 GM
Ship Charter - Syliras to Riverfall--45 GM1165 GM
Week's Lodging at the White Swan-- 20 GM1145 GM
600 sq ft Apartment at Kuahala Estates-- 700 GM445 GM
Good Bed--20 GM425 GM
Good Wardrobe--5 GM420 GM
Good Desk--5 GM415 GM
Good Wash Basin-- 5 GM410 GM
Good Table-- 3GM407 GM
Good Chair x 5-- 5 GM402 GM
Fine Armchair-- 20 GM382 GM
Gray Rabbit Fur Lined Leather Vest-- 6 GM376 GM
Average Chest-- 2 GM374 GM
Average Lock/Key-- 60 GM314 GM
Fitted Low Boots-- 1 GM, 2 SM312 GM, 8 SM
Fitted White Cotton Shirt-- 3 SM312 GM, 5 SM
Fitted Brown Cotton Pants-- 2 GM310 GM, 5 SM
Tip to Porters-- 4 GM306 GM, 5 SM
Fall 517 Living Expense (Common)--135 GM171 GM, 5 SM
Antiquities Society Membership--50 GM121 GM, 5 SM
Sale of Kuahala Apartment+ 700 GM-821 GM, 5 SM
Sale of Good Bed + 20 GM-841 GM, 5 SM
Sale of Good Chair X 5 + 5 GM-846 GM, 5 SM
Sale of Good Table + 3 GM-849 GM, 5 SM
Sale of Good Wardrobe + 5 GM-854 GM, 5 SM
Fall Bungalow Rent- - 100 GM754 GM, 5 SM
Half of Bungalow Purchase-- 425 GM 329 GM, 5 SM

A refuge from the cold world.

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Pulren Marsh

Postby Pulren Marsh on March 29th, 2015, 10:19 am

Remember When?

Spring 43, 513Something in the WaterGraded
Spring 1The New Year FestivalGraded
Spring 2Give Yourself to the SeaGraded
Spring 5Arms Up!Graded
Spring 7What Drives the WaveGraded
Spring 10Wet Behind the EarsGraded
Spring 10Counting StarsGraded
Spring 14You!Graded
Spring 18The Easy PartGraded
Spring 20(Guest ST) Troubled WatersGraded
Spring 28Not In My Town!Graded
Spring 65A Stroll Down East StreetGraded
Spring 72Breaking the IceGraded
Summer 1It's Bigger Than ZeltivaGraded
Summer 8All Hands on Desk!Graded
Summer 9Form Versus FunctionGraded
Summer 16Scaring the LocalsGraded
Summer 19What A Mess!Graded
Fall 2Fishing for InformationGraded
Fall 5Blub BlubGraded
Fall 6Take a SseatGraded
Fall 21Working Up a SweatGraded
Fall 29RatcatcherGraded
Fall 33Heal or Harm?Graded
Fall 35She's The Gal For Me, BoysGraded
Fall 49I Don't Believe in CoincidencesGraded
Fall 50That went SwimminglyGraded
Fall 60Night TerrorsGraded
Fall 65Honey and FeathersGraded
Fall 84Moonlight and Dead DragonfliesGraded
Fall 85We drink, and drink, and drink some moreGraded
Winter 7Fresh ScarsGraded
Winter 11One for the RoadGraded
Winter 18We call it 'Negotiations'Submitted
Winter 20Screamed Secrets/Into the DeepGraded
Winter 26A Monkey's UncleGraded
Winter 29But it is so cuteGraded
Winter 80CallingGraded
Winter 84Paid In BloodGraded
Winter 85The Great EscapeGraded

Spring 15Back to Basics(Training)Graded
Spring 16Friend in NeedGraded
Spring 16, eveningGratitude OverdueGraded
Spring 40To Trust in the FatherGraded
Spring 42A Weighty SubjectGraded
Spring 46The SoireeSubmitted
Spring 53RenewedCompleted
Spring 54A New Day, A New LifeGraded
Spring 56Map NerdsGraded
Spring 58Most of the TImeGraded
Spring 70Everything has Its PlaceGraded
Summer 1A Guardsman's RequestGraded
Summer 2Blessed With FriendsGraded
Summer 2-3Gather it TogetherGraded
Summer 4The Best OffenseGraded
Summer 7Birthday CelebrationsGraded
Summer 10Day of RespiteGraded
Summer 21Burning the CakeGraded
Summer 44Make Your Own FunGraded
Summer 74Whatta Beach!Graded
Winter 9That's DifferentGraded
Winter 15Into the AbyssGraded
Winter 20Aren't You..?Graded
Winter 26Place Your BetsGraded
Winter 28Digging Through the AshesGraded
Winter 29SharknadoGraded
Winter 36Future EnterpriseOngoing
Winter 40B&EOngoing
Winter 80A New BeginningOngoing
Spring 1Something Lost, Something GainedGraded
Spring 2A Port in the StormSubmitted
Spring 25Your Mission Whether You Choose to Accept It...Ongoing
Spring 79A Day in the BaySubmitted
Spring 80Red Sky in MorningOngoing
Summer 10Red Sky in MorningOngoing
Summer 34First ImpressionsGraded
Summer 45The Water just grabbed me, HonestGraded
Fall 81MettleSubmitted
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Pulren Marsh

Postby Pulren Marsh on May 29th, 2015, 3:21 am

"Uncle Pal", Palaren Marsh

Fishing 30
Intimidation 15
Endurance 5

Palaren Marsh, Pulren's uncle and namesake, took the boy in when his parents got tired of the commitment of raising a child. Brother to Percy, Pulren's father, Palaren wasn't much of a father figure but he knew that Pulren was a decent fisherman and a good swimmer, so he had use. Known to the other sailors as Pal's pal, Pulren became a vital part of Palaren's lifestyle, retrieving crab traps, stringing bait, diving after fish with his spear or trident. As helpful as Pulren was, Palaren rarely showed him any affection. Quite the opposite really, considering he had a penchant for drinking and was incredibly lazy.

Barking orders at Pulren and insisting that he spend the majority of his day running errands, cleaning fish or diving, Pal was a hard taskmaster. Pulren was never especially sad about it, having somewhere to sleep and food to eat. He longed for freedom and often found himself escaping to the water to get away from one of Palaren's drunken rages, which were well known around the docks. Eventually, after screaming and kicking things about, he would drag himself off to the cottage and pass out.

In the Winter of 513, Palaren and some of his drinking/fishing buddies decided they were going to go out and do some ice fishing in an outrigger canoe. It was just that kind of thing that drunk people come up with; a stupid idea that got people killed. Such was the case as neither Pal nor his pals were ever heard from again, assumed to have all fallen in or been taken by a wave or something else. It was Palaren's death that gave Pulren the freedom he desired to start living his own life.

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