Nightglare's Plotnotes

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Nightglare's Plotnotes

Postby Nightglare on January 10th, 2014, 10:26 pm

xx winter, 513 av
    Travel to Xy to discover information for her clan
    Serve as an antagonist for other characters (humans)
    Develop hunting/combat skills
    Defeat a Deer
    Sustain an injury during combat
    Meet another Zith
    Find another mate/give birth to another set of twins
    Capture a human slave for a brief time
    Learn more Common words
    Defeat a large animal
    Terrorize a village
    Get caught in daylight
    Sustain a mortal wound

I'm excited about this character because she's a bad guy. There are so many wonderful, beautiful good guy characters on this forum, and it would be awesome if we could all be heroes. But with any story, you need villains to challenge your heroes and provide excitement/danger to the story. And villains are just fun to play!

Nightglare ultimately has one agenda on her mind, and that's getting to Xy. But she does enjoy hunting, and she likes to have fun with it, so she'll get into trouble every now and then. In order to boost xp points I need to constantly be engaging in hunts and fights on the way to Xy.

If you're interested in getting attacked by a Zith (or you want to kill off your character in a creative way ;) ) you can post in this thread or pm me and we will see if we can work out a story. I'm not saying anybody has to die. We can rough each other up and still walk away from it alive. It could be fun...
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