[Naemon's Scrapbook] Sun and Moon, God and Goddess

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[Naemon's Scrapbook] Sun and Moon, God and Goddess

Postby Naemon on February 14th, 2014, 1:04 am

Open, where Leth shines his light amongst stars forgotten,

The endless fields of swirling space,

This, where Syna has made her children to be begotten,

The place where the vile dare not show its face,

Though many a fallen star wishes to enter the place found and lost,

Their purpose is not to wilt, but like the earth under Syna’s light, bloom,

They think of Old Miz as a place in which they must rot,

But rot they must not, rather weave wishes and good will from the Moon and Sun’s loom,

Those sprung of Moon and Sun, born as a star and falling far,

These do bring to mind the spirit of romance,

When they happen to flicker in the realm of mortality, they perceive themselves as stuck in tar,

But they forget the most important lesson of love and sun and moon, to Dance!

And so, we do see, why the spirits long forgotten,

Have lost their divinity, ill-gotten
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