Faelith's Plotnotes

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Faelith's Plotnotes

Postby Faelith Skyglow on February 18th, 2014, 6:28 pm


-skills, in priority order
  • a weapon skill (dagger? spear?)
  • reimancy
  • painting

  • visit Queen Morwen
  • gain Morwen's second gnosis mark
  • travel outside of Avanthal (516 AV)
  • potentially be introduced to reimancy
  • learn to collaboratively use reimancy and Ice Reaving gnosis mark

-job related
resources: [x]
  • determine similarities between IRL cemeteries and Avanthal cemeteries-- are bodies still placed in the ground? are bodies put in a casket? because the Vantha aren't bothered by snow and even celebrate it, would the groundskeeper still set up a tent to shield mourners and the dead fom the snow, or would funerals all be open? do Vantha have headstones, do they leave carvings, or are graves mostly unmarked?


-threads: spring 514 av
Type Title Partners
Job Acq. Thread x Ablation
Job Thread x x
Job Thread x x
x x x
x x x
x x x
x x x

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