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Daniel's Plot corner

Postby Daniel Druva on March 8th, 2014, 11:35 pm

FALL 514

Age by 5.5 years per human year...
1ish years per season o3o

Writing combat

->Enters city of Syliras
->Meeting his mentor. ('Are you my father?')
->Learning to read/Write
->Sword practice

Offensive Weapon (Sword/Mace/Shortspear/etc) - 30 pts
Defensive Weapon (Shield/Buckler/Tower Shield/etc) - 30 pts
(Shortbow/Crossbow/Spear/Lance/etc) - 30 pts.
Riding (Horse) - 30 pts
Two or more Lores of the Candidates Choice: History (Syliran Knights, Syliras), Religion (Tyveth, Sylir, Yahal, Eyris), Valterrian.

Fighting Skill - 30 pts Most warrior-mages study either Daggers, Unarmed Combat, or some type of short sword.
Offensive Magic - 30 pts Examples: Reimancy, Flux, Projection, Voiding
Supportive Magic - 30 pts Examples: Auristics, Shielding, Spiritism, Glyphing
Riding (Horse) - 30 pts

Two or more Lores of the Candidates Choice: History (Syliran Knights, Syliras), Religion (Tyveth, Sylir, Yahal, Eyris), Valterrian.

If they prefer, the Mage-Knights are given the option of riding either a Nightwalker or Sungold instead of the Tiaden Warhorse. Both breeds are specially trained by the Windmount Stables. However, the additional cost for these mounts must be paid for by the Mage-Knight. Important Note: Leeching, Summoning, Familiary, and Malediction are forbidden branch of magics in Syliras, Mage-Knights practicing them will not be tolerated.


1st of Fall - The Bronze Watchtower flashes a brilliant red as Fall begins, signalling the change into the harvest season.
2nd of Fall - A caravan from Zeltiva arrives. Apparently the caravan has been much delayed due to an outbreak of disease. A mysterious package arrives with the caravan and is opened at the front gates. (Multiple Prompts and a minor quest)
3rd of Fall - Syliras increases security. All persons and cargo entering into the city will be searched and questioned. Suspicious individuals will be detained. Damage is assessed and catalogued
4th of Fall - Rebuilding and repairs begin.
6th of Fall Trade ships arrive from Riverfall and Alvadas bring goods from Ekytol, Cyphrus and Kalean regions.
10th of Fall - Ghost congregate to a single hallway, preventing citizen’s passage (quest)
12th of Fall - The summer heat finally abates with stormclouds rolling off the Suvan. Rain and lightning continue for five days.
13th of Fall A small forest fire far to the north of Evantide Outpost starts due to a lightning strike. Mage knights are dispatched to monitor its progress
16th of Fall - A forest fire consumes 15% of the bronze wood and continues to move along a southerly wind towards Syliras.
20th of Fall - The forest fire has put itself out, consuming large swaths of forest. In the middle the fire area a small section of the forest has been miraculously untouched by the searing heat. (Prompt)
21st of Fall - The Fall Harvest has begun, all citizens are asked to lend a hand to bring in the crops.
24th of Fall - The Harvest festival has begun!
29th of Fall - The Harvest festival has ended.
35th of Fall - Planting of winter crops have begun, potatoes, radishes, onions garlic, leeks as well as rye, winter wheat and other winter grasses are a staple for the dry Sylirian winters.
39th of Fall - Criminals working out their sentence at the Lykolav Iron Mine are found dead, no immediately apparent cause.
44th of Fall - An unseasonable thunderstorm hits Syliras, gale force winds threaten crops and rain lasts for four days.
50th of Fall - A security breach causes the knighthood to lock down the city for 3 days. No one is to be allowed in or out of the city on these days.
60th of Fall News spread of an attempted assassination of Loren Dyres, Petri Alvikal and the Warden knights (quest)
72nd of Fall - The first frosts of the season indicate a particularly harsh winter. Temperatures plummet and the clouds turn the skies an iron grey.
84th of Fall - An early snow dusts the city and the outlying areas with a thin layer of snow. Orphans are taken with a wing of knights to enjoy the snow.


Help with the Fall Harvest OR Winter planting
Attend the Harvest festival
Help with repairs around the city
Swim in the suvan

Sass your superiors or play a harmless prank on the knights
Collect mushrooms/herbs in the forest
Help a stranger
Get caught in the rain/snow

Gamble at the Spinning Coin
Sing or play an instrument (Whistling or humming doesn't count)
Visit The Temple of All Gods and learn about a new God or Goddess
Eat/drink a speciality of a different city/region (i.e. Kelp beer from Zeltiva, Chocolate from Kenash, exotic fruits from Falyndar)

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