Avatar etiquette

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Avatar etiquette

Postby Odiv Marsen on March 16th, 2014, 6:20 pm

Odd question popped in my mind the other day. Is there any unwritten rules or etiquette about posting an avatar picture, or any other extra artwork about your character, that is decked out in armor and weapons, or any other paraphernalia while your character is not? I'm fine either way, I have a selection of pics, but I could understand the having your picture(s) stay true to your characters current situation.

Any Input?
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Avatar etiquette

Postby Radiant on March 16th, 2014, 6:25 pm

Yes, there are rules to choosing an avatar, I will list them here.

1. No nudity, no vulgarity.
2. Anything that defies the Mizahar theme, elves, dragons, dwarves, (both true and sparkly) vampires, werewolves, cat/dog/bunny eared people (furries), guns, lightsabers, robots, any sci-fi stuff.
3. If there's an active player(s) that is currently using the actor/character/picture you are using, you will be nudged to find something different, but still similar.

If anyone has anymore suggestions, please feel free to post them. :)
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Avatar etiquette

Postby Gossamer on March 23rd, 2014, 6:03 pm

I nudge people about avatars being already in use even if they aren't active. I feel once one has been used its been used.

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