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Postby Shane Wallsly on April 3rd, 2014, 6:48 am

Okay, I have been considering a Kelvic for a while now and something has sort of came into my focus in my mind regarding skills. Are skills for the human side of a Kelvic? Do you need hunting XP to hunt both in human form and animal form or is hunting XP for the kind of hunting one does as a man? Tracking: is that for following footsteps and noticing the tell tale signs of prey or is it for sniffing out scents as an animal? Wilderness Survival: Is this for building fires and picking out safe places to sleep or for picking just the right cave, den, burrow etc etc?

Really I'm asking for the definition of a skill. Is a skill something we must learn without instinct or is a skill the development of our instincts? Does a tiger inherently know how to hunt or does he develop his Hunting skill with a greater affinity due to his natural ability and instincts?
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Postby Redd on April 3rd, 2014, 7:09 am

Obviously hunting is a learned skill, but depending on the beast you choose, may have the natural and instinctive ability to start out hunting, but you will of course be an amateur all the same. Also the requirements for the characters are same same with any other race you do however need to have 50 points worth of skills in your starting package for your character as well as that extra 10 RB points.

As a Kelvic, the skills transfer to both your human side as well as your beast's side, however your tactics will change and that will probably only be the difference. I mean you still retain the memory and knowledge of that skill, but you need to compensate for what your human side can't do that your animal side can do. For example: If you're a bird you obviously cannot fly in human form, so you need to either walk, run or ride a horse while in human form.

I'm fairly certain the hunting is both human and beast, just like I said tactics do change. Depending on the beast you choose however, will decide how you track. Some track with their nose or their eyesight, or sometimes even both. For example: Broken branches, foot prints, different scents. You should research the type of animal you choose before assuming how they track.

Wilderness survival, is your knowledge about the wilderness, For example: Weather Changes, herbs, geography, survival tactics (fire making), knowing the star patterns, east to west, predatory signs.

So, yes, generally you gain skills through a learned process, which is trial and error, some can do some things much easier because it's in their DNA, but they still need to go through the trial and error process.

I'm no admin but I hope this helps. You can also ask an admin for a second opinion.

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Postby Radiant on April 3rd, 2014, 8:20 am

I can say that Redd's answers is comprehensive and detailed. Those should be good to answer your questions, Shane. ;)
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