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Shane Wallsly

Postby Shane Wallsly on September 30th, 2013, 11:12 am

Shane Wallsly


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18 19 20 21 22
Birthday: 1, Summer, 495.
Birthplace: Syliras (Stormhold Citadel)
Current Place: Ravok

Secret :

Character Concept

This is the story of a boy who will one day rule over all Mizahar. Of course this could also be the story of a street rat who found a cool book that taught him some cool tricks for climbing a teeny tiny rung or two on the ladder of success. It could end horribly, extremely well or just sort of not really effect much of anything.

“Welcome to page two. You have successfully begun your Grand Adventure. Let me now tell you that there are no great secrets for power in this book. There are only little ones but the more secrets you hold the greater your success can be. The first volume of this series and, hence, the first few years of your Grand Adventure will be slow and monotonous. Consider this almost a period of re-education where you will learn how to live normally, almost unsuccessfully, by the Code of Success. These seven rules should, from now on, govern every aspect of your life. Just by following these rules you should see an improvement in your life. The Code:

Rule #0: Follow This Code Above All Else
The first rule is an unofficial one which I would hope might go without saying. You must follow this code completely. This code has been designed specifically to aid in our success and minimise our failure. If we follow the code too laxly or pick and choose which ones to follow we will fail and fail hard. This code is not interchangeable with others. Any oaths, fealties or codes we swear by in our life must take second seat to this one. We must always adhere to the code no matter the situation.

Rule #1: Do Not Talk About This Book
This book and our other ones have all of our secrets in them. If we lose them or someone steals them they'll be gone forever. End of story.

Rule #2: The Gods Aren't Gong To Save Us
In the exception of the Twin Gods Kel and Wyn the Gods care very little about us. When a God marks an individual they are investing in that individual's ability to aid their cause. As they give more marks to the individual they are investing more and more. The God's are, however, the shrewdest of investors and the more power they have the less power they ultimately give out. For our purposes, however, we must simply take the Gods out of the equation. They are not going to help us in our time of need. Only we can help ourselves and when a God sees us doing this than they'll be much more likely to take an interest into you. If it is required to keep up appearances ywe may pray where appropriate as long as we do not believe this will save us.

Rule #3: Do Not Forget The Earth On Which We Once Stood
No matter how high we fly, we must never forget the earth below for it will never forget us. No matter how successful our mission is it will never be completed and we must remember this so as to not let down our guard.

Rule #4: Knowledge is Power
The more we know, the more we can learn and the more we learn, the more we know. Knowledge is the most important tool in our arsenal. The slightest detail can be of utmost importance in any given situation.

Rule #4.5: Do Not Give Away Your Power
As knowledge is power for us it is also power for others. Unless the need justifies the end we should always be very careful about divulging what we know. This can come in more forms than simply what we know of something but what skills we know such as how good our swordsmanship is or, more importantly, what we know of the magic arts. If at all possible our knowledge of the magic arts should be kept as secret as possible even in a society that accepts magic. The moment something goes wrong the first available wizard is almost always blamed for it no matter where we are.

Rule #5: Ignorance is Weakness
The previous rule stated that 'Knowledge is Power' so it is inherently true then that not knowing, or refusing to know, things is weakness. Magic, for instance, is a widely mistrusted thing. It is feared and rightly so for it's dangers are many and very real but this should inspire caution not fear. Magic is dangerous in the hands of a fool and evil in the hands of the malevolent but for us it is an efficient tool for success especially against those who do not practise it or suspect us of doing so.

Rule #6: Morality Is An Illusion
There are many who would make us believe that doing anything it takes to succeed is a sin. Those people are generally failures who have taken their own advice or hypocritical successes who only seek to keep us beneath them. In the pursuit of success we must be ready to do whatever it takes but, as a rule of thumb, only if it is necessary. After all most acts considered wrong by the society we live in are acted upon negatively. This is a risk you should not take unless absolutely necessary.

Rule #7: Always Do More
Never stop when something is simply complete. There is always a little, or a lot, more that can be done. Sometimes our additional efforts will go unrewarded but other times we may find some reward from simply impressing someone to even gaining a greater reward than was originally set out for the task. This rule is the perfect example of this rule.

A Final Note: Should we forget this most simplest of our creeds then perhaps it would be best for us to [unreadable]”
~ Extract from Page 2 of “Brun's Journal: Volume I of VII” by Brun.

Character History

Shane's life was tragically normal. He was born of a clerk at a book store (his mother) and a squire of the Syliran Knights. His father was away a lot attending to his duties until one day he just didn’t come back. It was hard to find out exactly what happened to the man as he'd been keeping his family a secret quite foolishly believing this would hamper his chances of becoming a Knight. When Shane was eight his mother caught something and they had no money for a physician or healer and she died. This isn't a tragic life, however, this is the average life of a Mizahar down and out. Those little people at the fringes of all those grand adventurers. Those rather boring past lives that everyone's had a few of.

Shane did not have to begin begging on the streets for money because he was, in fact, already doing this. His mother's pitiful wage at the book store had not been enough to survive on between the two of them. Now that his mother was gone Shane simply had to beg even harder. Times were tough but he kept on surviving his lonely, miserable existence right up until the day, on his sixteenth year, he found a rather curious old book in a dumpster. Shane often scouted out the local trash receptacles for things he could sell or use.

His original intention was to sell the book but once he got it home he could no longer resist. His mother had taught him to read and he had not read for some time. His mother would often sneak out books from the shop for him to read when he was younger and then, when he was finished, sneak them back in before the owner knew they were missing. Since his mother had died Shane hadn't been able to get his hands on any books and had, instead, taken to simply reading signs he found throughout Syliras. They were generally very dull.

So he opened up the book and turned to the first page:

“Congratulations on finding the right one. In the event of complete memory erase or similar Volume I should be consulted. In the event of any other events consult Volume II.

You, we, (should I refer to me as you or or just me?) have left [unreadable] to discern the [unreadable]. Adventure is sure to be abound but, even worse, we will suffer plain life. We must infiltrate the deepest levels of [unreadable] society. Written hereon are my first notes ad guidelines drawn up for success in my long-term goals. Good luck!”
~ Extract from Page 1 of “Brun's Journal: Volume I of VII” by Brun.

The strange book contained many more echelons of strangeness. It had rules for survival and theories for advancement. Oddly enough most of these seemed to apply for Riverfall as if this strange person who seemed to be in fear of losing his memory was attempting to infiltrate the city. The most helpful notes that lay within the book were garbled notes on Auristics and Hypnotism as well as a guide to meditation. It all seemed to be written to remind or enhance his memory.

Shane read the book over several times and came to many conclusions over the book. Firstly that if he learned meditation he could also discern the basics of Hypnotism and Auristics. Secondly that these rules could certainly hold up in Syliras with minimal tweaking. This man seemed to be someone awe inspiringly powerful and if Shane could perhaps emulate the man than maybe he could achieve some of the success the man seemed to write about in every page.

So Shane studied the book page to page, day to day, begging for food just to get by. The dual demands were too great and one winter he was forced to pawn off his mother's old necklace. He got enough gold that he didn't have to work for a while and during that hiatus he made his first foray into hypnotism and auristics. When he went back onto the streets he began using the skills. He didn't exactly con people but he made more money than any other beggar. This still wasn't enough so, as Fall came in his eighteenth year, he sought out a job...


Fluent Language: Common


SP - Starting Package Experience Points
RB - Racial Bonus Experience Points
XP - Experience Points gained via threading.
JP - Seasonal Job Experience Points

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acting 1 XP 1 Novice
Animal Husbandry 1+2 XP 3 Novice
Auristics 15 SP 1+1+1+2+1+1+5+1+1+1+3+1+4+3+2+1 XP 44 Competent
Deduction 1+1 XP 2 Novice
Hypnotism 15 RB 2+2+2+2+1+4+4+1+3 XP 36 Competent
Intelligence 1+1 XP 2 Novice
Interrogation 1+1 XP 2 Novice
Intimidation 1+1+1 XP 3 Novice
Investigation 3+3 XP 6 Novice
Mathematics 2 XP 2 Novice
Medicine 1 XP 1 Novice
Meditation 10 SP 1+1+1 XP 13 Novice
Negotiation 1+3+2+2 XP 8 Novice
Observation 1+1+2+2+1+1+2+1+3+2+2+4+4+1+3+5+4+3+2+2+1 XP 47 Competent
Organization 1+3 XP 1 JP 5 Novice
Persuasion 15 SP 1+1+1+1 XP 19 Novice
Philosophy 2+1+1+3 XP 7 Novice
Planning 1 JP 4 XP 5 Novice
Reading 2+1 XP 3 Novice
Reimancy [Air] 1+4 XP 5 Novice
Rhetoric 2+1+1+3+2+1+4+1 XP 15 Novice
Seduction 1+1 XP 2 Novice
Socialisation 1+1+1+1+2+2+2+1+4+4+3+5+2+2 XP 31 Competent
Stealth 10 SP 10 Novice
Storytelling 1 XP 1 Novice
Subterfuge 1+1 XP 2 Novice
Teaching 1 XP 1 Novice
Weapon: Longsword 1 XP 1 Novice
Weapon: Waraxe 1 XP 1 Novice
Writing 2+2 XP 4 Novice


Wine tastes awful

Magic: Powerful And Dangerous
Visualizing Djed As A Net

Auristics: The Basics
Auristics: How to recognize Flux
Auristics: In Search of Fear
Auristics: "The Sight"
Auristics: Reading Mood
Auristics: Reading Physical Properties Of An Object
Auristics: "Lie Detector"
Auristics: Distinguishing Basic Colours As Emotional States.
Auristics: Distinguishing The Highly-Regarded States.
Auristics: Coaxing Secrets
Auristics: A Magic Still Feared By Some.
Auristics: A Pycon's Aura
Auristics: Tends not to be explicitly detectable
Auristics: Identifying deep sadness or grief
Auristics: Requires the art of deduction to be made useful
Auristics: Identifying the aura of magic or gnosis
Not Everyone Wants Their Auras Read.
Some people do crazy things on the advice of a fortune-reading

Hypnotism: A Way To Instill Trust In Animals
Hypnotism: The Basics
Hypnotism: To Negotiate Prices
Hypnotism: To Intimidate
Hypnotism: Influencing Little Girls
Hypnotism: Using vocal suggestions alone
Hypnotism: Over emphasizing a suggestion with interesting effects
Hypnotism: Applying Tranquility And Peace
Hypnotism: Calming The Mind
Hypnosis: Opening The Mind

Djed: It's Not Infinite

Flux: Commanding the Astral Body and Nerves

The Initiation To Reimancy: More Painful Than Hypnotism
Reimancy: A Volatile Magic
Reimancy: The Magic Of Elements
Reimancy: Doesn't Use The Soul
Reimancy: Harnessing Your Element
Reimancy: The Further Res Is, The Harder It Is To Control.
Reimancy: Stretching Djed Into Shapes.
Reimancy: To Transmute Air, You Must Know Air.
Reimancy: Elements still contain traces of magic.
Res Is Purple... Because It Is.
Res: What Makes Reimancy Possible
Res: Manifests In Different Ways
Res: More Tangible Than Hypnotism Or Auristics

Shielding: Like Reimancy, but not?
Shielding: Blocks Djed, maybe more.
Shielding: Can be seen with Auristics.
Shielding: Comes from will.
Shielding: Overgiving brings headaches.

Herald Arms Tavern: A relaxing Atmosphere
Location: Undeniable Interests
Location: All Thing's Leather
Location: The Stone Garden
Syliras location: Housing Authority
Riverfall: Martial City
Shane's Auristic Services: Layout
Three Pillars Of Syliras: Knighthood, Wealth, Nobility
The differences in culture between Sylrias & Riverfall

Aoren: A Reimancer
Aoren: An Orphan
Atheara: The blond haired companion
Archailist: A Pycon
Archailist: Looks Like a Squirrel
Archailist: Syliran Squire
Avira: Secretly Likes Dogs
Avira: Knows I'm An Aurist
Aggard: Dog Merchant
Bolivar: Axe-man
Dominac: Grumpy Old Geezer
Dominac Avira: Walking Bastion Of Sarcasm
Dominac has Lykata
Dominac Ariva: Stubborn & disorganised
Isikai: Aoren's Dog
Nabinu: Myrian Owner of "The All Things Leather"
Norman: Bozderon Shadow Dog
Norman: Aching joints
Norman: Sense of loss
Norman: Enjoys being carried
Norman: Can See In The Dark
Norman: Good listener
Ricky Maze: Fisherman
Sergeant Knight Tenner: Does not appreciate over-familiarity
Something Missing... Something Named Norman
Shiyami and Kimi: Ghost Acquintances
Victor: Friendly bartender to of the Herald Arms Tavern
Wrenmae: Mage from across the sea

Book: Magic And I
Social Nuance: Deciding What To Do
Tales and Fables: The Lizard Girl
The tragic story of Atheara's parents
Rumors of Rhysol's Wrath
When Knights, Civilization, Walls Fail
Haramenus: Divine Creator of the Pycons

Not All Quills Have Feathers On Them
Writing: How To Hold A Quill
Writing: Alphabets And Numbers

Meditation Technique: Compartmentalizing Worries
Meditation Technique: Clearing Your Mind
Meditation Technique: Breathing Exercises

Lykata: It's Power is Knowledge

Axe: The power comes from the hips
One Day Only: Free Training at the Fighter's Pity

Sykanis Temperament
Kiparon Temperament

Supernatural: Ghosts

Investigation: Physical aspects can hint professions.
Investigation: Requires volumes of knowledge from multiple sources for accurate deductions.

Entrepreneurial Bliss
Mercantilism: Rules Of Sale
Negotiation: Knowing when you're overselling
Negotiation: Setting limits
Planning: Business costs
Planning: Advantages and disadvantages to having employees
Planning: Services to sell
Planning: Business structural needs

Medicine: Applying Pressure To A Bleeding Wound
Enduring Post-Explosion Trauma

Philosophy: The Principle Of The Gods' Mindset
Philosophy: Slavery To 'Success'
Philosophy: The God Among Gods

Rhetoric: How to approach a request

Pycons: Made of Clay
Pycons: Moldable
Pycons: Shapeshift at Will
Pycons: Desire a True Form
Pycons: Vary in Size
Pycons: Have Their Own Communities
Pycons: Short Lifespan
Pycons: How They're Born
Pycons: Diet Consists of Clay

1 Set of Clothing
-Blue Shirt (Shabby)
-Brown Pants (Shabby)
-Simple Undergarments (Shabby)
-Brown Coat (Worn)
-Black Cloak (Good)
-Black Boots (Worn)
-Brown Bladed Boots (Good)
-Leather Gloves (Worn)
-Llama Wool Cowl (Good)
-Blue Scarf (Shabby)
1 Waterskin
1 Travelling Chest Containing Clothes not worn and Scrollcase
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-1 Broken Quill
-1 Quill (used)
- 1 oz Black Ink (Partially used)
- 'Magic and I' Book
- Money (See Ledger)
- 4x Small Brush
- 5x Torches
1 Watertight Scrollcase Containing:
1x Scroll Outlining the Basics of Glyphing

Heirloom: Book, average


Location: N/A

House: N/A


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Scarf -1 SM 99 GM 9 SM
Gloves -9 SM 99 GM
Breakfast (Day 54) -5 SM 6 CM 98 GM 5 SM 4 CM
Poor Living Expenses (Fall 513 AV) -45 GM 53 GM 5 SM 4 CM
Clerk Wages (Fall 513 AV) +132 GM 185 GM 5 SM 4 CM
Norman + Accesories -65 GM 120 GM 5 SM 4CM
Writing 101 Supplies -3 GM -1 SM 117 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Living Expenses Winter 513 (Poor) -45 GM 72 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Magic and I -30 GM 42 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Clerk Wages Winter 513 AV +276 GM 318 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Living Expenses Spring 514 (Poor) -45 GM 273 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Business Costs -106 GM 167 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Living Expenses Summer 514 (Common) -135 GM 32 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Herald's Arms -25 GM 7 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Wages Summer 514 +1001 GM 1008 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Business Sale +1306 GM 2314 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Knightly Debt -1200 GM 1114 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Siling Vessel Fare (45 Days) -45 GM 1069 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Traveller's Chest -100 GM 969 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Sale of Syliran Home +500 GM 1,469 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Good Living Fall 514 -450 GM 1,019 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Common Living Winter 514 -135 GM 884 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Common Living Spring 515 -135 GM 749 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Common living summer 515 -135 GM 614 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Sailing Vessel Fare (45 Days) -45 GM 569 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Shane's Day Out +2 GM 571 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Inactive Fall 515 -- 571 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Syliran Apartment -500 GM 71 GM 4 SM 4 CM
Watertight Scrollcase -5 GM 66 GM 4 SM 4 CM
4x Small Brush -4 CM 66 GM 4 SM
Cloak -5 SM 65 GM 9 SM
Llama Wool Cowl -2 GM 63 GM 9 SM
Map of Stormhold Citadel Region -15 GM 48 GM 9 SM
5x Torch -1 GM 47 GM
Bladed Boots -20 GM 27 GM
Sale of Syliran Home (Again) 500 GM 527 GM
Common Living Winter 515 AV -135 GM 392 GM

Please Note: Shane has been Inactive from Spring 516 AV to close of Winter 517 AV. Shane will resume play in Spring 518 AV.

Current Events + Thread List

Act = Acting
AH = Animal Husbandry
Aur = Auristics
Hyp = Hypnotism
Intel = Intelligence
Inter = Interogation
Intim = Intimidation
Inv = Investigation
Math = Mathematics
Medic = Medicine
Medi = Meditation
Neg = Negotiation
Obs = Observation
Org = Organization
Per =Persuasion
Phil = Philosophy
Plan = Planning
Read = Reading
Rei = Reimancy
Rhe = Rhetoric
Sed = Seduction
Soc = Socialisation
Ste = Stealth
Sto = Storytelling
Sub = Subterfuge
Te = Teaching
Sword - Weapon: Longsword
Axe = Weapon: Waraxe
Writ = Writing

Thread Title Date XP Notes
The Terms and Conditions 37 Fall 513 +1 Obs +1 Soc +1 Per Clerk Job
Daddy? 38 Fall 513 Obs +1 Leather Gloves
Axe-ing for Help 45 Fall 513 +1 Obs +1 Ax Met Bolivar
A Wrong Turn or Twenty 51 Fall 513 Obs +2 Aur +1 Org +1 Soc +2 Inter +1 Met Shiyami
A Day In The Life 54 Fall 513 Obs +2 Rhet +2 Hyp +2 Neg +1 Intim +1 Medi +1 N/A
Writing 101 55 Fall 513 Obs +2 Soc +1 Read 2 Writ 2 Aur 1 Writing!
Meeting the Dark Lord 60 Fall 513 Aur 1 Soc 1 Dud
It's Time For A Stowy 81 Fall 513 Aur 1 Per 1 Story 2 Hyp 2 Little Girls
It's Winter and That Means Money 1 Winter 513 Medi 1 Soc 1 Grrrr
Meet Norman. He's a Dog. 10 Winter 513 Soc 1 Obs 1 Neg 3 Aur 2 Rhet 1 Hyp 2 Norman!
The Truth Comes Out 11 Winter 513 AH 1 Obs 1 Soc 2 Read 1 Sub 1 Rhet 1 le gasp
Trading Interests 17 Winter 513 Obs 2 AH 1 Soc 3 Rhet 3 Story 2 Aur 1 leash
The First Sale 92 Winter 513 Obs +3 Soc 2 Rhet 2 Aur 5 Sub 1 Quit Job
The Next Chapter 1 Spring 514 Plan 4 Org 3 Math 2 Writ 2 Hyp 2 Businessy Stuff
A Trade of Heart and Soul 11 Spring 514 +1 Medi +1 Aur +4 Soci +1 Phil +4 Hyp +4 Obs +1 Rei Featured Thread
Making A Man Out Of Himself 33 Spring 514 +4 Soc +1 Sed +1 Per Still a Virgin
Trying to Help 1 Summer 514 Obs 2 Soc 1 Intim 1 Hyp 1 Medic 1 Aur 1 Dying Altar Boy
Equilibrium 2 Summer 514 Phil 2 God among Gods
The First Day 5 Summer 514 AV 3 obs 3 soc 1 neg 4 hyp 2 Aur
Learning Something New Everyday 6 Summer 514 +1 Sword +1 Aur +1 Rhet The Flux Dud
Closing Up 10 Summer 514 +4 Res +1 Obs Rei Trainin
Curiosity? 17 Summer 514 5 Obs 5 Soc 4 Rhe 3 inv 1 Neg 1 Aur 3 Phil Squirrely
Colorful Intuition 37 Summer 514 4 Obs 4 Aur 3 Inv 2 Soc 1 Hyp 1 Act 1 Tea Ricky!!!
Searching for New Threads 81 Summer 514 Incomplete Clothes with Synd
Something is Missing 2 Fall 514 +4 Obs +1 Phil +1 Intel +1 Inter A Terrible Day
How's My Future Coming? 51 Fall 514 Awaiting Grade Eselle
What A Wonderful Day For Music 52 Fall 514 Awaiting Grade Gwin
I Just Wanna Learn!!!! 53 Fall 514 Incomplete Lynx
Brawl Anyone? 55 Fall 514 Incomplete Brawl
Eye of the Bruised, Leg of the Twisted 58 Fall 514 Awaiting Grade Caelum!!!
Sometimes We Need Saved From Ourselves 60 Fall 514 Ongoing Kavala 1st Meeting
Open, Open, Opening Up! 1 Winter 514 Incomplete Rosela
Two and A Half Souls 5 Spring 515 Awaiting Grade Lazryn
Shane's Day Out 14 Summer 515 +3 Aur +3 Obs +3 Hyp +2 AH +2 Soc +1 Obs +1 Ded +1 Per Seasonal Event
The A-Bees of Secret Doorways 90 Summer 515 Awaiting Grade Seasonal Event in RF
A Second or Third Start 9 Winter 515 +1 Sed +2 Obs +1 Rhe +2 Neg +1 Aur Shane returns
Stars and Stones, A Tale of Two Wizards 10 Winter 515 +2 Obs +2 Aur +2 Intel +2 Ded Clyde Sullins
A Very Long Walk 12 Winter 515 Incomplete Ironically Named
This Time, A Drunken Start Incomplete Ravok Entrance
Freeze Frame 19 Spring 518 Incomplete Seasonal Event
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