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[Job Thread] A Reimancer meets a Fisherman

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Counting Stars

Postby Shall on April 3rd, 2014, 11:20 am

10th Spring 514 AV

Shall was still up when the belltower struck midnight. She sat as a statue at her bed, silently looking through the window with half lidded eyes. For some reason, she couldn't fall asleep. Three bells passed, she waited and waited, but sleep didn't come. Her mind was clear and still, and it craved the salty air outside. Shall didn't figure out why she slept less these days. The Ethaefal had spent most of her time wandering around different places and meditating at certain familiar spots. Zeltiva was a good place to settle down for her, Shall knew that much. Life had been quiet and nice, however...Since she had another person in her house, that one person kept following her around. That person had questioned her with everything that came to mind, dragging her around doing things that Shall herself never bothered to come up with. Thinking back to all the things Shall had done only showed her how pointless and time wasting things were these last few months. Not that she would complain though. Cutting her train of thought, she got up and put on her coat. Shall tiptoed across the room, ignoring the breathing form at her feet. Opening the door, she stepped outside, breathing in the fresh night air. She was heading to the docks.

The docks was quiet at night. There was no one there but Shall and she expected that much. The Reimancer walked along the boardwalk while looking around. The moon was bright, its gentle light brightened the calm surface of the sighing water. Sitting down, Shall watched the moonlit waves impassively. She looked down at her hand, which was reaching out like she was holding something. Shall could feel her djed, clashing and running and chasing like a mad horse through her veins. Like the temperature was rising, like the muscles were shrinking, djed was breathing out words to her. In and out. From every corner of her body, djed poured out of her fingers as res. The blue liquid emitted an ethereal light, hovering above her palm as a tiny ball. The ball kept on growing until it reached the size of an adult 's hand. Using her left hand, Shall poked at the res ball. I haven't been practicing magic lately...She was staring at the res ball unblinkingly. Since the day she learned Reimancy, she never used it more than twice a day, afraid of the danger of overgiving. Her teacher did leave her some words of warning about overgiving, something about wanting to cast more, as she remembered. Should try at least once. Maybe one day i must risk it. It worths knowing the outcome. With that in mind, the Ethaefal transmuted the layer of the res ball into water. The magic ball caught the moonlight and cast thin shadows on her glowing skin. There was sound of heavy footsteps from her right. Shall's concentration on the magic ball shattered,it fell to the hem of her pants with a splashing sound.

"There you are..."There was a shadow of a figure standing near her. That voice was so familiar to her ears. Shall knew that girl. She just couldn't forget the voice which had questioned her all day and night. She didn't turned her head around to face the slave. Long wavy hair which fluttered in the wind, eyes so bright and honest which beamed at her through thick, dark eyelashes...The girl should have slept at home by now."Silan" Shall said, softly as the spring's wind, as a mean to acknowledge her. "I couldn't find you anywhere when I suddenly woke up, so..."Knowing Shall would want an answer but never asked, the girl named Silan spoke up. "Did I wake you up?"Shall asked, not intended to slip concern into her words. She didn't even want an answer."No..."Silan seemed to be content, grinning from ear to ear. Without asking as usual, the human girl sat right next to her, giggling with her head held low. Is there something to be amused of?Shall 's definitely not impressed. Still not looking at the girl, Shall mumbled something under her breath. "Huh?What's that?"The girl asked."Nothing"Shall shortly replied. As usual, silence fell between them. Awkward, but pleasing to the Ethaefal. But it wouldn't last long. Silan said:"Can you teach me?"."I can't"Shall quickly answer. Without looking at her, she knew that Silan was making a disappointed face."You knew that magic is dangerous yourself. You will hurt yourself without knowing it. You don't want to be mad or get yourself killed, right?" Shall turned her head around, just enough to see the human's face. Silan's face was bathed in the moonlight. Her eyelashes fluttered, it turned lighter in color. She was frowning hard as if she had something to think about. That's new...Silan looked up at her, eyes blazing and ever so honest:"I was thinking... If I don't know magic, I can't help you when you're in danger.That answer really surprised her. How dense could one be? Maybe Silan was a perfect example as a failure of a human. Sure, she was talking nonsense as usual. But now, it was a complete different matter. This idiot who wouldn't last a day in Sunberth alone now was thinking of helping her. That's laughable. She couldn't think of a suitable answer for why she had said that. Shall pondered on the reason. Maybe she was thinking of pretending to be on Shall's side. She's her slave so it's common to fawn over her. Maybe, she was that kind of person. Or, it was just a simple desire to help. There 's also a possibility she's just a simple minded fool. Whatever the reason was, it didn't matter. Ignoring her was all the Ethaefal have ever done, and that's a good solution. "I haven't had the change the pay you back after all...". Shall could still hear her voice, but decided to put it at the back of her brain and focus on other thing.

Shall was bothered earlier. Now was the time to do it again. Reaching out both of her hand, djed poured out from her finger and formed two big ball. After transmuting the layer into water, she moved her fingers around a bit. The balls began to split into ten smaller parts. They moved around in circles above her fingers after began to take form. The parts above her right hand took form of a small horse, a triangle, a daisy and other objects while the parts in other hand formed tendrils and spinned around her body. After training a while, Shall had thought of improving her control over her res which lead to forming res into different shapes. It required a lot of control to make smaller details of them. Looked like it was a success.
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Counting Stars

Postby Pulren Marsh on April 10th, 2014, 4:22 am

Pulren couldn't sleep. An anomaly, considering the amount of physical exertion the lad had been enduring over the past week. It had seemed that the more that he worked and trained toward his goals, the more inspired and driven he was becoming. He felt blessed to be in harmony with his city, his God and his Guard. His mind would also gravitate to Mark as well and the events that had transpired. So much to think about. Physical training didn't give him much time to sit around and ponder things, however.

Fortunately, being that the Guard was a voluntary organization, there was no one to keep him from going out at night for a walk. His main obstacle was the coming dawn. His desire to clear his head would not be a reasonable excuse to slow his training. Not to the instructors, but more importantly, not to himself. As he walked down to the docks, the salt air of night graced his senses. Personal responsibility was the only true warden and gatekeeper.

Arriving at his destination, he found things surprisingly quiet. Usually there were at least some drunken sailors causing trouble. His vision scanned the bay, a task that he had done a thousand times without thinking before. Now, it was with purpose. He was not a Guardsman yet, but he knew that he would be, so he let his eyes go ahead and graduate. They did not need to look far before falling upon a majestic and surreal looking creature at the water's edge.

Pulren took his time approaching this silvery creature, her hands moving in manipulation toward the water. She had an onlooker or disciple sitting nearby, watching her mistress' movements. Moving between stalls and stacked crates, Pulren did his best to remain unseen. He listened for the movement of the tides. When they came in and washed against the docks, he would move in closer. When they receded, he would wait, minding his breathing so as not to be heard easily.

He had no reason to sneak, really, but he felt that something odd was going on with the water before the pair. He could not be clear as to what it was, but it did not seem like a natural occurrence. This troubled the man of salt. The sky was clear and the moon shone over the docks, drawing long shadows. They stretched in the wrong direction, however, so it did not aid Pulren in his attempt at stealth. There was a rowboat turned over to dry out close to the pair, so that would remain his target. Crouching and moving with the sounds of the tides, Pulren attempted to get close enough to hear the discussion and better view the events transpiring at the water's edge.

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Counting Stars

Postby Perplexity on October 12th, 2014, 11:20 am

Pulren :
  • Observation | +1 EXP
    Stealth | +1 EXP
  • Stealth: Using Crates For Cover

Comments :
Stealth threads always have the potential to be interesting. It's a shame this came to a stop when it did. If you have questions or concerns feel free to PM me at your earliest convenience.
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