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Carmony and Lani become acquainted

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[University] New Friends (Carmony)

Postby Lani Stranger on April 9th, 2014, 9:44 pm

12th of Spring 514AV
The soft wind shoved against Lani's shoulders as she strolled down the open University hallways. Her bare toes were cold on the damp cobble, but it was a rather nice day. With her boots clutched in one hand and her notebook in the other, it was nice to be done with classes for the day. She only had one class today, Geography. Since most of her classes took place outside, in the woods just outside of the Univeristy, it was nice to just take notes for a bell. It seemed odd that she took comfort in the boring work, but the different ways of being taught that Lani had been introduced to were quite effective on her. All of them.

To the right of the mixed blood, was a small garden. She assumed it was used for some sort of outdoor class, like meditation or something. The garden was somewhat enclosed by trees and bushes, a small trail leading into it. Lani stood for a minute, observing the class that was in the garden. A teacher strolled through lines of students, who sat in the grass. Some had their eyes closed and some looked to be in a sort of daze, but the class was completely silent. The boy closest to Lani had a stream of drool coming down his chin and his eyes were cracked open slightly. It wasn't the most attractive face, and she wondered if it was just extreme boredom. Lani bent down a bit, ready to wave at the boy to see if he was awake, from her stance in the hallway, but the teacher caught her eye first. She was waving at Lani, giving her signals not to. Complying, Lani turned to quickly stride away from the somewhat embarrassing scenario.

She had no reason to wander the halls, but maybe it was just her looking for socialization. She hadn't bothered with making friends, her first days in Zeltiva were mainly settling down and learning the city. She had also spent a fair amount of her time on Aquiras. But that wasn't really unusual, she had just finished a large journey all the way from Spires. She spent over a season in Aquiras' watch and now as she settled in one place it was her duty to pay the proper respects.

As Lani found herself lost in her own thoughts she realized she was not alone in the long corridor. A girl was walking towards her. It was midday and the halls weren't all too populated, Lani had no idea why. It was her chance to make a friend. As the two neared each other, Lani smiled at the girl opposite to her, waving with her fingers. She stopped as the girl neared her, Lani's height towering over the human. She didn't know if her strange eyes would be somewhat offsetting, but she decided to try to make conversation.

"Hi, I'm Lani." She realized she looked a bit stupid just introducing herself to someone without a reason for conversation. "I was wandering around some. I heard the Univeristy has a library. Do you, by chance, know where it is?" It wasn't a solid plan, but Lani could make conversation from here or ask the girl if she could show her. Making friends wasn't too hard. Lani also, honestly, wanted to know where the library was. It was supposedly the biggest in Mizahar. The thought was exciting, as Lani could find a book on anything she wished.

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[University] New Friends (Carmony)

Postby Carmony on April 14th, 2014, 12:15 am

This morning Carmony had every intention to try and spend some time with her parents, or at least one of this. She set off this morning with complete determination toward this goal, finding no time for procrastination she set out a little after the sun had fully revealed itself from beneath the line of the horizon, which had taken on hues of orange, pink, and yellow, dashed brightly throughout the sky, until further along where the light seemed to darken as it chased the night away.

She felt no need to get dressed in anything formal, she was only going for a visit, and regardless of what she wore, her parents would speak to her...except for the fact that upon her arrival to the university, and after her confusing searches for the right classrooms she found that they both were far too engulfed with their work to spare more than a few distant words which trailed off quickly after being said as they once again dove back into their jobs.

Today had gone like many of the others that she spent in attempt to socialize with her family, with her walking down the hall of the university sooner than she had hoped for, to return to her own accommodations. She had grown used to the over the years though, learning to always hope for the best, but nevertheless, expect the worst. Honestly this wasn't the worst case scenario, though, at least they were both alive and well. They were just overloaded with their work. That was all.

Her steps echoed down the halls as her shoes met with the marble, but soon her own footsteps were met with a quieter set of muffled shuffling, that upon looking up from the ground, was a girl walking in the opposite direction. Carmony did nothing at first, it was just the casually passing of a student who attended the college, but she couldn't help but notice the girl watching her anxiously as they neared one another.

It was the small wave that brought Carmony to attention, as she was offered a smile and a greeting. Now that the were close to one another, the attributes of the girls appearance were more evident than when they had distance between them. The first thing she noticed were the boots in the girls hand, and the pale bare feet that stood out against the flooring. As she brought her gaze farther up realized their difference in height; the girl stood well over a foot taller than she did, and the inclination back of her head to meet the girls eyes was proof enough. Third, she found herself looking deep into a pair of pitch black eyes. Though, shocking at first, Carmony had seen stranger people roaming about the corridors. Still they were very distracting.

The girl spoke of her wandering about, and then turned her subject toward the University's Library. This took Carmony's full attention. She had spent much of her life in that library, amusing herself to no end with the vast assortment of books that she had to read. She had learned many things within the building, huddled up in the corner, surrounded by stacks and stacks of well written, intriguing, and inspiring books. She found it a sanctuary when her parents began to spending less time with her because of their classes.

Doing her best not be rude and looking nervous because of Lani's odd eyes, she smiled back, "My name is Carmony, and yes, I do. I've spent a lot of time there. Would you like for me to take you there?" She might as well show the girl, her original plans were obviously not taking place, so agenda was free. It was nice to meet new people as well, something Carmony had been doing a lot of lately. "It's not too far. A short walk really. I could have you there in no time." She kept the smile on her features, hoping she would not be declined.
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[University] New Friends (Carmony)

Postby Ssezzkero on October 8th, 2018, 4:58 pm

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