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Thoroar Meets Beth

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[The Asylum] The Smith

Postby Thoroar Carter on April 29th, 2014, 3:25 pm


33rd of Spring in Beth's Office

As Thoroar Walked into Beth's office he could see many items he had read about Mortar and Pedestal, Alembic, Retort and he could see books about Blacksmithing, at this he wondered why would someone would go to these lengths, while he was still trying to figure it out he heard a cough from a gentle but imposing voice which was followed by the words.

“Thoroar correct?”

As Thoroar whipped around to meet the gaze of the voice he couldn’t help but notice the overly professional dress that Beth had taken and responded to her question with a “yes I am indeed Thoroar.” with this Beth smiled and opened her notebook followed by an indication for Thoroar to take a seat of which he did on a small wooden chair once he was seated Beth looked at him and then began to say “Thoroar I read in your letter about how you came here to mix your smithing with what we call Glyphin, so Beth continued “I myself of only heard of a few people who have attempted to do so, what makes you think you can? Thoroar thought for a moment and retorted with “I don't know but I want to give it a go" At this Beth chuckled “Well understand that you may fail” Thoroar sat dumbfounded by this statement after a a short while he perked up with “It would be a waste of all my effort to give up now” as he spoke these words she nodded and made a note.

“You also mentioned you can use Alchmey”

Thoroar Nodded and spoke “That is correct but I can only do some Alchmey.” at this Beth made some notes and then followed it up by saying “Which is better Glyphin or Alchemy?” at this Thoroar retorted with “Neither is better than the other but one can become more proficient at either or use them to work with each other.” Beth was amused by this answer and followed it by announcing “Well the University only teaches the uses of Alchemy rather than practical lessons, where as we fully teach Glyphin what does that mean?” Thoroar responded instantaneously “That one is more dangerous than the other” Beth in agreement nods and say "that is true of alchemy where we can dampen the effect of a out of control glyph we cannot stop a overreacting experiment"

After Beth had finished writing her notes she closed the book and told Thoroar “You are welcome to join the University but I will be keeping an eye out for you due to you coming to magic at such a young age you could be unstable or make mistakes as such best of you learn here in a safe place rather than outside.” at this Thoroar stood and outstretched his hand and said “Thank you and I hope I don’t disappoint” Beth smiled and shook his hand then watched as he left as he reached the door she told him to send in the next student in.

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[The Asylum] The Child Mage

Postby Perplexity on August 31st, 2014, 5:56 pm


Hello Mr. Thoroar,

Please address the issues outlined in your CS. When that is done I shall remove this intervention and you will be free to continue your adventures in Mizahar!

A couple of things before you do though...

1.) Your abbreviation of "University" to "Uni" is not appropriate for the in-character forums.

2.) You may want to consider working on the spacing of this thread. The flow is difficult and confusing to follow.

Have a fantastic day!

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