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Darkalin Pinewood

Postby Darkalin Pinewood on May 3rd, 2014, 9:44 pm

Basic Info:
Race: Symenestra
Gender: Male
Date of birth and age: Winter, Day 65, year 500 Age 13

Physical Description: Pale skin, with a height of about 5ft '5, and a weight of 90 pounds. With Pure black hair, Blood red eyes, and a smile close by. His long arms make his Greatsword look even more menacing and huge.

Character concept: A young Adventurer, he is disappointed when humans run him out of their town. He is looking for a place where he can be accepted. Always optimistic, even when on the run. His smile fills all that see it with joy. He enjoys a nice warm soup, the outdoors, and stories of the Syliran Knights. He is disgusted with Torturers, and anyone who kills needlessly. He will try to help anyone who is in immediate danger.

Pre-creation: He was born in the mountains of Kalea. His mother died, as was expected. His father took care of him for three years, teaching him Symenos. But his father became overcome with sadness. He left Darkalin on a forest trail, and left. He has not been seen by Darkalin since. A woodsmen, Valer Pinewood, Adopted him. He taught him common, and how to read. Of course, he still had to work. He had been a swordsmen, and had kept his Greatsword. When Darkalin had grown, he helped his new father with his work, chopping wood. He soon had been given basic training with the Greatsword. On the 1st of Spring, 514, He left to go on an adventure.

  • Acrobatics: 10 pts (RB) Novice
  • Wilderness Survival :Mountain : 15 pts (SP) Novice
  • Weapon: Greatsword: 20 pts (SP) Novice
  • Cooking: 5 pts (SP) Novice
  • Horse riding: 5 pts (SP) Novice
  • Writing : 5 pts (SP) Novice
  • Running : 1 pt Novice
  • Observation : 2 pts Novice
  • Socialisation: 2 pts Novice

  • Woods of Kalea
  • The Virtassa
  • Location : The Sanity Center
  • Robbed in Alvadas
  • Helped by a Zith
  • Edgar: A Zith
  • Phobius: An unexpected acquaintance
  • Location: The Rose

  • 1 pair of leather breeches, 1 pair of wool socks, 1 wool tunic, 1 cloak, 1 pair of undergarments, 1 pair of sandals (SP)
  • 1 waterskin (SP)
  • 1 backpack (SP)
  • 1 set of toiletries (SP)
  • Food for week (SP)
  • 1 Eating knife (SP)
  • 2 Flint & steels (SP)
  • 1 large tent (SP)
  • A large tarp (SP)
  • 100ft of rope (SP)
  • A lantern (SP)
  • 2 torches (SP)
  • A bedroll (SP)
  • Blankets (SP)
  • Fishing tackle and hooks (SP)
  • A compass (SP)
  • Full set of tack (SP)
  • Large set of saddlebags (SP)

I chose the Tent home package. I am currently residing in the mountains of Kalea.

  • Fluent: Symenos
  • Basic: Common

+100 GM SP
-45GM Spring 514 Living Expenses
-45GM Summer 514 Living Expenses
+60GM Selling Mountain pony and Greatsword
-45GM Fall 514 Living Expenses

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