[PC Plotnotes] Bitt, Squire of Syliras

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[PC Plotnotes] Bitt, Squire of Syliras

Postby Bitt on May 4th, 2014, 5:58 am

Bitt's Plotnotes

I figured it would be a nice idea to organise some of my plans/aspiration for Bitt in a plotnotes thread. As such, here we are. If you are someone who is planning to thread with me/or someone who just decided to take a sneak peak at all the lovely links associated with my profile, then feel free to have a peak around. That being said, this will, for the most part me for my own benefit as it will generally be filled with things I plan to do. Furthermore, I offer a word of caution/a friendly reminder: while this might serve as a nice way to get to know Bitt's wants/needs a little better, please remember that you cannot take this OOC knowledge IC. Also, to you Mr. Bitt, or rather, the man behind the keyboard I offer you this: keep up the good work! You're awesome! See, wasn't that a nice little present from past you? Have fun checking/updating me.

Contents :
Plot Development
  • Flashbacks
  • Spring, 514 AV
  • Summer, 514 AV
Skill Development
  • Martial
  • Magical
  • Other
Relationship Development
  • Crowe
  • Friends
  • Romantic
  • Enemies
  • Other

Plot Development
Given Bitt's age and how extensive (relatively speaking) my CS is, there isn't really much room for Flashbacks. I could probably snag a few points in Unarmed, Climbing and Acrobatics... and it could be fun to write some NPC sailors teasing a child Bitt... we'll have to wait and see. At this point, I have no plans.

Spring, 514 AV
Solos, solos and more solos. First in-game season. Join the knights, and get some fundamentals under your belt. I'll go the mage-knight route, but won't teach him any magic yet. I wouldn't be able to bring myself to write something like: "Oh hey, you been a squire for 10 days? Okay, let's get you initiated into reimancy. Have fun with the fireballs! Be careful not to kill people!" I'll have Bitt train up his mental fortitude (meditation) this season. I'll want it at no less than 20 before I start having him learn magic... but ideally he'd be competant. We'll see what happens.

Summer, 514
Okay. Summer. Let's get some magic going! Reimancy, shielding and glyphing. I'll learn them all simultaneously! Woo! Also, let's get Bitt interacting with people other than Crowe. If Radiant gets a quest going, I'll sign up if I think Bitt can handle himself. Get him some 'in-the-field' experience.

ACTUALLY! I want Bitt to kill something this season. A wild animal, anything. It'll be rough on him... taking a life will do that to a person. But it'll make for some awesome development!

...Also threads that can go towards a Yahal-gnosis application. Faith-God-Gives-You-WIIINNGGGS!

Actually... given my current threads/Bitt's attitude, a gnosis from Whysar might be more appropriate/realistic.

Skill Development
Threads that combine the quarterstaff and acrobatics.

So, I've decided that I would like Bitt to pursue both Reimancy and Shielding as his two primary magics (required for knighthood). I also like the idea of learning glyphing as a supporting skill.

Earth > Air > Water > Fire

That will be Bitt's elemental progression. I like the idea of him relying on Earth as his primary element as it runs counter to what would typically be suited to him, which should make for some fun plot. Honestly, I didn't realise the irony that Bitt's avatar happens to be Bolin (earth-bender from Avatar: The Legend of Korra) until someone in chat pointed it out to me, but I digress.

Obviously, magic is going to be a big part of Bitt's character. At the moment, he is very young, innocent and happy-go-lucky. I need to consider how magic will change him in this regard. There are a few ways I could take this, but I still need to consider things more. in this regard.

IDEA FOR TRAINING THREAD - Have Crowe insist Bitt use reimancy until he goes into overgiving so that he can experience the sensation. Have the patron on standby to stop him before it gets TOO serious. (consequences need to be planned out).

I am leaning towards having Bitt's Res appear a dull-grey color. Perhaps as a mist. Symbolic in regards to how plain/lacking of true identity Bitt is.

I've got plans to teach Bitt some medicine. Basic on-the-field first aid stuff. It seems like it would be an essential skill for a soldier/knight to have.

I want to get Bitt a pet. An animal sidekick kind of character. I might just wait until I can afford a Sungold though. They seem intelligent enough that I can write a fun, three-dimensional personality for the horse.

THREAD IDEA: Have Bitt help clean out some stables. I just think it'd be a good read/fun to write.

Relationship Development

Altos: He's taking a break from Miz out of necessity. IC he's my roomate. Let's hope he gets back soon so we can expand upon that more!

Nivel: Looking forward to our next thread. I think it'll be necessary for them to experience something dangerous together before they can break through the awkward 'aquaintance' wall. Bitt is awkward around the pycon.




Closing Statement
Remember that everything here is subject to drastic, awe-inspiring change. First and foremost, this is where I will be throwing down my ideas as I have them. Nothing here is concrete, complete or coherent. Keep that in mind. Otherwise, I hope you had fun skimming through my ramblings.

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