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While Sylira is by far the most civilized region of Mizahar, countless surprises and encounters await the traveler in its rural wilderness. Called the Wildlands, Syliran's wilderness is comprised of gradual rolling hills in the south that become deep wilderness in the north. Ruins abound throughout the wildlands, and only the well-marked roads are safe.

[Mirahil Pass] Matthew and Me

Postby Aoren on July 15th, 2014, 1:35 pm

Riddled With Rewards

Skill XP Earned
Observation + 3 EXP
Musical Instrument: Flute + 2 EXP
Camouflage + 1 EXP
Weapon: Dagger +2 EXP
Intimidation +2 EXP
Persuasion +2 EXP
Unarmed Combat +1 EXP
Running +1 EXP

Lore Earned
A Memento To Old: Hanna’s Grave
Flute: Proper Holding Technique
Camouflage: Making Use of An Old Raccoon Hole
Dagger: Low Fighting Stance
Persuasion: Trying To Appeal To Better Judgement

Notes :
I know you were brandishing an eating knife but since knives and daggers fall loosely under the same category I gave you EXP in dagger handling. If you would like this changed let me know. :)

If you have comments, questions or concerns please approach me at your earliest convenience. Don't forget to edit/delete your request in the request thread!
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