[Location] Windward Boardwalk

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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

[Location] Windward Boardwalk

Postby Cheshire on September 24th, 2010, 1:53 am

Windward Boardwalk


When people want a little time to relax and take a walk they head to the Windward Boardwalk. This park is often frequented by poets searching for a muse or young lovers who are looking for a quiet place to sneak away. The park is large and is quite wooded compared to other places in the city. One of the major uses for the Boardwalk is the Coming and Going celebrations for Morwen and the coming of Winter and Spring. The calm park gets transformed into a bright and exciting party that lasts for three days, once at the end of Fall and once at the beginning of Spring.

The park is decorated by sculptures, benches, and beautifully crafted arches that lead into the different parts of the garden. The largest and most elegantly crafted is the arch leading into the Boardwalk. There are seven other arches that go off in other directions from the main park leading to separate portions of the park. Each portion is reserved for each one of the holds. Even though they are reserved for each hold anyone can venture to any part of the park. Each portion is specially equipped for each of their hold.
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