Shadowy person reated skills? | Academies?

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Shadowy person reated skills? | Academies?

Postby Haasha on June 6th, 2014, 2:28 pm


I'm very fond of playing a certain class, which involves stalking, sneaking, backstabbing, pickpocketing, lockpicking and being resourceful in as many areas as a person an afford to be.
But I've noticed that some of the needed skills, for example, Stealth, are a stub in the wiki. A question - can I somehow contribute the material to a Storyteller for moderation and review as my character learns those skills, to contribute to this community in the aspect? Also, Stealth includes many tips and hints, and in the 'moving' part it closely tied to Acrobatics in certain situations, as well as Disguise - I'd love to have a talk with someone to clear this for me. I really don't quite understand why this skill hasn't been expanded.

Here I beforehand apologize for my illiteracy, I might have done my homework not attentively enough.
My character, in future, might want to study humanity disciplines, such as Law, History, Politics, other Languages, etc. (resourceful, as I've said before). However, she'd probably seek for a school of sorts to do so.
To make it short:
- do such cities/organisations exist?
- who (even which NPC) might she talk to to lean about that school/academy/etc., and from whom might she learn such things as, say, the price for learning (as such places are usually costly, need upkeeping and also filtering ones who can't afford the prestige unless these places are government-financed?)?
Will do more reading, but please, if I've missed out a city/organisation, point me out at it.

When introducing a new Skill (from the above mentioned and one more), could I adress someone to discuss, help edit it and make it fit the whole system before I post a 'draft' and 'finished writeup' versions?

Thank you.

P.S. Also, um, in which form and who do I best adress for a personal quest/training thread verification? Can I make my own small quests/events? Who could take a look at them?
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Shadowy person reated skills? | Academies?

Postby Radiant on June 6th, 2014, 3:56 pm

Hi, Hassha!

Very intriguing questions you have here, I will try to answer to the best of my abilities. :)

1. For lockpicking and breaking in, it is covered in the Larceny skill.

Larceny wrote:Larceny refers to the skills used to pilfer objects or in breaking and entering, such as lock picking, simple trap avoidance, and pickpocketing. Individuals who regularly use this skill are known surprisingly enough as thieves.

2. There are a lot of skills and anyone - with wiki access - can add new ones to the wiki, but to actually expand them. you need to go through the World Developments forum. :)

If you want to expand a stub skill, you need to ask permission first in the Help Desk. Miz always needs more helping hand!

Note that stub skills does not mean you can't use them. You can use stub skills just fine like any other skill.

3. Yes, such specialized organizations exist, specifically in the city of Zeltiva, called "The University of Zeltiva".

Please read:
-University of Zeltiva

And here are the links to the IC forum of Zeltiva:
-Zeltiva IC forum
-University Application thread
-IMPORTANT: Student Handbook

Ask Eldritch, the DS of Zeltiva for more info.

4. As for expanding, refer to answer number "2". :)

P.S Answer: You contact your local storyteller. :) If you are in Syliras, contact me or Nightmare, if you are in Zeltiva, contact Eldritch or Fractale, etc.

I hope I answered them all!
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