[Alaia's Scrapbook] The Sketches of a Mind

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[Alaia's Scrapbook] The Sketches of a Mind

Postby Alaia on August 4th, 2014, 10:38 pm

A rant.

I often have this annoying ability to be the most chaotically organized person I can think of. I love lists, I make lists for everything but I also make folders for everything, and folders inside, folders inside folders. Really it becomes in a pain in the neck and every once and a while I get in these kicks where I have to reorganize my organization - I'm in one of those kicks right now. On the one hand it's great because I get rid of things I no longer need or I get to reread through old RP's I've saved on my computer and reminisce. On the other hand it takes an obnoxious amount of time. To give you an idea of my folders issues I have a miz RP character picture folder ... so my folders are as follows: Alaia (Subfolders: Box Codes, Avatars), Backgrounds (Subfolders: Buildings, Landscapes, Weird Things), Clothing, Friends (Everyone I've made or plan on making box codes for have their own subfolders), Ishani, Male Characters (for when I one day make a male characters I have pictures in here I like), Nitya, Scarlet, Sorcha, Woman Characters .... really that is way to many folders and I'm sure some of those have even more sub folders I'm not looking through. That's just for Miz pictures, I've been on miz for only a little over 2 months? I still have word document folders in regards to Miz and so many more non miz related folders.

What is the point of this rant? I wanted to share my organizational pain - it comes in handy when I need to find something but it's also just horrible when I get the uncontrollable urge to purge and reorganize into a better system. Maybe some of your feel my pain?
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