Hello all!

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Hello all!

Postby Jack Dealto on June 11th, 2014, 11:58 pm

Hello everyone!

I'm just kind of peeking around here a bit!

I used to be very active on another online roleplaying forum, but school got in the way, and I came back to what seems like a lot of responsibility on the site... and I just want to do a few, easy going threads with some folk.

So here I am!

I'm looking at Human-Vantha character, I think. With the name Jack Dealto! I need to read through more of your lore to try and form a backstory, and scout the site before I even do that, but I'm looking forward to the potential roleplays with you all!

Any suggestions for me? Banter? Fist-to-cuffs?

Jack Dealto
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Hello all!

Postby Roscoe on June 12th, 2014, 12:51 am

Hey there Jack! I like your name(It's mine IRL :) ). If you've read through the PM in your inbox and have been checking out the links contained therein, that should be a pretty good starting foundation. Just take your time to walk through the lore and get a feel for things and you will be set up to have a wonderful experience here on Miz. :) If you have any particular questions feel free to ask- in this thread, or you can feel free to PM me with anything. We also have an absolutely wonderful group of people who hang around the chat room and are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. :)
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