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This forum is an OOC forum for PCS and Organizations to work out plans in hardcopy. Each PC or Organization gets a single thread where their players can help work out plans for their PC. Quests, mini-sagas, and Trips can all be organized here as well working out timelines and points of travel and things PCs need to do along the way. Each PC however gets only one Plotnote for their individual PC. Groups get one as well. There is no limit on individuals posting saga or trip plotnote threads. Please denote [PC Plotnotes] or [Group Plotnotes] or [Quest/Trip/Saga Plotnotes] when titling your threads.

Thread Log

Postby Aislyn Leavold on November 2nd, 2016, 11:31 pm

Ongoing Threads

Planned Threads

XX/1/17 - [The Strands] Title (Ssanya)


01/2/16 - Pity Party (Phobius)
41/2/16 - Rumours Abound (Rey)
60-91/3/16 - Chicken Soup for the Soulless (Various)
31/4/16 - [Job Thread] Paint the Town
45/4/16 - A Conflict of Religions (Rey)
80/4/16 - Mirror, Mirror

Active Threads

51/4/15 - Mirror Face (Naia)
39/1/16 - [Event- 39th: Of Being] Evening's Evaluations (Kaleidoscope)
45/2/16 - Charcoal and Fire
60/2/16 - Swords Don't Float (Dexius)
05/3/16 - Hands of Fate (Nephti)
20/3/16 - [Job Thread] Coloured Canvases
52/3/16 - [The Unnayme] A Crisis of Dreams (Madeira)
55/3/16 - Will o' the 'Whisps
59/3/16 - A Dream Deferred
10/4/16 - Cold Steel (Arisia)
63/4/16 - Prayer of the Refugee (Phobius)
91/2/17 - 'Til Death Do Us Part (Phobius)
49/3/17 - Fire, Fire (Various)

Inactive Threads

1/2/09 - [Flashback] Birds of a Feather (Boo)
13/3/14 - [The Wolf's Cave] A Bard's Second Tale (Ruzekiel)
23/3/14 - Boarders With Borders (Phobius)
01/3/15 - [The Switch] Borrowed and Blue
09/3/15 - [The Switch] The Good, the Bad, and the Scaly (Nythis, Rey)
51/3/15 - Nothing is as it Seems (Shadyn)
55/4/15 - Bruised and Bewildered (Jay, Cyrene, Rey)
81/4/15 - All's Well That Ends Badly (Phobius, Rey)
40/2/16 - The Aura that Cried for Help (Tail)
46/2/16 - [House of Broken Mirrors] A Muddled Mirror (Clyde)

1 = spring 2 = summer 3 = fall 4 = winter
14 = 514 16 = 516, etc.
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