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An Azenth meets a Healer. (I'saya)

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[Wright Memorial Library] Curiosity

Postby Aoren on August 30th, 2014, 2:16 am

Upon receiving I’saya’s reaction Aoren couldn’t help but let out a hearty chuckle that slowly grew. The fit of laughter, the merriment that rolled through his belly caused him to wrap an arm around his waist as he lost his balance he began laughing so hard.

I’saya, I have never in my life met someone like you.” Straightening himself Aoren rubbed at his eyes wiping away the moisture gathered there from his laughing fit. He took a deep breath shaking his head. Clasping his hands behind his back he could only smile.

So I am lazy am I? A conniving manipulator of hearts who uses my wicked magic to even more wicked ends?” He adopted a slightly teasing tone but there remained a smile on his face. “Strange it is that I recall a certain performer who sought knowledge in a certain library so that said performer could gear her routine toward satisfying the crowd for which she performed.

Aoren gave her a wink and then a slightly appraising look. There remained a half-smirk on his face.

Strange indeed.” Turning on his heel Aoren continued on their walk listening more to what I’saya had to say.

You are correct. It did take me a bit of time and concentration. I won’t lie, I am very much a neophyte when it comes to Auristics. My understanding of what it can do are born of my own limitations with it. Those limitations are slowly fading however. As I understand it there are great Aurists who can see and perceive the mood of entire crowds with it barely making them blink." The first name that came to mind was that of Professor Stonemiller. He was the Head of the College of Djed at the University. While Aoren did not know a great deal about the man he knew that he was a respected wizard. He also knew that his talents lay with Auristics and rumor had it he used them with such skill and mastery it was baffling.

"My point is this, while you may have reservations about using it actively in your performances, what about when you are not performing? What better way to learn the culture of a people than to learn about the people themselves?” He shrugged his shoulders. It was food for thought but he was beginning to find that the thoughts that passed through his head were very different from those that passed through I’saya’s. He was beginning to understand what every other man he’d encountered before meant when they said they didn’t understand women.

The way I’saya thought was simply completely foreign to him. Aoren did not consider that a bad thing. It was just…different.

When she instructed him to step back he did so with a slightly arched eyebrow. What transpired next truly captivated him. He leaned forward with an almost childlike awe as I’saya was wreathed in flames that not only didn’t hurt her but seemed to bring her joy. He blinked in appreciation of her skill nodding when finally the display was ended.

I always find it interesting to watch other reimancers at work. The personal signature of their magic, I think speaks more about their character than any aura can.” Aoren watched the lava stone roll onto the ground. In the air around it he could still see waves of heat rolling off of the rock. If he were being entirely honest with himself lava was one para-element that seemed infinitely more dangerous to him than any of the others he has mastered. Not lingering on that thought he shifted his attention back to I’saya.

I suppose one good turn deserves another.” Bringing up his hands Aoren allowed the waterfall of djed that coursed through his body to flow freely into his palms as a gas. A total amount no larger than one of his fists. The motion was as fluid and natural as moving for him. He brought both palms together concentrating for a moment. In his mind’s eye he saw a great stallion much like the warhorses of the Knights in the fortress of Syliras charging forth with majestic beauty and grace. He willed the shape of that stallion to take form in the gas that ebbed between his hands. When he retracted both hands there floated the gas elongating and shifting to assume the shape of a horse. While it was not grand in its detail the shape was most certainly there.

Aoren extended a hand and the stallion reared back as he willed it to begin its charge. The horse took off at a glide over the currents of air beneath its hooves. As it moved Aoren divided it into three layers. The outer most he ignited into azure blue flame. Where the fire that I’saya had commanded was brilliant and impassioned with her vigor the cerulean tendrils of flame on this stallion were much calmer. There was a peace in those flames bespeaking a calm spirit girded with an unyielding resolve.

The stallion galloped toward an unoccupied wall. It was then that Aoren transmuted the second layer into air which he brought into harmony with the outer layer of fire. Within a few ticks, the silent hooves of the stallion became laced with sparks of electricity that soon wrapped themselves around the whole of its being cascading outward from its mane. When the reimantic horse had reached a safe distance from both Aoren and I’saya the Drykas man made a releasing gesture with his hand. The stallion reared back raising its front hooves before Aoren transmuted the third layer into a concentrated burst of wind that dispersed the electrified horse is a flash of light. When it was gone there were naught but fizzling embers falling to the cobblestones.

Fire, has always been my closest friend. It is followed closely by Air. Lightning after that.” Bringing up his hands he laced his fingers together resting them behind his head.

Earth and Water of course have their place and time as well. I most often default to those three however. They are where I began when I started my journey. In times of great need they have often been the tools that brought me the greatest joy.
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[Wright Memorial Library] Curiosity

Postby Shai on December 24th, 2014, 1:11 am

However hopeless the situation appears to be


There yet always exists the possibility of putting up a stubborn resistance

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