Closed Get the Party Started (Tyr)

Tyrion and Lavine get into a competition which allows them both to flex their performers' muscles.

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Get the Party Started (Tyr)

Postby Lavine on July 10th, 2014, 1:46 am

10th of Summer, 514 AV

Lavine tipped back in her chair and closed her eyes. All around her, bard's music crashed over the top of the cacophonous noises spilling from the bar's patrons. Men and women flirted subtly- or not-so subtly, depending on their aim. Barmaids rushed to and fro in an effort to keep their tables under control, but if the sound of tabletops being pounded was any hint they weren't having much luck. Any other young Kelvic girl would have wanted to run for the hills with the noise and activity of the bar...

As it so happened, Lavine was no exception.

The girl gripped the bridge of her nose and breathed deeply to calm herself. This is the last time I come in on a weekend. The absolute last! Lavine did her best to flag down a waitress and ask for a glass of wine, but no one paid any mind to the petite girl in the shadowed corner.

Although she sometimes worked at bars not unlike this one, she normally worked slower days and bells when she could be more intimate with her customers. It was easier for Lavine to cater the story to her listeners when there wasn't so much other noise about. And tonight, there was no shortage of noise.

Just as she was prepared to leave the crowded room and go get some fresh air, one of the nearest performers flung his arms out to acknowledge the cheers of the mostly-drunken crowd.

"And for my next trick, a volunteer!
Hands flew to the ceiling, but the performer ignored all of them.
What about you, my lady?"

In horror, Lavine slowly swiveled her head until she could see that the performer was, in fact, looking at her. She shook her head timidly, but the man just waved his arm wildly. He would not take no for an answer.

"No, I'm sorry. I was just leaving."

The man laughed and his watchers joined in jovially. "Surely not so soon. Come on! It won't take but a tick of your time. Completely safe, I promise!"

Safety is merely an illusion
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