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Postby Lavine on April 18th, 2013, 12:10 am

Character Name: Lavine
Race: Kelvic (Barn Owl)
Age: 2 (looks 19)
Birth: 40th of Summer, 512 AV in Ravok
Gender: Female
Height: 4' 9"
Weight: 85 lbs.
Current Location: Zeltiva


Physical Description: Lavine is a short, young girl with long, light brown/auburn hair which changes color slightly from season to season. Her soft amber eyes are somewhat narrow and always inquisitive. Her round, gentle face is almost always smiling. She has a distinctly flat face due to her barn owl form. Lavine has always been considered petite and shows no signs of growing anytime soon. In her animalistic form, she has the classic orange/brown feathers that match her hair. She is on the smaller side at about a 13 inch wingspan.

Personality: Lavine is a very gentle, caring girl but often cares too much and sacrifices herself for others. She is very protective of those she loves and anyone she considers an "underdog". She is also very emotional and often has to remind herself to hold in her feelings. She hates law-breakers and dishonest people in general. She wishes she lived a normal, steady life in the city and craves routine. Instead, she lives on the streets, fighting for her survival and trying her best to help keep the law in place. Luckily, these brutal adventures give Lavine great stories to tell.

Likes: She loves routine and loyal friends. She likes to study and read, even though she can't do it very often.

Dislikes: She dislikes danger, despite the fact that she lives around it all the time. Trouble always seems to find her. She also hates to swim and is quite a hydrophobe.

[ ] Find a Bondmate
[ ] Visit Sunberth
[ ] Return to Ravok
[ ] Find a permanent career
[x] Find Thayer again

Lavine has had a shady past. Her father was a thief and her mother an adventurer. Lavine idolized her mother, and still does. She wanted to be exactly like her mother, traveling the world, exploring and doing mercenary work for anyone who would hire her. Lavine and her father had a slightly less loving relationship. She hated the way he stole and cheated at everything he did. Despite Lavine's dislike for her father, her mother loved him dearly. The two were different as day and night, but could never be apart for long.

Sadly, they both died awhile back from an unknown illness, her mother first, then her father. With no siblings, this left Lavine alone on the streets. She doesn't mind though, she likes the solitary life. She has had to learn to survive and has developed many skills during this time. After being born in Ravok, she couldn't bear the thought of living in the same city where her parents died. In the Spring of 513 AV, she moved to Zeltiva. Lavine has become a great regular at the local shops and everyone loves to hear her stories. She knows how to hold her own in a fight although she doesn't like to.


Lavine does not have many living relatives, and none that she stays in contact with. However, she does have a few friends.

One of Lavine's closest friends was Thayer. They met outside Lavine's hometown of Ravok. The two became instant friends and frequently played in the woods together, whether it be hide and seek, picking flowers, or simply chasing each other around in their animalistic forms. Lavine was devastated when she learned that Thayer had to move. The two simply couldn't keep in touch over such long distances. Now, Lavine has moved to Zeltiva in the hopes of finding her old friend again.


A small, green, one person tent set up outside Zeltiva. The tent contains one bedroll, one winter blanket, a lamp, and can be quickly concealed by a camouflage tarp.


50 Feet of Rope
Camouflage Tarp
1-Person Tent
Winter Blanket
1 pair leather boots
pair of leather shorts
leather top
simple black undergarments
black cloak(starter package)
1 Waterskin (starter package)
1 Backpack; containing
1 set of toiletries (starter package)
Eating knife (starter package)
Flint & Steel (starter package)
Food for a week (starter package)
2 lbs. Raisins
Common Lamp
Insect Repellent
5 Torches
3 Tinder
1 Cup, 10 oz.

Heirloom: N/A

Purchase Amount Total
Starting package +100 GM 100 GM
Housing (turned in) +500 GM 600 GM
2 lbs. Raisins - 2 GM 598 GM
Gloves - 5 SM 597.50 GM
50 Feet of Rope - 1 GM 596.50 GM
Camouflage Tarp - 12 GM 585.50 GM
1-Person Tent - 2 GM 583.50 GM
Common Lamp - 1 SM 583.40 GM
Insect Repellent - 1 GM 582.40 GM
x5 Torches- 1 GM 581.40 GM
Bedroll - 1 SM 581.30 GM
x3 Tinder - 3 SM 581.00 GM
Winter Blanket - 5 SM 580.50 GM
Kukri - 8 GM 572.50 GM
1 Cup, 10 oz. - 6 SM 512.50 GM
Spring, 513 Living Expense (Poor) -45 GM 467.5 GM

Skill Points:
Skill Total Source Skill Level
Wilderness Survival 10 pts (10@sp) Novice
Hunting 20 pts (10@rb, 10@sp) Novice
Brawling 11 pts (10@sp, 1) Novice
Storytelling 16 pts (15@sp, 1) Novice
Cooking 5 pts (5@sp) Novice
Observation 7 pts (2, 5) Novice
Acrobatics 1 pt (1) Novice
Investigation 1 pt (1) Novice
Detection 1 pt (1) Novice
Deception 1 pt (1) Novice
Socialization 6 pts (1, 5) Novice
Intimidation 2 pts (2) Novice
Rhetoric 3 pts (3) Novice
Weapon:Kukri 3 pts (3) Novice

Lore- Ravok Geography
Lore- Ravok Culture
Navigating Tight Spaces in Flight
Benefits of Human Form: Communication
Fear of the Symenestra
Using a Glass Shard as a Weapon
Long Lost Friend Found
Thayer: Homeless
Taking a life, or changing one.

Fluent • Common
Basic • Vani
Poor • N/A

Threads with an asterisk nest to them are completed and graded.
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Postby Lavine on May 7th, 2013, 11:36 pm

Barn Owl Form


Lavine's barn owl form is as like her in appearance as it is in personality. Lavine's brown hair with naturally highlighted streaks translates into a dark, colorful plumage. Her round, flat face is also contributed to her owl form. Lavine is a skilled hunter and loves the night. She slightly favors her owl form due to the fact that she can fly- one of the most amazing feelings in her life.

Owl facts:
*Barn owls actualy don't have that great of eyesight. They rely on their amazing hearing to locate prey.
*A barn owl's diet can consist of anything from small birds to fish, or even reptiles. Mice, voles, squirrels, and shrews are the true staple foods though.
*Barn owls' strange looks and habits have earned them many nicknames such as Monkey-faced Owl, Night Owl, Church Owl, or Screech Owl.
*Unlike other owls that make "hoot" noises, barn owls make a sound closer to a "hiss" or "snort" when communicating and a "screech" when frightened or alarming others.
*Barn owls actually have one ear placed higher on their head than the other. This enables them to detect which side the sound is coming from more accurately, thus making them even better hunters.
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