[Location] Coolwater Hold

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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

[Location] Coolwater Hold

Postby Cheshire on October 5th, 2010, 2:19 am

Coolwater Hold


The Coolwater Hold specializes in all things having to do with the water. They are boaters, fishers, and masters at navigating the sea. Their most sought after skills are Fishing, Sea Navigation, and Hunting. They also are very good at astrology because they use the stars to navigate in the sea. When Coolwater was founded the members wanted to live where the water flowed cool enough for the Talderan sea animals that they wanted to hunt and fish for. Due to this fact Coolwater Hold is right off the water. They have one of the smaller Holds but what it lacks in size it makes up in it's large docks.

The Coolwater docks are right off the back of the hold. From this dock the Coolwater members can fish or head off to their boats. This dock is strong and is almost as impressive as the port of Avanthal. The dock is almost always busy with people fishing or trying to get on or off their boat. Often if someone needs to go out on the water they can come to the docks and chances are someone will help them with whatever they need, usually for a price. Coolwater Hold knows that they are the only ones who have free roam of the sea. Even though they are fair people some more crafty indivuals will use that fact to their advantage to get a few mizas. As long as one keeps their wits about them they will get out on the sea with few problems and a good amount of money in their pocket.
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