[Location] Winterflame Hold

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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

[Location] Winterflame Hold

Postby Cheshire on October 7th, 2010, 7:48 pm

Winterflame Hold


The cooks, bakers, and all other culinary artists reside in Winterflame Hold. They are called Winterflame because when they founded their Hold one always knew which one it was due to the members cooking over roaring flames. Most members work at the Luminary Commons, the Crystal Cavern, or the Market Place. Winterflames also are skilled gardeners. Although the water in Avanthal is not good for gardening under regular circumstances but Winterflames use Stormgems. These Stormgems create heat that is warm and powerful enough to make their crops grow. Their specialties include Brewing, Cooking, Farming, Food Preservation, Herbalism, Gardening, and Vinting.

The Hold is much like a large restaurant. There is always at least a small group of Winterflames cooking. The Hold doubles as a living space and a training center for the young culinary artists of Winterflame. The Hold is much warmer than the others because people are constantly cooking and baking. Out behind the Hold is the Gaea Gardens where Winterflame farmers grow their crops with the help of Stormgems, minerals that give off enough heat and energy to make crops grow in the frozen north.
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