Closed Late Night Strolls (Halin'a)

A not-quite-fish meets a not-quite-human

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Late Night Strolls (Halin'a)

Postby Shan Mandara on August 13th, 2014, 6:15 am

Shan had seen a few Kelvics in her lifetime, whales, dolphins, or unusually intelligent gulls that played with the children of Charbosi. Rumor had it that the Kelvics could change into something else but Shan had never really known what. She was surprised to hear the term here though and found herself getting frustrated by what little she really knew about the world but was happy to know that what she did know was appreciated by others.

Shan inferred that Syna and Leth were gods of the sky, a 180 from the patron god of the sea, and people she had only heard about in old textbooks. She briefly wondered what could be going on that would cause rifts in their domains before thinking about the djed storms that occurred seemingly out of no where. She mentally added to look up Syna, Leth, and the djed storms the next time she went to the library.

After a while, Shan noticed something she was recognized, even in the dark. "It's the Temple of Laviku," Shan stated as they walked past. She knew that they would be reaching the docks soon.


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Late Night Strolls (Halin'a)

Postby Okara on September 7th, 2016, 10:08 pm

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