Dlight's Plotnotes

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Dlight's Plotnotes

Postby Dlight on August 7th, 2014, 12:33 am

First off, I need to figure out what Dlight's been doing for 3 years. I'll have to cover a lot of flash backs in order to gain experience. He will need a lot of musical training and definitely some more skill in brawling. Anything having to do with hunting is important. I want him to travel more outside of cities.

I want Dlight to have been practicing violin for the three years absence, so probably more threads of him studying the Akvatari's book.

I eventually want Dlight to return to the home of the Akvatari in either his Ethaefel or Zith form. Possibly as a Ethaefel in order to gain the trust and then inform them of his Zith form. I'm not sure exactly for what purpose but I know that it would be great for his character development to return to where things started.

Dlight will return to Xy possibly, where he could gain more knowledge in fighting, hunting and bonecrafting. I'd like for him to sort of dig into his Zith roots once again and connect with that part of him, however it would be an awakening to realize that he no longer is entirely Zith and doesn't have quite the same temperament as before.

So Xy will definitely be a stop on flashbacks. Xy, Alvadas to close up his studying he does there, and I'm not sure where I want him to surface yet in his "current" form which must be much more experienced.
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