Shifting Places [Enthere]

A day of shopping and settling in.

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Shifting Places [Enthere]

Postby Perplexity on September 20th, 2014, 4:25 pm

Saraphina :
  • Wilderness Survival | +1 EXP
    Negotiation | +1 EXP
    Riding (Horse) | +1 EXP
    Socialization | +2 EXP
    Storytelling | +1 EXP
  • -327 GM 7 SM 1 CM for Purchases
    -General Store Purchases
    -Abbacus, Ravokian Bloodbane
  • Wilderness Survival: Supplies Needed For Life In The Wilds
    Wilderness Survival: Setting Up A Tent
    Riding: The Motion of a Saddle
    Enthere: From Ravok
    Enthere: Her Family Is Gone

Enthere :
  • Animal Husbandry | +1 EXP
    Grooming (Horse) | +1 EXP
    Persuasion | +1 EXP
    Socialization | +2 EXP
    Storytelling | +1 EXP
  • Animal Husbandry: Soothing A Horse With Words
    Grooming: Brushing A Horse
    Sandfish: Delicious, flaky, flavorful!
    Saraphina: From Avanthal
    Saraphina: Travels Because She Can

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