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The mysterious temple devoted to Tanroa.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

Temple of Time

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The Temple of Time is a sacred temple located on the Sartu Peak in the northern section of Lhavit. It is situated on the highest tier, overlooking the expansive Misty Peaks below, and faces towards the east. Although the building was built 200 years ago, the marble used to build the temple still appears fresh. To those few who are aware of Tanroa as a goddess, the temple is deeply sacred. Those who are unaware of Tanroa or the true purpose of the temple also hold a deep respect for it, but it is much more mysterious to them.

There is a mysticism surrounding the sanctum, a sensation as if time begins to slow once a visitor crosses the threshold. The structure, overall, resembles an hourglass, with a domed top and encrusted with glittering jewels. At the front of the temple lies a small garden, with a statue of a beautiful woman holding her arms up and palms upright towards the sky. When one stands a few paces away, it appears that she is holding the sun or the moon in her hands, based on the time of day. Those who know of her will recognize the statue as a depiction of Tanroa heself. Inside the Temple, the scenery drastically changes. Whereas the outside is clean and glowing, the inside is dark and aged far more drastically.

ImageA chandelier hangs from a cracked ceiling above, and moss grows on the edges of the walls. The temple is spacious, but stairs leading to a room in the back are cracked, and rubble seems to lie in piles of debris on the floor. No visitor dares disturb these things, for it was not any person that was responsible for it. At the center of the main room is a crystal orb filled halfway with water, perched on top of an old fountain that has long since run dry. When Syna's light touches it, it glows with great intensity, and the water begins to drain. When Leth's light falls on it, the water rises and fills to the brim.

A changing motion, the passage of time. Visitors often pray to the orb to pay respects to Tanroa. It is strictly forbidden to ever touch the orb; not only is it considered sacrilegious, but it is said those that dare disturb it are cursed by time itself, experiencing life either much slower or faster than others, though nobody can confirm these stories.

ImageUp the stairs at the back of the Temple is a plain room, the floor taken up almost entirely by a still pool of water, the size of a fairly large pond. The ceiling is cast with dancing light and shadows from the reflection of the water, and a set of stairs leads into the pool. Similarly to the orb, this pool is seen as sacred, and there are rumours that touching the water will bring great misfortune to whoever dared disturb the sacred temple. On the far wall, a single window lets light in to dance over the surface of the pool.

In reality, the pool of water is perfectly normal; it is kept there so that any who enter who are marked by the goddess Tanroa might make use of her powers within her temple.

There is no order of worshipers that care for the Temple, as Tanroa has no official order of followers. However, there is a woman named Saniya who can often be found at the Temple, its self-appointed keeper.

Saniya Horada
ImageName: Saniya Horada
Race: Human
Birthdate: 490 AV
Birthplace: Alvadas
Occupation: Priestess of Tanroa and keeper of the Temple of Time
Gnosis: 3 marks of Tanroa (Treavery level 3)
Skills: Anthropology - 40, Archaeology - 35, Astronomy - 28, History - 87, Investigation - 74, Land Navigation - 42, Observation - 75
Languages: Common (Fluent)

A figure shrouded in unknowns, Saniya is tall and slender, with silky dark hair and dark eyes that have bursts of blue extending out from her pupils. She is always dressed in a fine blue robe, embroidered with gold thread, and a peculiar golden headpiece that seems to resemble the face of a clock.

Saniya is a mysterious individual. Nobody quite knows where she came from, or even when she arrived in Lhavit; one day, she was simply there. She is quiet and enigmatic, spending her days at the Temple of Time, its unofficial keeper.

Those marked by Tanroa are rare; her priestesses are even rarer. Nobody knows why Saniya is in Lhavit, or what her greater purpose is. Nobody truly knows how many marks the Goddess has granted her, either; since they are hard to spot and subtle, nobody has been able to count correctly. This has given birth to the rumour that Saniya is Tanroa's Champion, but this is strictly untrue.

Saniya does not use her gnosis carelessly or without reason; that being said, she is enamoured with history, and delights in opportunities to be able to travel in time and learn more of the past in a hands-on manner. Thoughtful and respectful of the Goddess of time, even Saniya herself does not quite know why she has been marked as many times as she has, or what the Goddess has planned or expects from her.

Born in Alvadas, Saniya was raised to worship Ionu, and knew only the very basics of Tanroa when she was first marked. Since then, she has learned as much about the Goddess as possible. She has settled in Lhavit for the past few years simply because she felt it was right to do so, and she will move on when she feels the time has come to travel elsewhere.

The location itself is free to self-moderate; however, interactions with Saniya require ST permission and potentially moderation.
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