Location Surya Plaza

A gathering place and a location for entertainers of all sorts to set up and perform.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

Surya Plaza

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The Surya Plaza is the grand central meeting area for the majority of the citizens of Lhavit, located on the Zintia peak, the largest peak situated in the middle of the four others. It sits at the center of the Zintia Peak, and is easily accessed from the other Peaks; the Plaza itself is a wide open area in the shape of a square, dotted with benches and a few small fountains, where people can meet, socialize, and relax.

There is plenty of room for performances of various sorts; often during festivals, there will be performances put on in the Plaza, during which it can become extremely crowded as Lhavitians gather to watch and admire. It is also common to see solo performers or small groups busking around the Plaza when there are no larger performances going on.

The majority of shops, restaurants, and taverns in Lhavit occupy the Zintia Peak; many of them line the edge of the Plaza, extending outwards from there. Two rows of gardens lead up towards the steps of the Koten Temple, and on the right facing the northbound Temple lies a set of stairs that lead towards the long, winding path to the Amaranthine Gate. Tapered off from this path near the stairs are the slender bridges leading towards the Sharai and Tenten Peaks. On the left side of the Koten Temple, between large arches topped with domes, are the bridges leading to the Shinyama and Sartu Peaks.
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