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Scared? (Solo)

Postby Lani Stranger on August 24th, 2014, 5:15 pm

60th of Summer, 514AV

Lani expected there to be a heavy blanket of fog at this early in the morning, but she guessed it was just too hot. But that didn't mean she didn't get to feel the refreshing chill of the dew seeping between her toes as she walked into the grass. Today was the day that Lani was going to hunt. The class she took last season had given her the basics, but in reality, she hadn't done a lot of practice since then. Which of course, you can't be good at something if you don't practice.

And so that was her purpose, as she walked outside of the Zeltivian borders. The city didn't actually have any walls, so it made it so much easier to simply walk out into the wilderness where she was immediately met with trees. She kept the rising sun to her back as she climbed, the Zastoska mountains pulling the ground up until it was steeper and steeper. Small patches of green grass pushed their way through the layers of dead leaves that represented the many winters that this forest had swam through.

Lani tried to focus her mind, focusing on what she was supposed to be doing, her still-new spear gripped in one hand. But Lani couldn't keep her eyes on the ground. She could have easily missed a few tracks or scat that would have told her where to set traps or which way she should head. Instead the teenager kept walking.

And walking.

And walking.

She hardly noticed Syna's soft touch on the back of her neck as her feet pulled her up the steep ground. And still, she kept walking. Her brow was slick with sweat and her knuckles were stiff from holding her spear-handle for too long without switching hands. And Lani had to stop herself. Her feet wanted to keep moving, but they stood rooted to the ground, giving her knees a soft tingly feeling as they got used to the sudden lack of movement. Lani's black eyes scanned the trees around her and she realized that she had no idea where she was. For all she knew she had walked all the way to Syliras, although she doubted she could have even reached the top of the first mountain in that time.

Lani finally gave her hand a break, switching her spear to the other one and wiggling her fingers. But as Lani brought her hand to her head to wipe the sweat, gathering in little droplets from the heat, she decided that she would not be able to hunt today. Letting out a rather loud sigh, she crouched where she was, giving her feet a break and allowing herself to rest a bit. Who knew walking for so long would tire you out? Lani glanced behind her, scooting her bum back a few inches so that she could lean against a tree trunk. She let her head fall back onto the bark, black eyes wandering through the green canopy above.

She liked how the yellow light blended so weel with the green, dancing through the holes in the leaves to reach her face. A gust of wind sang out, refreshing Lani and tickling the leaves so that they wiggled and hoped out of the way, letting the sun shoot to her eyes. She squeezed them shut, and then relaxed her lids but kept her world dark. The birds didn't take long before they restarted their jabber. Lani hadn't made all that much noise on her walk, her bare feet were used to soft steps, and so the birds didn't care about the mixed blood resting under the trees. This is perfect for a nap. Lani thought to herself, but her eyes snapped open. She couldn't waste her day away with a nap!

But then what was she going to do? She had no classes, and by a miracle, no work either. She wanted to go hunting today, but she should have known how hard that would have been, even if she was paying attention. And now that she was out here, she might as well enjoy the nature surrounding her. She might as well... Lani felt silly for thinking it. Meditating was something old people did. And anyway, how was someone with an attention span like hers sit still for hours and think?

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Scared? (Solo)

Postby Ssezzkero on October 8th, 2018, 4:52 pm

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