Flashback [World's End Grotto] Family Bonding (Nickolai)

Alaia meets her little brother for the first time.

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[World's End Grotto] Family Bonding (Nickolai)

Postby Alaia on August 30th, 2014, 4:31 pm


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Alaia was still pissed when she walked into the World’s End Grotto, her long flaxen hair hung down her back in soft curls and her white, lace dress hung modestly to just above her knees and tapering longer in the back. Her blue eyes flashed, she had come on this trip with her father to get to know him better only to find out half way between Mura and Zeltiva that she had a younger brother she didn’t know. She was never close with the man who could claim to be her father but she had been foolishly hoping to have even the smallest of relationships with him. That hope was dashed when she heard about his other family. Nickolai. That was the boy’s name. She couldn’t blame him, it wasn’t his fault their father was who he was and if she couldn’t find a family in the man who didn’t raise her she would sure as all that was the Gods above try to find one in this little brother of hers.

Taking a seat in a corner where she had a view of the door Alaia waited for the boy to show up. He was a decade younger than her but Alaia knew when their father visited Mura he still saw her mother. Shaking her head she turned her eyes from the door only when the waitress showed up but the woman was turned away as quickly as the healer noticed her. She had no appetite and she rarely drank. Their father, Erik Morgan, had given her a description of Nickolai and she made him promise to have the boy meet her at the grotto when he entered. He was literally that, a boy, he didn’t deserve the kind of life their sire made for him.

Alaia’s jaw clenched at the thought, nothing was worse than not providing for your child. A child couldn’t protect themselves, they couldn’t provide for themselves like an adult. Alaia was lucky, even with all her sisters and her older brothers the young Konti knew that she would never be left wanting for something. Could the same be said about Nickolai? She didn’t know his whole story but she was sure that his life was probably harder than her own and that only fueled her anger towards Erik. Erik, he was no longer father, he was a man who provided her life but nothing more. He would be a passageway between Mura and Zeltiva so she could visit her brother and make sure he was alright from now on, but he would be nothing more than a boat ride to the Konti.
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