Flashback The Beggar Becomes a Thief [Nickolai Marin]

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The Beggar Becomes a Thief [Nickolai Marin]

Postby Black Onyx on September 6th, 2014, 4:19 am

She closed her eyes as he began to explain to her about the benefits of taking things, that she would need a second name when she started stealing and that he had been where she was. That had peeked her curiousity; he had once been a beggar on the street himself? It was a fact that made the young girl awestruck as she dwelled upon this fact. She relaxed as she felt his hand stroke her black locks and she closed her brown hues, that was until he mentioned food. She perked up instantly and she leaned backwards so then her face came into view once again, an excited smile upon her lips. ”Yes! Food! Food is good.” She nodded her head at this, ”I want something green, ma used to always like feeding me green stuff, it was yummy. She used to feed me apples and carrots and this green soup. She even liked to feed me cabbage, which was also yummy. She used to say that green foods make you grow tall and strong, strong like a horse! I want to be a strong horse when I grow up.” Indeed, she could talk someone’s ear off if they let her, she was a curious being and if talking meant getting answers, she was all for it.

The young child would then return to lacing her small arms around his neck, leaning into his shoulder once again. He was certainly looking out for her, providing food for her empty stomach. He was even going to show her how to take things and get away with it, just so then she could survive and afford food and a bed to sleep in. She pressed closer to him as she began to remember a memory, one that involved her pa. It was the day that they had gone out to the foothills and they had spent a day in their animal forms, her pa had gone out to catch some a couple of rabbits for her mother and himself. Black, had settled for eating the tuffs of grass that she could find while her parents chewed on the caught meat. Later upon that day, after they had lazed around in their animal forms, enjoying the sun as it crossed the sky and the breezed as it ruffled the leaves above, they shifted back into their human forms and made their way back to the confines of the city. She had been perched upon the back of her pa as she asked him why he was always too busy to spend more time like that with them. His response had been that, a father must always look out for their family and those words rang inside her head at that moment as NiNi carried her to the Grotto. He was looking after her just like her pa said that a parent did.

She would slowly pull away from his shoulder, her wide brown eyes peering into his face as they approached the grotto. ”My pa once said that, ‘a father must always look out for his family.’” She paused for a moment as she chewed upon this for a moment, she was afraid that he would decline her and she slipped her arms from his neck as she looked down at her hands. ”I was wondering… Seeing as you are gunna teach me to take things without being caught by people, if I could consider you to be my pa?” Yet another pause stilled her words for a moment before she looked to him with wide eyes, tears threatening to spill from them. ”I... I just want someone to keep me company, to show me things. I… I also have a secret that I feel so alone with, I used to be able to share it with my ma and pa… But now, I don’t have anyone to share it with and I was thinking that seeing as you have a secret, that I want to share mine with you too.”

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The Beggar Becomes a Thief [Nickolai Marin]

Postby Keene Ward on February 1st, 2015, 7:27 am


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Post Script :
Baby Black is so cute! You wrote the childlike innocence very nicely, keep it up!
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