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Keene Ward

Postby Keene Ward on October 18th, 2014, 7:42 am


Twenty-two years old
Born on the 17th of Spring, 493 AV
Born in the port city of Zeltiva
Currently residing in Kalinor, Kalea
Speaks fluent Common
Speaks basic Nader-Canoch

Marked once by Zulrav as a Stormwarden (1)

Permanent side effects of overgiving - lowered body temperature and numbness in his right forearm

100 ☸ Reimancy: Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Ice, Mist, Cloud, Lightning, Sand
100 ☸ Observation

57 ☸ Shielding
50 ☸ Tactics
50 ☸ Philosophy

46 ☸ Endurance

31 ☸ Interrogation
30 ☸ Acrobatics

27 ☸ Land Navigation
27 ☸ Research
27 ☸ Auristics
26 ☸ Socialization
26 ☸ Intelligence
26 ☸ Logic
25 ☸ Unarmed Combat
25 ☸ Investigation
22 ☸ Meditation
22 ☸ Wilderness Survival

18 ☸ Rhetoric
16 ☸ Glyphing
15 ☸ Writing
15 ☸ Bodybuilding
14 ☸ Planning
14 ☸ Leadership
11 ☸ Spiritism
10 ☸ Climbing
10 ☸ Boxing

7 ☸ Negotiation
7 ☸ Tracking
7 ☸ Medicine
7 ☸ Seduction
6 ☸ Intimidation
6 ☸ Animal Husbandry
6 ☸ Teaching
6 ☸ Running
6 ☸ Stealth
5 ☸ Physics
5 ☸ Persuasion
5 ☸ Massage
5 ☸ Deduction
4 ☸ Animation
4 ☸ Cryptography
4 ☸ Herbalism
4 ☸ Flirting
4 ☸ Meteorology
4 ☸ Cleaning
4 ☸ Subterfuge
4 ☸ Storytelling
3 ☸ Gardening
3 ☸ Foraging
3 ☸ Organization
3 ☸ Politics
3 ☸ Drawing
2 ☸ Detection
2 ☸ Biology
2 ☸ Hunting
1 ☸ Reading
1 ☸ Digging
1 ☸ Cooking
1 ☸ Archeology
1 ☸ Torture
1 ☸ Acting
1 ☸ Scouting
1 ☸ Mathematics

Starting ☸ +100 GM ☸ 100 GM

Cash In Housing ☸ +500 GM ☸ 600 GM

Almonds (10lbs) ☸ -30 GM ☸ 570 GM

Raisins (10lbs) ☸ -10 GM ☸ 560 GM

Beef - Jerked (10lbs) ☸ -70 GM ☸ 490 GM

Dates (10lbs) ☸ -50 GM ☸ 440 GM

Waterpack ☸ -10 GM ☸ 430 GM

Gloves (leather) ☸ -1 GM ☸ 429 GM

Breetches (leather) ☸ -1 GM 6 SM ☸ 427 GM 4 SM

Shirt (linen) x 2 ☸ -2 SM ☸ 427 GM 2 SM

Boots, high (leather) ☸ -1 GM ☸ 426 GM 2 SM

Doublet (leather) ☸ - 6 SM ☸ 425 GM 6 SM

Undergarments x 3 ☸ -3 SM ☸ 425 GM 3 SM

Belt (leather) ☸ -4 SM ☸ 424 GM 9 SM

Cap (leather) ☸ -4 SM ☸ 424 GM 5 SM

Fine ☸ -30 GM ☸ 394 GM 5 SM

Reward ☸ +25 GM ☸ 419 GM 5 SM

Seasonal Expenses (Common), Fall ☸ -135 GM ☸ 284 GM 5 SM

Seasonal Wages, Fall ☸ +357 GM ☸ 641 GM 5 SM

Clothing ☸ -5 GM 6 SM ☸ 540 GM 9 SM

Winter Expenses (Common) ☸ -135 GM ☸ 405 GM 9 SM

Winter Wages (Master) ☸ 2,576 GM ☸ 2,981 GM 9 SM

Purchases ☸ -354 GM 5 SM ☸ 2,627 GM 4 SM

Spring Expenses (Common) ☸ -135 GM ☸ 2,492 GM 4 SM

Spring Wages (Master) ☸ +2,630 GM ☸ 5,122 GM 4 SM

Summer Expenses (Common) ☸ -135 GM ☸ 4,987 GM 4 SM

Fall Expenses (Common) ☸ -135 GM ☸ 4,852 GM 4 SM
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Postby Keene Ward on November 24th, 2014, 8:51 pm

tawny brown hair - grey green eyes - full lips - light toned skin - lithe build - slightly below average height

gnosis mark of a hurricane on his back between his shoulder blades in silvers and blues

thin scar on his right arm

Keene's face is almost always in a perpetual slight frown. The frown serves as an accurate testament to the various states of mind he finds himself in: philosophical thought, concentration, and speculation. It is rare for Keene to smile, as success isn't something he was raised to be proud of, and humor was something he'd never quite got the handle of. He does not avoid socialization, but neither does he seek it out unless he requires something from someone. His voice is quiet, reserved but not without emotion. He moves as unobtrusively as possible, a passive trait instilled in him through the many years spent as his mothers assistant.

calculated - curious - reserved - aloof - stubborn - resolute - confident - terse - maverick - solemn - resourceful - selectively perceptive - skeptical - reticent - socially indifferent

Humor is lost on Keene; so too are romantic advances, subtleties, sarcasm, rhetorical questions, and suggestions. Some people see the world in black and white, but Keene sees in a single, unattributed color. There is no good or bad, merely what is and what is not. This does not mean, however, he acts without digression. Laws exist to maintain order. Order exists to maintain life. Life cannot exist without order. Alternatively, lawlessness exists to counterbalance the oppression of laws. Chaos is the natural outcome of order. Death is the inevitability of life. Keene does not exist to upset the natural balance of things, thus he obeys that which is established for no other reason than to do anything else would lead to the same end result. When spoken to, Keene uses as few words as possible to accurately convey both his thoughts and his responses. Beyond that, Keene usually does not actively seek out social interaction, but he doesn't shy away from it (however others may often wish they did not instigate a conversation with the socially inept Keene). A risk taker in his own respect, Keene is not afraid to push the limits of what he is able to do; his calculated nature, however, often weights costs and benefits of actions beforehand, making all risks (save a few made in the heat of the moment) calculated data. This doesn't mean he's never surprised. Data can be misinterpreted.


Keene was born specifically to assist his mother in her research into meteorology and the magical manipulation and control of such events. Mella was an extremely devoted woman; however, her devotions did not lie in the hands of a man. She was a mistress of magic, having devoted her life to her art the moment she was initiated into the volatile discipline of reimancy. Unfortunately for the avid mage, the University was far too restrictive to warrant an attempt at gaining enrollment (and thereby access to their facilities). Unwilling to allow her research to sit and gather dust due to a lack of the necessary assistance, she decided to create her own assistant. Strong-headed, terse, and generally harsh, Mella found her chances of procreation through the typical avenue of courtship and marriage to be far too low for what she required. Using what few feminine wiles she had, Mella successfully seduced (and reseduced) an intoxicated sailor for several nights until his departure back to Syliras - she was willing to take risks with magical experiments, but as a child was something she absolutely required, Mella wasn't nearly as keen to simply leave it to chance.

Mella continued to work and conduct research and experiments up until the day her child was born. Keene was delivered in their home as Mella could not be bothered to get herself to the University's infirmary. From the moment he drew breath, Mella viewed the child as a tool to help her achieve her goals. It was not so much she lacked compassion, but rather she figured the child was hers to do with as she pleased (as she'd gone through the trouble to create the thing in the first place - and what a process it had been). Training began the moment Keene was cleaned and wrapped in his mother's skirts while she regained her strength. Starting from the legends of magic's beginning, she began to infuse her soon to be apprentice with whatever knowledge his developing mind might retain. According to Mella, Keene's first word was "res" and his first sentence "Djas ranuit." (In truth, she simply misheard "yes" and refused to respond to requests unless he asked in Nader Canoch). Such was the foundation Keene was raised upon. Mella placed emphasis on persistence, innovation, intelligence, and learning. Failures were opportunities, success merely a false trail to lead towards complacency. Creativity in problem solving far out-valued obedience and adherence to rules and regulations. Caution, of course, was suggested, though Mella did not stress the dangers of overgiving, preferring to emphasize secrecy.

Keene's childhood was seeped in magic. For the first three years of his life, Mella continually attempted to teach him how to read as well as speak in both Common and Nader Canoch. Keene picked up reading faster than speaking, thus once he was four, his mother would leave him alone with a pile of entry level books and a loaf of bread while she attended her job. Due to his mother's constant involvement in her work and incessant reminders that he too should take interest in it, Keene spent little time around other children. His peers instead were the silent tomes of various collections of material knowledge, the scribbled notes of his mother, and the constant monologue that spilled from her lips (a stream of consciousness Keene was expected to absorb, understand, and recall at any given time). While a quick learner and naturally curious intellect, Kenne was not without flaw under the rigorous tutelage his mother subjected him to. Nader Canoch did not come easily to him, making any test his mother gave on the subject doubly as difficult as any other. He learned, but the knowledge he gained was not attained with ease or simplicity.

Mella had planned to initiate Keene into reimancy on his fifteenth birthday, but during a field experiment during which Keene was meant to be observing the patterns of lighting from aloft a tree, a flash of light zig-zagged from the sky and set the surrounding trees ablaze, sending Keene onto the ground and out of consciousness. Shaken by the sheer, unadulterated strength of nature and physically weakened from the fall for a time, Mella determined it was best to wait to initiate Keene into her magic art. She had invested fifteen years of her life into creating the optimal research partner, several more were trivial if it meant his survival rate would be exponentially higher. Disappointed at his own failure and his mother's choice to wait on initiation, Keene threw himself into her lessons with renewed vigor, even going as far as to formulate and test his own theories to the best of his abilities without the use of reimancy. The next year Keene was once more refused his initiation, something Mella had found to be a incredible stimulus for his work ethic. She continued to deny him reimancy until his eighteenth year after he had attempted to seduce students at the University into initiating him instead. While she applauded his innovation, it was the first time Mella ever scolded him for doing something "bad" (a concept novel -and trivial- to Keene).

Once the initiation had been completed, Keene eagerly dove into reimancy. His very first attempt resulted in a bell's worth of nosebleeding, after which Keene approached magic with a much more respectful and moderately cautious manner. His progress was steady, but it wasn't quite as prodigious as Mella had anticipated. From a young age, Mella had been tyrannical in both Keene's eating and sleeping habits. Once he was able to use reimancy, she extended her rule over how he spent his time (of which he had had a surprisingly large amount of free time in comparison). Mornings were devoted to his choice of meditation or reading (rarely, if ever, was the prior chosen). Midday was spent reading and writing Nader Canoch and more complex Common poetry and prose. Evenings were entirely devoted to incremental reimancy practice; both he and Mella decided it was best to slowly approach overgiving through tedium rather than a single complex, powerful spell. Thus control, precision, and technique found themselves in a higher regard than power when it came to res manipulation and transformation. As Mella was most interested in weather, Keene's first element was air followed eventually by water. His improvement was steady in both, neither one seemingly easier or more difficult for him to grasp.

Joining his mother in her experiments fully once he was able to manipulate his res without breaking into a sweat the moment the substance left his body, the two were able to begin testing her theoretical research. Formulas and techniques that consisted of Mella's entire life's work began to bear fruit. They were able to both produce and replicate findings, though on occasion there were times Mella pushed herself too far and experiments were put on hold until her recovery. As they progressed, Mella grew more and more obsessed, often pushing both herself and Keene past their limits to achieve progress. Everything came crashing down one night during a particularly dangerous experiment. Mella had planned to create a miniature, "contained" storm through a combination of fire, water, and air reimancy. Mella put far more power than she'd initially instructed Keene on. His mother fell to the ground vomiting blood while what should have been a small thundercloud quickly became a whirling pocket of lightning spitting devastation. As the res had been transformed, Keene had no way of containing the streaks of lighting that burst from the gaseous mass. Rushing Mella back to their home, Keene sought out a healer. By the time he returned, his mother had passed away. The University had found out about Mella's flagrant disregard for magical safety, which resulted in a generally low opinion of the Ward household.

With nothing else in the city of Zeltiva left to him but an empty house and reeling mind, Keene turned to the only thing that held any familiarity to him: books. There were, in the history books, mentions of an island dedicated to the unshackled research and investigation into the mysteries of magic. Finding little reason to stay in Zeltiva and all the reason to head to the only place he might be allowed to freely continue his reimancy training, he secured passage on a boat headed for Sahova. Leaving behind everything from his past save his mother's journal, he boarded the ship towards the only place that held any opportunity: Sahova.

The island proved a productive catharsis. Though his first few weeks upon the volcanic shores of Sahova were uncertain, Keene quickly adapted to the change of climate and culture, finding the cold, driven nature of the nuit far more suitable for magical pursuits than the glimpses he had caught back in Zeltiva. He met Risabel, an apprentice maledictor, and Boswell, a hunter for the few living residents, within the first few days, and while they were perhaps not quite "friends", the two helped to guide him through the citadel both politically and physically.

While Keene faced judgement with the intent of becoming an apprentice, a twist of fate found him following behind the footsteps of the fiery Atziri as a warden initiate. Within the first few bells of his new position, Keene was inducted into the magic of shielding, progress within only a half season, and a portent of what was to come. In the obsidian caverns of Sahova's Mt. Merlus, Keene trained himself daily, sometimes with his Warden overseer, most times without. Time was the greatest gift the island offered him. There was time to explore his new found magics and to delve deeper into those he already had a firm grasp upon. He progressed steadily, momentum building with the freedom to do so, and as the season came to a close, his strength and knowledge as a mage had been expanded upon exponentially.

With the winter season, his duties set him alongside the paths of others, some friendly, others hostile. It was a time of new experiences. He killed for the first time, defending himself against a trespassing reimancer and his morpher slave. He loved for the first time with the hot-tempered, chocolate skinned Noven. Boswell's unexpected death led to the first time he felt true hatred and regret. Even his religion was brought into question, a subject he had never thought to dwell on until the god of storms marked him as a stormwarden. Yet, as will all things that burn bright in the moment, the flames slowly settled into smoke, and as the season's end rolled over the beautiful, barren landscape of the island of the dead, Keene settled into introspection with the aid of a ghost of a child he had slain without forethought. Gods and men, love and hate, loss and discovery - it was the first time Keene found himself considering life itself as an abstract concept rather than the act of living.

Change had brought him to the island, and it was change seemed to drive him. As spring's light flashed bright across Mizahar's watchtowers, Keene's magical advancements found a purchase in glyphing and auristics, schools that only served to further his explorations into reimancy and shielding. The animator, Kamilla, found him a worthy rival, and while Keene was wholly unaware of such a relationship, she taught him the basics of animation, a world magic he had seen the result of but never the process. Knowledge continued to be offered him, and as the days passed, there came a plea from Wilhelmina, a chance for revenge.

He took the chance, but in his cold-tempered fury, he miscalculated. Losing his one chance at retribution, he found himself instead once more in judgement, only where he had been promised a position as wizard by Lector Qiao himself, the wardens arrived in force, pulling him back into their ranks. He was given the position of warden, but it was bitter-sweet. Atziri no longer trusted him nor did the child Wilhelmina, and his new domain was one of disrepair and neglect. Not one to be daunted, Keene continued as always, distanced from those he had grown to to know, to depend on to some extent. In the solitude, there was humility.

Not long after his promotion, the island was evacuated for reasons unknown. Forced to leave what had become home, Keene returned to Zeltiva. From there, he traveled to Alvadas, though only when he arrived did he understand why: to escape.


Lowered Body Temperature
Due to his extensive experimentation with Ice Reimancy and his tendency to push himself a little further than he should, Keene’s body temperature is slightly lower than the average person by just a degree or two. As a result he is more susceptible to conditions such as hypothermia, frostbite, chills, etc. but would be surprisingly comfortable in warmer conditions.

Hallucinations (25-39 Fa 514)
For two weeks hence Keene has spontaneous dream-like hallucinations. Within these dreams he is filled with the desire to fly.

Extensive Djed usage within the period of a single day has resulted in Keene losing most sensation in his right forearm. There is no loss of mobility or usage just an ever present numbness.

Spontaneous Wounds (90 Fa - 14 Wi 514)
Splitting headaches, spontaneous wounds on his hands and arms for two weeks.

Spontaneous Wounds (40 Wi - 55 Wi 514)
The spontaneous wounds opening and closing will last for the next fifteen days.

Flashes (87 Wi - 15 Sp 515)
For the next twenty days Keene will have a slight headache. In addition, there will be occasional flashes of light that blind him, similar to lightning strikes. At all times there will be tingles like electricity is moving through his body that may cause involuntary muscle spasms.

Headache and Blurry Vision (14 Sp - 16 Sp 515)
Piercing headache for two days, random fits of blurry vision for two days.

Stony (23 Sp - 30 Sp 515)
For the next seven days, any time Keene starts relaxing for an extended period of time, he will feel a heavy lassitude steal over him and it will become increasingly harder to break out of.
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Postby Keene Ward on January 18th, 2015, 11:45 pm

Image Skill EXP Total Proficiency
AnimationNo practical application +4+5 9 Novice
Auristics +1+5+5+5+5+3+3 27 Competent
Image Glyphing +1+5+2+1+2+5 16 Novice
Massage +5 5 Novice
Image Meditation +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1+1+3+2+1+3+1+2+2 22 Novice
Image Reimancy 15 RB + 15 SP +1 +5 +4 +1 +3 +3 +1 +1 +3 +3 +4 +2 +1 +4 +1 +4 +1 +1+1+1+3+3+4+2+1+3+2+2+1+1+1+1+1 100 Master
Image Shielding +1 +2 +4 +3 +2 +3 +5 +4 +4+2+4 +3+5+3+2+1+4+2+2+1 57 Expert
Image Spiritism +2+3+2+2+2 11 Novice

Image Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acting +1 1 Novice
Image Animal Husbandry +2+3+1 6 Novice
Image Archaeology +1 1 Novice
Image Biology +2 2 Novice
Image Cooking +1 1 Novice
Image Cryptography +1+3 4 Novice
Image Deduction +3+1+1 5 Novice
Drawing +2+1 3 Novice
Image Herbalism +1+1+2 4 Novice
Hunting +1+1 2 Novice
Image Intelligence +1 +2 +1+2+1+5+1+1+5+4+1+2 26 Competent
Image Interrogation +2 +2+1+2+1+1+2+1+3+5+1+2+3+5 31 Competent
Image Intimidation +3+2+1 6 Novice
Image Investigation +1 +1+1+3+2+3+1+1+1+2+1+1+2+1+3+1 25 Novice
Image Land Navigation +1+2 +1 +1 +2 +1+1+2+2+1+3+1+1+1+3+4 27 Competent
Image Leadership +3 +4+3+1+2+1 14 Novice
Image Logic +2+5+1+1+1+2+1+1+1+3+2+3+1+2 26 Competent
Mathematics +1 1 Novice
Image Medicine +2+4+1 7 Novice
Image Meteorology +1 +1+2 4 Novice
Image Negotiation +1+1+1+2+2 7 Novice
Image Observation +3 +1 +2 +3 +2 +3 +3 +1 +3 +3 +3 +2 +5 +2 +1 +1 +3 +2+3+3+2+4+5+2+2+4+2+5+4+3 +2+3+2+4+1+3 100 Master
Image Organization +1 +1+1 3 Novice
Image Persuasion +1 +1+1+2 5 Novice
Image Philosophy 10 SP +1+1 +5 +1 +2+1+1+3+2+2+1+2+1+2+1+3+1+4+1+1+3+1 50 Competent
Image Physics 5 SP 5 Novice
Image Planning +1 +2 +1 +1+4+2+1+1+1 14 Novice
Image Politics +1 +1+1 3 Novice
Image Reading +1 1 Novice
Image Research +4+2 +2 +2 +2 +1+2+2+1+1+3+5 27 Competent
Image Rhetoric +2+1+1+1+1+2+2+1+1 12 Novice
Image Seduction +2+5 7 Novice
Image SocializationNote to graders: Feel free to not award this skill any longer. +3 +3 +1 +1 +3 +3 +2 +1 +1 +1 +3 +1 +3 26 Competent
Image Storytelling +1+1+1 3 Novice
Image Subterfuge +1+1+1+1 4 Novice
Image Tactics 10 SP +3 +2 +2 +1 +3 +4 +1 +1+1+2+1+1+4+2 +4+2+1+5 50 Competent
Image Teaching +1+4+1 6 Novice
Image Torture +1 1 Novice
Image Tracking +1+1+2+1+2 7 Novice
Image Wilderness Survival +1+1+1+2 +2 +1+4+3Seasonal Experience+3Seasonal Experience+1+2Seasonal Experience+1 22 Novice

Image Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Image Acrobatics +1+1+1+1+3+4+1+1+1+3 +5+4+2+1+1 30 Competent
Image Bodybuilding +1+1+1+2 +1+2+1+1 +2+1+1+1 15 Novice
Image Boxing +4+3+1 +2 10 Novice
Image Cleaning +2+2 4 Novice
Image Climbing +2 +2 +1 +1+1+2+1 10 Novice
Detection +1+1 2 Novice
Image Digging +1 1 Novice
Image Endurance +2 +2 +4 +2 +1 +2 +1 +2 +1 +1 +1 +2 +3+3+2+1+1+1+2+1 +4+1+1+2+1+1+1 46 Competent
Flirting +4 4 Novice
Image Foraging +1+2 3 Novice
Image Gardening +1+1+1 3 Novice
Image Running +1+2+1+1+1 6 Novice
Scouting +1 1 Novice
Image Stealth +1 +1+1+1+1+1 6 Novice
Image Unarmed Combat +4+4+1+1+1+1 +3+4+1+1+4 25 Novice
Image Writing 10 SP +3+2 15 Novice
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Postby Keene Ward on February 4th, 2015, 6:23 am

Fall 515
Date Name Description Status
4th Fa 515 A Sense of Symbolism In which Keene practices glyphing Completed
6th Fa 515 A Figurative Study In which Keene experiments with sigils Completed
10th Fa 515 A Comprehension of Composition In which Keene further delves into the theories of glyphing Completed
37th Fa 515 Is This Your Home? In which Keene finds a stranger in his bed Ongoing
39th Fa 515 A Familiar Face In which Keene sees someone he never expected Ongoing
40th Fa 515 A Sample of Stewardship In which Keene travels to Alvadas Completed
72nd Fa 515 A Stone's Throw In which Keene visits the Stone Garden Completed
73rd Fa 515 A Syliran Storm In which Keene meets another stormwarden Ongoing
74th Fa 515 A Fighter's Fist In which Keene finds some time to spar Completed

Summer 515
Date Name Description Status
5th Su 515 A Falling Sky In which Keene finds inspiration from a storm Completed
36th Su 515 A Suitable Swarm In which Keene plays the role of exterminator Completed
54th Su 515 A Discussion of Purpose In which Keene speaks with Wilhelmina Ongoing
69th Su 515 A Second Lesson In which Keene revisits Master Relos Completed
91st Su 515 To Freedom In which Keene leaves the island with a companion in tow Ongoing

Spring 515
Date Name Description Status
3rd Sp 515 A Single Step In which Keene practices layering of shields Graded
4th Sp 515 A Mixture of Methods In which Keene learns there are several ways to create a shield Graded
6th Sp 515 A Kindred Soul In which Keene meets Kamilla Graded
11th Sp 515 The Initiative In which Keene meets Vox Graded
14th Sp 515 A Culmination of Practice In which Keene's practice pays off Graded
20th Sp 515 A Whisper on the Winds In which Keene follows the winds Graded
23rd Sp 515 A Rocky Road In which Keene plays with sand Graded
25th Sp 515 A Study of Senses In which Keene explores the sensual capabilities of auristics Completed
29th Sp 515 A Passing Breeze In which Keene assists a misplaced wizard Graded
33rd Sp 515 A Preventative Measure In which Keene tends to his sapling Graded
35th Sp 515 A Revealing Revelation In which Keene meets another ghost Completed
37th Sp 515 Sheet Magic In which Keene observes Kamilla's animation process Graded
40th Sp 515 Forsaken In which Wilhelmina returns Ongoing
72nd Sp 515 A Shocking Discovery In which Keene pursues a pest Graded
78th Sp 515 A Summons In which Keene travels to the Prairie under orders Completed
80th Sp 515 A Boy Alone In which Keene deals with the aftermath of his mistakes Completed
87th Sp 515 A Skittering of Feet In which Keene meets the denizens of the Ravine Completed

Winter 514
Date Name Description Status
1st Wi 514 A Peculiar Peer In which Keene meets Derain Graded
1st Wi 514 An Interesting Morning In which Keene meets Thomas Cosa Graded
5th Wi 514 A Journey Into the Depths In which Keene escorts Rayage into the Caverns Graded
6th Wi 514 A Curious Visitor In which Keene comes across a... trespasser Ongoing
11th Wi 514 A Bond Broken In which Keene meets two mages where they shouldn't be Graded
12th Wi 514 A Fighter's Fundamentals In which Atziri begins to train Keene to fight with his fists Graded
14th Wi 514 A Matter of Balance In which Atziri further instructs Keene on fighting basics Graded
16th Wi 514 A Duelist's Dance In which Keene continues his training Graded
20th Wi 514 Screamed Secrets In which Keene participates in a voiding breach Ongoing
21st Wi 514 Teach an Old Wolf New Tricks In which Keene spends some quality time with Bitzer Graded
22th Wi 514 A Sahovian Field Trip In which Keene accompanies Noven to the dungeons Graded
23rd Wi 514 Weird Ale In which Keene and Noven undergo some surprising changes Graded[
24th Wi 514 A Morphed Misunderstanding In which Keene and Noven discover something surprising Graded
26th Wi 514 A Monkey's Uncle In which Keene and Noven have a morning walk Graded
29th Wi 514 But It Is So Cute In which Keene participates in a hunt Ongoing
31st Wi 514 A Lesson Exchange In which Keene and Noven share knowledge Completed
33rd Wi 514 More Than Strangers In which Keene and Noven share a little more Graded
38th Wi 514 Tricks of the Trade In which Keene is sent to fetch Verin Ongoing
37th Wi 514 A Trip to a Ship In which Keene shops Graded
40th Wi 514 A Poultice for the Pores In which Rayage and Keene visit the mudpool Graded
48th Wi 514 A Lost Soul In which Keene is guided towards a reunion with a friend Graded
49th Wi 514 A Spirited Surprise In which Keene meets Willy Graded
50th Wi 514 A Chilly Reprieve In which the Initiates take a day off Graded
51st WI 514 A Ghost and a Boy In which Keene and Willy speak further Graded
53rd Wi 514 A Battle for Control In which Keene plays with fire Graded
54th Wi 514 A Morning's Mourning In which Keene learns a bit more about ghosts Graded
66th Wi 514 A Strange Singularity In which Keene looks at a tree Graded
66th Wi 514 A Jumble of Journals In which Keene learns a bit more about trees and ghosts Graded
67th Wi 514 A Recipe for Disaster In which Keene experiments with a recipe Graded
69th Wi 514 A Consequence of Action In which Keene prays to Zulrav Graded
87th Wi 514 A Child of the Storm In which Keene plays with lightning Graded
Fall 514
Date Name Description Status
11th Fa 514 A Rough Start In which Keene explores the citadel of Sahova Graded
12th Fa 514 A Bone to Pick (Or Pluck?) In which Keene is escorted to the Testing Grounds Graded
14th Fa 514 A Turn of Events In which Keene takes a day trip down to the beach Graded
16th Fa 514 A Ghastly State of Affairs In which Keene explores the courtyard Graded
25th Fa 514 A Hairy Situation In which Keene encounters gibbat dogs Graded
35th Fa 514 A Day at the Docks In which Keene adds to his wardrobe Graded
40th Fa 514 The Waking Warden In which Keene participates in a Sahoven judgement Graded
41st Fa 514 A Sad Little Tree In which Keene is given his first task by Atziri Graded
42nd Fa 514 A Second Attempt In which Keene attempts creating shields Graded
43rd Fa 514 A New Task In which Atziri gives Keene the second part of his duties Graded
44th Fa 514 A Foray into Foraging In which hunting for food is added to Keene's list of duties Graded
45th Fa 514 A Task to Task In which Atziri explains some more about shielding Graded
51st Fa 514 A Courier to the Citadel In which Keene is sent back to the citadel for supplies Graded
52nd Fa 514 A Shielder's Secrets In which Keene cashes in on his shielding lesson Graded
76th Fa A Haze In which Keene practices shielding Graded
80th Fa A Reprise In which Keene progresses with his sheilding Graded
85th Fa A Cloudy Day In which Keene experiments with shielding basics Graded
90th Fa 514 A Bushel of Burns In which Keene assists with extinguishing a fire Graded
Date Name Description Status
17th Sp 500 A Day Remembered In which Keene learns about birthdays Graded
25th Sp 503 A Bookish Boss In which Keene meets Bianca White Graded
26th Sp 503 A Friendly Investigation In which Keene learns about friendship Ongoing
46th Su 507 A Man's Best Friend In which Keene meets Ricky and dog Odis Graded
33rd Sp 508 A Touching End In which Keene learns the meaning of intimacy -
19th Sp 511 A Fair Trade In which Keene is initiated into reimancy Graded
50th Sp 512 A Chilling Revelation In which Keene discovers the para-element ice Graded
32nd Su 512 A Forest of Frustration In which Keene experiments with reimancy Graded
43rd Fa 513 A Lesson Learned In which Keene practices his air reimancy Graded
55th Su 514 A Beginning and an End In which Keene, at his lowest point, meets the Akalak Dor'gen Ongoing
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Acrobatics: Tumble
Acrobatics: Tuck and…Huddle
Acrobatics: Maintaining Balance Atop Precarious Surfaces
Acrobatics: Avoid and Evade
Acrobatics: Cool Down and Warm Up Stretches
Acrobatics: Stretching for Flexibility
Acrobatics: Breathing Helps with Stretches
Acrobatics: Front Splits

Alchemy: World Magic

Animal Husbandry
Gibbat Dogs: Rabbit, Dogs
Even the Birds of Sahova are Vicious
Gibbat Dogs See Auras
Basic Anatomy of a Hedgehog

Animation: Objects Can Talk
Animation: Overseer Golems
Animation: Potential for Growth in Higher Level Creations
Animation: World Magic that Creates Autmata
Animation: High Level Animators Can Create Sentience
Animation: Programming a Task
Animation: Follower Golems
Animation: High Level Creations Can Use Magic
Animation: Create Soulcore and Persona from Source
Animation: The Golem Must Learn From a Source
Animation: The Source Must Not Leave the Circle
Drawing the Animation Circle
Animation Process: Mostly in the Mind
Animation: Creation of the Soulcore
Animation: Creation of the Persona
Golem: Sil

Auristics: A Sensory Magic
Auristics: Reading Auras
Auristics: Aura Theory
Auristics: Auras Have a Core Base and a Mercurial Surface
Auristics: Less Serious Overgiving Effects
Auristics: Initiation Theory
Aura: Sheet of Ice
Theory: Things Made by Mages Have More 'Aura'
Auristics Overgiving: Headache, Loss of Sight
Auristics Can Be Addicting
Aura: Focus Glyph
Aura: Natural Stone
Aura: Reimantic Stone
Aura: Marble
Auristics: Determining Life
Auristics: Reading the Aura of a Ghost
Kinapak: A Powerful Aura

Biology: The Study of Living Things
Biology: Plants Breathe
Biology: The Attributes of the Living

Boxing: Basic Stance

Cooking: Lemons and Seafood Go Well Together

Cryptography: Function of a Code, To Conceal
Cryptography: Following A Pattern

Boxing: The Jab
Boxing: Uppercut

Endurance: Managing to Focus Through Pain
Endurance: Testing Your Limits

The Flux
Flux: Physical Magic That Redistributes Djed in the Body

How to Water a Tree
Identifying an Acacia Tree

Rock: Structure
Geology: Obsidian

Glyphing: Basic Concepts
Glyphing Can Guide Djed
Glyphing: Written Application of a Wizard's Focus
Glyphing: Channels Wizard's Magic
Glyphing: Stores and Releases Magic
Glyphing: Restricts Magic Into a Space
Glyphing: Channel Magic Into an Area
Glyphing: Split or Combine Magic
Glyphing: Stabilizes World Magic
Glyphing: Focus Glyph
Glyphing: Barrier Glyph
Glyphing: Trigger Glyph
Glyphing: Switch Glyph
Glyphing: Path Glyph
Glyphing: Unique to Each Wizard, Readable by All
Glyphing: Could Be Written Nader-Canoch
Glyphing: A Glyph Is a Single Rune While a Sigil Is a Series of Glyphs
Glyphing: How to Infuse a Glyph with Magic
Glyphing: Easily Broken
Glyphing: Can Use Any Medium as Long as It's Lasting
Glyphing: Differentiating Runes
Glyph: Clashing Auras

Herbalism: The Versatility of A Rose
Herbalism: Identifying Waat's Nest
Herbalism: Identifying Juniper Berries
Herbalism: Identifying Snow Skirts

Suggestion: "It's OK to kill"

Intelligence: Asking the Right Questions

Interrogation: Wizards Don't Share Secrets
Interrogation: Good Way To Obtain Information

Investigation: Using Breezes

Land Navigation
Layout of Sahova
Quarters: Claiming a Broom Cupboard for Oneself.
Testing Grounds: Watch Your Step
Gug Andjak: The Floors Oddity
Sahova: Ten Miles From Docks to Citadel
'Wander's' Fence
Golems can Escort Passed the Barriers
Sunberth: City of Anarchy
Synchrograph’s Office: Taking a Work Order
Sahova: The Wilderness is an Adversary
Sahova: The Obsidian Cavern
Obsidian Cavern: The Third Tunnel to Nowhere
The Path Between Sahova and the Obsidian Cavern
Mt. Merlus: A Home?
Sahova: Nature and Magic in Weather
Observation: Spotting Movement in a Still Landscape
Location: The Vestbule
Location: The Mudpools
Location: The Harbor
The Comfortable Place
Location: The Prairie

Location: The Mudpools

Nader-Canoch: Past and Future Tense

Logic: Pitfalls of Stopping Time
Logic: Becoming Versus Being
Logic: Self Restraint

Magecraft: World Magic

Medicine: Impromptu Bandages
Medicine: The Mudpools' Mud Has Rejuvenatory Properties
Medicine: Cleaning Wounds

Meditation: Focusing Through the Unfamiliarity of Being Morphed
Meditation: Suppressing Rage

Waterspouts: Watching Reimancers Fail

Negotiation: My Body For Favors
Striking a Deal

The Joys of Meeting Emerus Telemaran
Gug Andjak: Overseer Telemaran
Boswell: A Sahovan Hunter
Risabel Timpel, maledictor
Ricky: Owner of the Dog, Odis
Ricky: Mostly Friendly
Ricky: A Generous Human Being
Ricky: Believe Fun To Be Important
Oscar the ‘Playful’ Ghost
Risabel has My Dog
Boswell is Missing
Atziri: More Aware Than She Seems
Seymour Ward Junior: "See More Ward"
Boswell: A Missing Friend
Kinapak: Warden Initiate
Kinapak: Vain
Kinapak's Pet Peeves
Derain: Bloodhills Initiate
Derain: Voider
Lorelei: Derain's Fellow Initiate
Mistress Wanda: Spiritist of Sahova
Boswell's End
Bianca White: Bookish Bossy Pants
Mella: A One Birthday Present Woman
Kyros: Cruel Fire Reimancer
Scipio: Damaged Morpher
Bitzer: Leader of the Scars
Noven: Associated with Krysus
Cyptly Isn't the Worst Nuit Ever
Krysus: Goddess
Wilhelmina: The Ghost of My Regret
Master Rayage
Wilhelmina: Her Pain, Her Regret
TAR: Decommissioned Sorting Golem
Rayage: Non-Combatant But Very Capable
Cowen Tamas: Talkative and Insincere Twin Initiate
Cowan Tamas: Silent and Physically Affectionate Twin Initiate
Lorelai Fairbairn: Uncomfortably Flirtatious Initiate
Lorelai Fairbairn: Projectionist
The Tamas Twins Are from Ravok
Thomas Cosa: Wizard and Ambassador Under Archmage Mashaen
Thomas Cosa: Pulser
T.A.R.: Aura Reader
T.A.R.: Former Source of Judgments
Kamilla: Reimancer and Animator
Kamilla: Learned Animation from Her Grandmother
Noven: Happy Being With Me
Palaren: Member of the Scars
Palaren: Hails from Zeltiva, but we have nothing in common
Palaren: Restrains his Emotions
Palaren: A Reimancer
Carmine Is In Sunberth
Vox: The Mage
Vox: Owned by Telemaran
Harold Wingwright: The Ghost from a Statue

The Needs of Thieves
Philosophy: Perfection and Mortals are Mutually Exclusive
The Nature of Kindness
The Will to Act
Claimed by Sahova
Time is Limited
Philosophy: Fish, Do They Live?
Philosophy: On the Nature of Unlife
Almost Empathy
The Making of a Bad Person
The Falsity of Light
Philosophy: On Power and Wisdom
Philosophy: A Last Line of Defense
Philosophy: On the Dangers of Magic
Philosophy: Magic, Always Growing
Balance Between Secrets Kept and Knowledge Shared
Philosophy: Do Automata Have Free Will?
Philosophy: What Measure is a Human?
Philosophy: Mortality and Pride
Philosophy: Nature of the Gods
Philosophy: What's the point of religion?
Philosophy: Bodies are just a vessel for the soul
Philosophy: Those Who Seek Knowledge Will Find It
Philosophy: Nature of Sand
Philosophy: People Have Magic Signatures That Are Readable

Planning: Keeping Cool Under Stress

Projection: Lets People Move Things With Their Mind

Poem: The Songbird

Lore of Nature of Res
Lore of Dangers of Reimancy
Reimancy: The Rite of Initiation
Reimancy: Controlling Res Trajectory
Reimancy: Air Projectiles
Reimancy: Attracting Elements
A Mage's Greatest Limitation Is Himself
Reimancy: Adept Manipulation of Ice
Reimancy Theory: Distance vs. Trajectory
Remiancy Theory: Angle Affects Speed
Transmuting Res To Mist
Manipulating Res Through Sheer Willpower
Transmuting Res To Ice
Dividing Res Into Layers
Dropping Res Temperature
Overgiving: Reimantic Limb Transmutation
Sever the Stream of Res to Snuff the Flame
Para-element: Cloud
Reimancy: Ice Mirror
Lack of Feeling Arms
Reimancy: Instinctive Casting
Reimancy: Using Wind Blades to Cut Wood
Reimancy: The Nature of Fire
Reimancy: Ice Darts
Reimancy: Ice Spears
Reimancy: Dancing Fire
Reimancy: Ice Knife
Reimancy: Redirecting Snowballs
Reimancy: Water Bubble
Reimancy: Water Tendrils
Reimancy: Storm Manipulation
Para-Element: Lightning
Reimancy: Lightning Bold
Reimancy: Ice Pillars
Reimancy: Wind Chakram
Para-Element: Sand

Laviku: God of the Ocean
Syna: Goddess of the Sun
Leth: God of the Moon

Experimentation Is Key

Rhetoric: The Art of the Quip

Shielding: A Less Dangerous Art
Shielding: Visible to the Caster
Shielding: A Construct of Djed
Shielding: Djed Maintenance Is Necessary
Shielding: Requires Tasking
Shielding: Against All Flesh, Living or Dead
Can Be Layered to Achieve Multiple Tasks
Shielding: Shields can Absorb Djed
Shielding: Knowledge Can Be Gained From Studying Shields
Shielding: Inconsistent Scales
Shielding: Gestures
Shielding: Against Light
Shielding: Clouds vs Scales
Shielding: Overgiving Is Mild
Shielding: Longevity Testing
Shielding: Assessing a Shield's Quality
Shielding: How to Layer
Shielding: Biological Tasking
Shielding: Patching Holes
Shielding: Reabsorbing Shields
Shielding: Shields Adapt to Failed Attacks
Shielding: Examining a Shield's Weave
Shielding: Each Shielder has a Unique Signature
Shielding: Patching Tasked Shields
Shielding: Older Shields are More Independent
Theory: Glyphs, Woven into Shields

Socialization and Observation
Social Nuance: The Law of Questions
Social Nuance: The Rules of Philanthropy
Observational Insight: Assessing Hints of Indignant Rage
Meeting A Ghost
Nuit Look Tired
Dont Forget Ghosts Are a Mess
Physical Characteristics of a Nuit
Kelvics: Shape Shifting Slave Race?
The Feral Beauty of Sahova
On the Receiving End of Salacious Advice
Seeking Aid
Beaten, Burnt, Downed, but Not Out
The Horror of Tiny Bones Crunching
A Lesson in Hunger
The Tree Has Sentimental Value
A Meal Well Earned
Great Tumbleweeds of Fire
This Boy Is on Fire
My Birthday: Spring 17th 493 AV
Cutting Through Social Acrobatics
Bitzer Owes a Favor
A Deal With the Dungeon Master
Wizard Psychology: Writing in Code
Social Nuance: The Impact of Other’s Opinions
Social Nuance: The Ache of Loneliness
Socialization: Recalling The Feel of Deep Emotions
Life Experience: Being Morphed Into A Woman
World Magic Is Distinct from Personal Magic
World Magic Is Ritualized Magic
Why Do People Persist in Confusing Words with Meaning?
Sunberth: Doesn't Support Magic
Observation: Recognizing Old Bones
Socialization: How should a threat be treated?
Courting: Start Slow And Learn About Them
To Court Is To Pursue
Sunberth: They 'Get What They Can', Willing Or Unwilling
Nuit: Loss of Ichor Means Loss of Life
Harold Wingwright and the Missing Talisman

Barriers, keeps in the ‘see-throughs’
Spiritism: Theory of the Lie
Spiritism: Theory of a Safe Zone
Spiritism: Steps For Creating Soulmist
Spiritism: Soulmist, More Potent When Pure
Ghosts: Can Possess A Body
Spiritism: Creating Soulmist
Spiritism: The Consistency of Soulmist
Spiritism: Resisting Possession from a Fledgling Ghost
Ghosts: The Misery of Their Unlife
Ghosts: The Art of Posession

Stealth: Remembering to Watch for Loud Terrain
Stealth: A Prone Position

Tactics: Proper Placement of Defensive Structures
Tactics: Tracking a Blow's Trajectory
Tactics: Never let down your guard around others

Teaching Reimancy Basics

Tracking: Noticing Claw Marks
Tracking: Blood Trail

Unarmed Combat
Unarmed Combat: Neutral Stance
Unarmed Combat: Performing Exercises Atop Precarious Surfaces
Unarmed Combat: Various Methods of Kicking
Unarmed Combat-Reimancy: Following a Punch with Fire
Unarmed Combat: Punch and Kick Combinations
Rolling With The Punches

Voiding Gone Wrong: When Creatures Escape

Weapons Need Sharpening

Wilderness Survival
Wilderness Survival: Kindling is best Gathered From Dead Trees
Wilderness Survival (Forest): The Makings of Adequate Shelter

The Wardens
Wardens: First Sight
Surviving Sahovan Judgment
Wardens Respond to the Red Flare
Wardens: Atziri Warden of Mt. Merlus
Wardens: A Hard Path
Wardens: Strength of Mind, Body, and Soul

Zulrav: The Name of the Storm
A Mission from Zulrav
Stormwarden: The Moods of the Wind
The Nature of Breezes
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Item Description Quantity
Simple Shirt A simple linen shirt 1
Simple Pants Simple linen pants 1
Simple Cloak A simple canvas cloak 1
Simple Boots Simple leather boots 1
Leather Gloves Slightly worn, dark leather gloves 1
Leather Breeches Well worn leather breeches, thinner around the knees 1
Linen Shirt Thin, loose fitting linen shirt with a three quarter sleeve 2
High Leather Boots Worn, fitted leather boots 1
Leather Doublet A close fitting leather coat 1
Undergarments 4
Leather Belt Two notches too big leather belt with a worn buckle 1
Leather Cap A fitted cap that covers the ears as well 1
Linen Breeches Loose fitting linen breeches, three quarter pant 1
Linen Tunic Short-sleeved, v-cut linen tunic with a hemp tie string 4
Brown Linen Breeches Brown, loose fitting linen breeches, three quarter pant 1
Black Linen Breeches Black, loose fitting linen breeches, three quarter pant 1
Leather Sandals Strappy, form fitting leather sandals with a toe strap 1
Initiate's Vambrace A leather vambrace engraved with silvery runes that allows for access through most of the shields in the Sahovan Citadel 1
Medium Leather Armor The breastplate and shoulder protectors of this armor are made of leather that has been stiffened by boiling in oil. The rest of the armor is softer and more flexible leather. It is also slightly too large, making it fit a little loose. 1

Item Description Quantity
Waterskin Leather water skin to hold... water 1
Backpack A leather bag with adjustable straps, meant to be carried on the back 1
Wooden Comb A wooden comb 1
Wooden Brush A wooden brush 1
Soap Simple, unscented soap that still smells a bit waxy 1
Razor A straight edged razor for shaving 1
Eating Knife Simple knife for cutting through things that aren't too tough 1
Flint & Steel Firestarter 1
Waterpack Sizable leather pouch to hold water 1
Sewing Kit Small leather kit containing fabredles, a thimble, spool of thread, glue, small pencil and a few sheets of paper, assorted buttons, tailor's tape all for general sewing and fabric repair and a piece of folded paper baring basic instructions for a variety of sewing techniques. 1
Burlap Sack An empty sack of burlap 2
Sealing Wax Off-white wax in a small stick 1
Linen A half square yard of linen fabric 1/2 sq yd
Hatchet A simple iron head on a wooden haft for cutting fire wood 1
Ink Black ink 1 vial
Chalk White writing medium that can be used on a number of dry surfaces 10 pieces
Belt Pouch A leather pouch that attaches to a belt 1
Quill Feathered writing utensil 4
Wood-bound Book A book that Keene has begun to jot down his glyphing practice into 1
Leather Scroll Case A leather, hollow tube to keep parchment safe, dry, and uncrumpled 1
Parchment Simple sheet of parchment 25
Mella's Journal (Heirloom) His mother's personal journal that contains notes on reimancy, all of which Keene is intimately aware of 1

Item Description Quantity
Almonds A nut high in protein 10 lbs
Raisins Dried grapes with a little added salt 10 lbs
Jerked Beef Dried beef 10 1/2 lbs
Dates Sweet and starchy dried fruit 10 lbs
Pears Dried slices of a sweet, grainy fruit 1 lbs
Walnuts A nut high in fat 1 lbs
Mint A cool tasting herb contained in a small burlap pouch 1 oz
Salt A sharp spice to help bring out the flavor of food it's added to, contained in a small burlap pouch 1 oz
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NPC Granted: Wilhelmina
Race: Ghost
Skills: Possession 10
Materialization 10
Reimancy (Air) 10

Lost: Summer 54, 515 AV

Bio: A young girl subjected to numerous experiments in order to bring out the potential of reimantic transmutations. She was deemed a failed subject and released onto the testing grounds in Winter 514. Keene Ward slew the child and her peers. Instead of moving on like her other tortured companions, Wilhelmina stuck around to see the Wizards responsible for her fate punished. She haunts her murderer, Keene, until the day her soul finds peace and can move on from this realm.
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