[Plotnotes] Raizuvon Auralis

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[Plotnotes] Raizuvon Auralis

Postby Raizuvon Auralis on September 5th, 2014, 5:11 am

Radiant Arsenal Industries
Equipment Naming Scheme
(* inspired by Blizzard's Diablo Series Loot Classifications)

(Note: If absent or null, do not apply.)

[mc]: +x; magecraft coefficient of the item.
[name]: x's; name of the bestower of Izentor.
[prefix]: x; descriptor of Animation effect(s).
[quality]: x; based on crafting skill(s) involved.
[item]: x; official Price List name of the item.
[suffix]: of x; descriptor of Malediction effect(s).
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[Plotnotes] Raizuvon Auralis

Postby Raizuvon Auralis on September 23rd, 2014, 7:01 am

Secret :
0500 Day 1 Fall 514 AV
Sundial Circle

The city was quiet as a single lone Isur entered the park. The place was almost entirely devoid of residents, considering the hour. It was the resting hour for the residents of the City of Stars after all, a concept which foreigners found difficult to adopt, especially since most of civilized Mizahar adopted the normal 16-8 work-rest time allocation. Lhavit was unique in this regard, in which it could be seen as the City That Never Sleeps, although perhaps it was more accurate to call it the City Awake The Entire Day But Sleeps In Small Portions Throughout, though the romance would be lost in this unwieldy description.

The lone Isur was stereotypical in the look of his race, except for the obsidian black arm blessed by Izurdin that tended to be a rarity even amongst the Isurs, though to other races he probably looked the same as every other Isur, with his constantly dour expression, pale skin streaked with silvery veins, and the dark hair tinted with blue.

Raizuvon the Isur, of the Auralis family belonging to the Pitrius Clan of the great Citadel of Sultros, strode up to an empty bench, which was a rather easy task considering the lack of active populace at this time. He carried nothing, clothed in a set of simple clothing, though he arrived with his body and mind refreshed. He had only recently arrived in Lhavit, having travelled for more than a season from his birthplace, the Heart of Izurdin, through a series of underground tunnels and overground travel. It was taxing, to say the least, but any true Isur would be able to bear such a simple burden that would most likely be a strain to the less physically capable races.

The reason he travelled here was manyfold, both driven by the desire to leave Sultros but also with the attraction of Lhavit, given the many enchanting tales he had heard from travelling merchants who most often made the journey to Sultros from Lhavit. The combination of the need to remove himself from the scheming, the mind games, the politicking and mercenary bartering that was so inbuilt into his clan, combined with the allure of adventure, magic and establishing himself anew and creating a legacy from scratch, a tabula rasa in short, proved to be an all too attractive option, and it only strengthened his resolve in his decision to emigrate from Sultros.

His purpose of coming to the enchanting sundial at this hour was two-fold: he needed a quiet place to recollect his thoughts, as well as a quiet space for movement to condition himself with minimal possibilities of being interrupted. He was, in essence, honing his mind and his body together, and by harmonizing the two he could sharpen his spirit.

It was the holy trinity that was both a homage to the Silver Tower's principles as well as that of a personal offering and worship to the God of Industry. What better appreciation can a child of Izurdin give to his Father than to pay homage diligently to the Three Principles He held dear?

He muttered a short prayer to Izurdin before he started.

Cross-posted in Divine Connections :
"I offer my gratitude to my Father for creating me, and for blessing me with this Insight for Creation," Rai began, referring to the blessed arm that all Children of Izurdin had, for it was truly a wondrous tool in this strength, durability and miraculous ability to shape and create even the hardest material.

"I left Your City, because I felt that it was beginning to detract from my Purpose, for I was spending too much time on social manoeuvring, and less time than I desired on honing my Craft and perfecting my Creations. I do not see Your City any less because of that, it is the nature of us mortals, but Father do not seek offence in my actions."

Rai paused to let the message sink in, for though there was no response he knew that through his blood and his birthright, he was always connected to his Father - his arm and the wondrous mark emblazoned on his shoulder was a physical embodiment of that connection.

He was always Listening, even if He did not deign to answer. And that was fine, because Gods were always busy handling a million and one things in Mizahar. If Izurdin were to take a rest day, civilized Mizahar would grind to a stop in progress, for how would civilization progress without Industry?

"Lhavit beckons to me as a new beginning. I have heard stories of how Mizaharians are fearful of magic. Sultros is one of the few that does not steer away from this wondrous art and instead utilizes it to fuel our growth. Yet, I have also heard stories of how Zintila have steered her city to embrace magic like ours, and in fact displays of magic are even more common and celebrated. This is a freedom I can't find anywhere else, and I believe that I can grow better in mastering the arcane arts in this city."

Rai glanced around him to take in the sights, taking in a moment to compose his thoughts before continuing.

"Even more so, Industry beckons! Here in Lhavit, I can create a niche for myself. Even as I stepped into the very gates, I can feel the gears in my mind moving. Creativity strikes, and I fear that innovation cannot be held at bay. This city has a strange way of striking my imagination; everything is so bright and cheery! From day to night, the city is always alive with celebration, and I can always feel at ease working at every hour of the day."

He nodded once more as if to confirm with himself.

"Yes, perhaps this is the place where I can better grow. Father, I hope that you will support me in my endeavour. I will try my best not to fail you, and to spread your Name far and wide with nothing but the strength and quality of my Craft. I will update you again when I get things going. For now, take care!"

After that he cleared his mind again so as to focus on the task at hand: introspection of the mind and body. Taking a brief moment to stretch his limbs, the Isur noted his weight distribution clearly, for Isurs were more sturdy and their muscles and bones more dense than most. Furthermore, he was considered one of the less athletic ones, always preferring to lock himself up in a workshop to experiment and tinker with tools and raw materials.

It was a habit he had vowed to change upon starting anew in Lhavit, for while creation was his passion, it was the duty of the Isur to pay homage to the development of their bodies. His flesh was a Temple to Izurdin, and he will not see it disgraced unnecessarily.

Doing a quick check-over the area to ensure that there were no curious eyes, Rai positioned himself close to the floor, his body rigidly parallel to the ground, separated from it only by his arms. Steadily lowering his torso, he exhaled, and only at the point when he was close to the ground would he push himself back up to his original position.

"1", he grunted softly, taking care for his tone to match the measured movements of his body. One must be whole in all - body, action, movement and voice - to be tempered in all. "2", he counted, and the numbers slowly but steadily grew. The Isur were born strong, and so had to work even harder to achieve results. The body will not grow if it is not stressed.

"5", soon his thoughts began to wander to his experiences back in Sultros, and perhaps this was the time to best consider his Purpose in his relocation. It was this time that he favoured most, when in a trance-like state during mind-numbingly repetitive exercises that harmonized the body and mind in a state of growth.


"Ten!" A deep voice rumbled like the belly of the mountain. "Ten days is what you'll take to craft the strongest item you can. And even then there is no guarantee as to the perfection of its Make." It was his Isurian father, about ten years ago when he was still a child, freshly inducted into the miraculous art of Magecraft. It was then when his family was excited at his phenomenal speed at picking up the art that he was taught more than a child his age would.

"Ten days, and Izurdin forgive us all if you even lose focus for a second," His father said. It was a lesson often repeated to him to drone it into his mind. Isurs never give up, Isurs will always finish something they started, and this lesson was even more important to Magecraft due to its phenomenal cost and vulnerability to sabotage and tampering. Always finish your projects, a Magecraft project never done is always better than one unfinished."


"Twenty," an amused voice rang. "Or thereabouts." The pre-adolescent Rai had asked what the limit of Magecraft was. "Or at least, pragmatically speaking. Theoretically speaking? Infinite." Approximately twenty steps of magecrafted enhancements were the pragmatic ceiling that had been achieved in pre-Valterrian times when kingdoms were unified enough to mass enough resources, as well as talent and knowledge, to complete such an endeavour within a reasonable time.

"Though it is likely that out of all these mythical artefacts, Areesa Tallshade would have a hand in most of them." Tallshade, the famed legendary Magecrafter of pre-Valterrian times, one who was godlike even among prodigies in their own rights. Rai's favorite tale had been that of the Anvil of Souls, and it was the most repeated of the bedtime tales that he demanded his parents to regale him with when they tucked him into bed every night.

The Anvil of Souls, the one famed artefact that every existing and aspiring Magecrafter would know of. It was the icon of Magecrafting, the pinnacle of achievement in the art, for it was the only known entity in the recorded history of Mizahar that bore a mark from the elusive Lhex. No other being mortal, alvina, god or creature was known to bear this mark. None but a single magecrafted anvil so powerful that it was said to be able to out-weather the armageddon that was the Valterrian, and that it would continue to out-last Time herself.

The Anvil of Souls that was rumoured to possess the ability to create beings that exist out of the cycle of reincarnation, touched by Lhex to be eternally free from the cycle all beings - yes, even gods - go through. An entity that transcended divinity, and might arguably be placed on the same tier of existence as Lhex himself. It was this iconic masterpiece that led the child Isur to dream wondrous dreams, of cooking up an ambition to create even greater, and even more marvellous things, than Tallshade herself in his dreams.


"Thirty days. Thirty days is all our best Pitrius Magecrafters needs to forge a blade keen enough to possibly break an object blessed with our Creator's mark. Thirty days is all we need to create a weapon powerful enough that might pose a threat to even our divine fists." Papa Rai answered in a gravelly voice to an adolescent Rai that had just begun to pick up the fundamentals of Magecrafting.

That day he had been learning the ideas of Magecrafting Steps, which is a way of quantifying the levels of power in an Enchanted Artefact and the effort and costs required to forge one. They had touched upon the most commonly invoked category of Enhancements, which was that of Structural Upgrades. Naturally, the weaponry-obsessed Isur began to shift the topic to weapon strength, and comparisons thereof.

As he had learned, a blade of Superior Keenness, an MC5 sword with all magecrafted energies focused on the sole purpose of dealing destruction, might bear enough force to destroy objects blessed with Izentor. It was then that Rai realized the destructive potential of enchanted weapons. It was possible for a mortal to forge a weapon powerful enough to slay the gods!

The Zariath, it was whispered. The curious blade that was as effective as a cloth cushion to mortals, but possessing the destiny to slay immortals. No one dared to openly talk about the artefact, but of course it reeked of conspiracy, and thus was a secretly popular topic of gossip and theorizing among the young wizard-to-bes.

The young Rai had shuddered at that thought, and the fear of being seen as blasphemous caused him to keep that thought in his head. He did not need Sentinels to take him into custody; it would be a shame on the Auralis family because it would mean that the State had to take over since Family was inadequate. The thought of what would happen if a villainous being managed to slay their almighty Creator filled the child with fear, and it redoubled his efforts at mastering the craft.

He shall craft an armour so powerful that it would overshadow even the famed Zariath itself, and he shall present it to Izurdin so that He might be protected against this mythical artefact should it fall into the wrong hands!


There were five traits to Magecrafting. The first of which was the most commonly used - that of structural enhancing. It could be weight, it could be durability, it could be sharpness. It was also the first type of enhancement Rai did as a magecraft apprentice, assisting his father in enchanting an already heavy battle mace with two steps worth of weight enhancements.

"Strike it!" A rugged, seasoned-looking Isur roared, causing his smaller sized apprentice to fumble for a moment before catching the tool in his hand. The difference in sizes was made even more apparent when one noticed that both Isurs had similarly shaped hammers clutched in their grasp, but proportionate in size to their users as well. "Strike it like you want it to sink! Where is your soul, son?!"

The Auralis Style of Magecrafting. Naturally, as Isurs they are the Hammers of Izurdin, and everything would then be nails to them. The Auralis Style of Magecrafting proved simple on the surface, one had to simply keep striking at the Artefact-to-be with a specially forged hammer created solely for this purpose.

However, in reality it was far from just simple striking to be successful. How else would the wizards differentiate the weaving of enchantments upon the item? The secret was in Emotions. While seemingly cold and reserved, Isurs were highly passionate people when it came to the art of their creator, and the Auralis Style of Magecrafting encompassed the Trinity of Strength required to be a strong Pitrius:

The Strength of Body to continue striking at an object for hours on hand without rest, the Strength of Mind to continually read the situation and understand when, where and how to strike, and the Strength of Heart to pour one's soul into the Act of Creation. This was the ultimate homage to Izurdin and what it meant to be an Isur, and it was this moment when the Auralis Magecrafters felt most in commune with the Lord of Industry.


A spark of anger flashed across the face of the patriach of the Auralis family momentarily, and simultaneously the soothing clang of hammer against metal rang in the air. It was at that moment when the anger faded just as quickly as it arrived, as if it was transferred along with the kinetic force of the blow. The apprentice Isur, smallest child of the Auralis family, watched in wonder as he observed in silence. He had been given a lesson on behavioural enhancements earlier, and had been instructed to observe the theoretical points taught put into practical application.

"When imparting behavioural characteristics in your enchantment, intent is critical," Master Auralis had said prior to the live demonstration. "This contract that I have been working on for the past few days is rather multi-tiered in complexity, the details of which you will learn in due course when you have gained more knowledge. For now, it suffices to say that today is the phase where I impart a certain behavioural aspect upon the equipment that the contractor requires, and it is the perfect opportunity for me to afford you a practical example."

Of course, it was an important job and Rai had been too new to the magic form at that time, thus it would be insensible and unprofessional for the patriach to include the young Isur into the complex job, which was why he used the next best alternative of observation instead.

"This is a Magic Staff that was commissioned by one of the Sentinels a few days back. Today, I will be placing enchantments upon this tool to allow it to swing faster according to its user's intentions. As the most common purpose for swinging a piece of equipment like this reinforced staff tend to be for combat purposes, we shall take this into consideration when deciding how to approach the Forging."

In the end, the most straightforward emotion to behold was that of anger. Anger was passionate and quick, the anger borne in combat as fleeting as it was intense. It was that exact moment when one wanted to land a strike, to concentrate all of one's energies into that one action, that needed the spark of fury to sustain it. That was intent. A strike without purpose, without intent, was a meaningless one that ultimately lacked strength and conviction. What better way then, to convince the staff that when it's owner intended to strike, it was to add to that conviction in order to hasten the blow, by charming it with Anger?

Rai had noted carefully the state of expressions his father went through, as if it were a flipping book of animations. This was the part that was important, since one had to transfer all of one's energies, emotions, thoughts and soul into every strike. The Auralis methodology of Magecrafting was not unlike the imparting of Izentor; it required the crafter to put all of himself into every action all the time, to constantly give his hundred-and-twenty percent. It was unsurprising that of all the members of the Pitrius clan of wizard-crafters, the Auralis family looked the most exhausted all the time.

There was another grunt, as his father went through the same cycle of the build-up of anger, as if he was about to land a strike on a hated opponent, then the seamless transition into tranquillity as he poured the strength of that emotion into his strike as the magecrafted hammer slammed yet again onto the djed-filled staff.

"Gather, then strike and release," The older Isur gasped in between blows, mostly for the benefit of his son so that he could follow what was happening.

"Pouring my emotions," the young isur whispered to himself as he continued watching blow after blow, cycle after cycle of build-up and release, wondering to himself if he had the physical and emotional stamina to sustain this for the hours needed to make even one magecraft coefficient's worth of enhancements.

Secret :
Title of Shop/Business - Li'Raiyant Weapons & Armors @ Lhavit

Business Type - Goods

Items Sold - Items listed are ready off-the-shelf; more will be added through IC threads. Items not on the list can be requested, though the purchase will not be instant since time must be allowed for the procurement of materials and forging of custom request.

Dagger - 2gm
Short Sword - 10gm
Longsword - 15gm
Small Steel Shield - 9gm
Large Steel Shield - 20gm
Buckler - 15gm

Izentor 1 - 10x cost, plus case-by-case consideration.

Base Income - Weaponsmith 8 gm/day.
Skill Bonus - Weaponsmithing (Novice): +0; Armorer (Novice): +0

Sales Bonus - ??
Ingenuity/Creativity Bonus - ??

Differentiating Factor - Rai sells not just weapons but armors as well, and also sells custom metal-stuff as well as Izentor-ed equipment on a case-by-case basis. He is also willing to experiment and to work-around unusual requests.

Total Income - 8 gm/day

Assets - Used Smithy 525gm + Inventory 71gm = 596gm
Debts - None
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[Plotnotes] Raizuvon Auralis

Postby Raizuvon Auralis on September 26th, 2014, 10:59 am


Dad: Heavian Auralis Pitrius - Lhavit
Magecraft 30, Glyphing 10, Voiding 10

Mom: Isrella Nocturas Pitrius - Lhavit
Malediction 30, Glyphing 10, Auristics 10

Uncle: Kragon Nocturas Pitrius - Sultros
Blacksmithing 30, Bodybuilding 20


Raizuvon Auralis was brought into Mizahar with the unlikely union of an Enchanter and a Legate, practitioners of the two magic styles that were commonly viewed to be feuding throughout history. Despite the traditional rivalry, the similarities of Izurdin's blood, clan familiarity and common love for magic and crafting brought the two together. Soon after his birth, the family moved to Lhavit, with his parents establishing a living as freelance world magi. Due to the city's openness to magic and the perception of magic in the family, Rai grew up with magic around him and viewed it as natural and ordinary as the other more mundane elements of reality.

Of course, it was inevitable that as soon as he gained the ability to talk, walk and comprehend, his parents began to introduce him to various magical disciplines - by virtue of their proximity to the trinity of arcane towers in the sparkling city - to see if he had any arcane affinity like them. Unfortunately, attempts to orient the young Isur towards various forms of personal magic - under the safety of the Auralis parents' watchful eyes, of course - did not seem fruitful; not because he was unable to manipulate the djed within his body, but simply his lack of interest.

On the contrary, he took to the concepts of world magic like a fish to water, and encouraged his parents to push him to more appropriate world magic introductions. An introductory class to Glyphing that resulted in a highly curious Rai carving crude glyphs on his bed frame when he was supposed to be asleep gave his parents the indicator to where his interest lies. Not long after, his parents were overjoyed when they discovered that their respective talents were indeed passed down into their child. When he was 10, he was able to display an intuitive understanding of Malediction that few newbies had when starting out.

However, it was his preternatural gift in Magecraft and his associated obsessive interest that made both parents agree to have Heavian Auralis take his son under his wing for formal training in the form of an apprenticeship. A decade later, he began to surpass even his father, and after many arguments and discussions between the two parents, it was agreed that they would support his unprecedented growth by sending him back to Sultros. They were competent wizards, but they did not have the talent nor resources to develop the potential in their child, unlike the Sentinels of the Silver Tower.

After contacting their relatives back in the Citadel, it was decided that they would acquire a recently-emptied apartment beside Isrella's brother's family, and Uncle Kragon will drop by often to check on his sister's beloved son. After many tearful goodbyes, Kragon arrived in Lhavit to fetch Rai back to Mountainous Fortress, with the young Isur leaving with the promise of returning after he had learned what he needed to learn by Izurdin's Will. The settling of Rai into Sultros was uneventfully efficient, though it was to their fortune that Rai's arrival coincided with the periodic preliminary selection for candidates by the Silver Tower.

Rai's written application proved successful despite not being closely connected to any Sentinels nor Notable Persons. Initially, he simply wrote a passionate exposition of Magecraft for the application's compulsory essay requirement. It was doubtful that such an application could pass muster without any familial advantage like the majority of candidates. However, it was probably Kragon's advice that made the difference when he insisted that Rai describe his parents' jobs, how he grew up with - and was systematically introduced to - magic, as well as including brief mentions of his rudimentary knowledge in Malediction and Glyphing. The final document, as well as the coincidental combination of his youth and choice of primary discipline that seemed to echo a certain famous Sentinel, proved intriguing enough to the Silver Tower to grant the child an interview.

Naturally, it was difficult for a world mage to spontaneously demonstrate visual displays of djed manipulation unlike Reimancers, and the interviewer remained unimpressed with the results when he gave Rai a piece of bone and a scroll. Fortunately, the tide turned when the interviewer began to dive into questions relating to concepts of djed and world magic. Rai's unexpected knowledge of Magecraft helped to prevent the interview from ending there and then, and culminated in the revelation of practical experience in Magecrafting, albeit at an apprentice capacity, for a decade since 10 summers ago. It was of course, excusable that Rai would still only be at a barely competent level even after a decade of assisting in enchantments due to his still-developing intelligence and maturity.

Due to the impracticality of practical tests for this particular discipline, the interviewer simply satisfied himself with a few more questions that only relatively decent practitioners would understand, and rounded it off by asking about his parents and their lives, presumably to ensure that "magic runs in his blood like a true Pitrius". Rai was ecstatic when he was informed of his acceptance as an Initiate, as well as a warning against complacency, since he was still not technically part of the Tower yet; he was merely awarded the opportunity to try.

It is thus here that our tale begins: of a young Isur relentlessly studying and training, all in the hope of pursuing his dreams in one of the most closely guarded and most prestigious arcane universities in the world.
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