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Cassidee Junipher

Postby Cassidee Junipher on September 5th, 2014, 4:34 pm

Cassidee Junipher


General :
Race: Symenestra
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 112
Eye color: Gold
Hairstyle and color: Ponytail, Silvery white[/b]
Clothingsytle: Simple
Birthday: 39, Summer, 494.
Birthplace: Kalinor

Appearance: :
Cassidee stands at 5’9 leaving her slightly taller than an average female. She weighs 123 pounds, but this does not look disproportionate due the decreased mass of Symenestra's bones. It does contribute to the lack of curves on Cassidee’s torso along with her narrow shoulders and hips. Combined with a small bust this leads to a poorly defined waist and thus a rectangular body type. While Symenestra’s have longer arms and legs that lend them a spindly appears, the poor definition of her waist makes her torso seem longer and make her arms and leg look closer to a humans.

Like most Symenestra, her skin is the same ashen pale of one who has never seen the sun. The grey lacing of veins are most prominent on her hands. Due to neglect, her skin is actually fairly rough and dry. Cassidee has good muscle definition, with wiry muscles showing on her legs and arms. However her abdominal muscles are less defined. Small scabs and bruises often find their way on to her body as she tends to be none too careful with herself. In particular, her hands and feet are covered by heavy callouses and small scars. None of these scars are big or long, just deep scratches that did not heal well.

Cassidee has fine silvery white hair that is soft to the touch, but tends to get oily quickly. It is very thick, but tends to fall straight and only slightly curl. Knots seem to have an unnatural love for her hair, so every combing turns into a painful ordeal. As if in revenge, Cassidee treats her hair like an inconvenience. Her hair style consists of gathering all of it that is long enough into a ponytail and then chopping it off slightly above the band. When pulled out of the ponytail, the hair is complete disaster. Her bangs are too long and everything else varies in length from just barely and half an inch to three or four inches long in the back.

Cassidee has an angular face with strong jawline and a sharp chin. This makes her forehead seem larger and is further accentuated by how she pulls back her hair. Her eyes are deep set and almond shaped, with a large black pupil that dominates most of the eye. A ring of dark gold ring defines the area of the iris. Inside the ring is a storm of dark and light gold browns reminiscent of the sun shining through the clouds at dawn. The deep set nature of her eyes gives her nose a prominence. In profile it curves outward form her face, forms a narrow point then descends back to her face. It almost forms a right tringle. Looking at her nose straight on it is spoon shaped, with a narrow bridge and a wider apex.

Despite the time and effort, Cassidee keeps her finger nails filed down to just a centimeter form the finger tips. Her toes are done is a similar manner. The length of nails prevents them from being used as a weapon, but they are still very tough and exceedingly sharp. Cassidee’s fangs are the same as other symenestra but are rarely seen as she does not tend to smile and is well fed.

Her choices in clothing depends on the situation she anticipates being in. For work and meeting others, she prefers long sleeve shirts and full length pants. Additionally she wears leather gloves with holes punched out to make room for her claws and thick boots that reach up to mid-calf. Both of these make navigating a little more difficult. When Cassidee goes out to climb she dresses a bit differently. She prefers to wear a light shirt and shorts forgoing the shoes and gloves. Due to the proximity of it, her cloths are made of silk left its natural color. While kept clean, her clothing is often worn and stained.

Character Concept and History

Archetype :
Cassidee is based on the Seeker archetype with some influences form the Sage archetype. The quest she has undertaken is as much for herself as it is for her people. Her goal is to find away for Symenestra women to give birth without dying. Rejecting the ideas of both the Esterians and those that support harvests, she is left to forge a new path on her own. Influences of Sage can be seen in her love of learning and the intellectual nature of her quest.

Personality Trait:

Views: :
Self: Cassidee is caught between obligation to her deceased mother's will, and her own ideals and philosophy. For now her mother's will trumps hers. Since her mother died to bring her into this world, Cassidee believes that she is bound bear a child even if it means her death. The only escapes she sees from this fate is to find a way for all Symenestera women to survive child birth. It is a debt that can only be fulfilled by death or a miracle.

To this end, her mind is always thinking of new ways to push foward her research. By doing this she keeps at bay the hopelessness of her task.For her to be stopped by an obstacle is particularity devastating as it gives depression time to breach her mental walls. The fortress of Cassidee's mind has already been compromised. Constant fear of failure and death stalk the halls and darken the windows. If pushed to hard she may collaspe. She is wobbling top desperately trying to keep spinning.

Others: Arthur Schopenhauer, a German philosopher came up with a parable describing the interactions of people interactions with each other. In this parable a group of porcupines huddled together to warm themselves on a winters day. However whenever they got close to each other they stabbed each other with their quills, but when they stayed away they were bitten by the cold winter wind. Time and time again they tried to get close only to be driven away by each other’s quills, till they were able to find a distance that was neither to close nor too far away. As applied to man it is the idea that intimacy with another person can only be had at the expanse of pain to both parties, and it is best if both parties keep a respectable distance. Cassidee tries to maintain such a distance with people, but favors the cold of loniness to the stabbing pain of social interaction.

Cassidee does not suffer from anti-social personality disorder. She understands the emotions of others and cares about them. This drives her to avoid others for fear of hurting them with what she considers the simple truth, and in turn she has come to expect them to keep or further the distance from her. Society has not earn her trust, and Cassidee is pessimistic when it comes to people. While they might not lie, she does not think people will be truthful with her and to her sugarcoated words only serve to hide malicious intent.

World: To her, the world is an orderly place with laws that govern every action be they be taken by man or god. The most important of these laws is that of cause and effect. Actions lead to responses which lead to even more actions in an endless cycle. Through the study of these actions and responses she can begin to understand the world and use that understanding for the benefit of everyone including herself.

To her the world is like an onion. There are layers upon layer and wheels within wheels. All of it needs to be explored, examined, and peeled back till only the core truth remains. To her there could be nothing finer than this world. To her it is a grand experiment conducted at an unimaginable scale. Despite all of the cruelty and horror in the world she has never thought of it as imperfect.

Interactions: :
In a word Cassidee is blunt. Always in a rush, Cassidee rarely takes circumstance into account when choosing her words. It is never the words themselves that are impolite, it is the circumstance that makes them rude. Small talk is far from her area of expertise. When forced into she is stiff and boring at best and inappropriate at worst. She has learned the wrong lessons from her past failure and now cuts directly to whatever her point is.

Sometimes people do not want to be told the truth but Cassidee does not lie. If she realizes they want her to lie, she simply will not speak. Rarely does this actually get her out of the situation. When pressed for an answer she will often panic and blurt out what she was thinking.

Cassidee has long since accepted loneliness as part of her life. Any desire she has for friends is countered by an equal desire to not compromise for them. Since her childhood, she has lost all intention of accepting or giving false smiles or laughs. Anyone wanting to be her friend must accept her with all of her flaws. She will hide nothing from her friends and they will weather the worst of her criticisms all because she thinks it is better for those that she truly cares about to hate her than keep the truth from them.

Morality: :
Truth is the most important aspect in this world to Cassidee. As such truth should never be diluted or hidden. If telling someone the truth would hurt them, then it is better that they are told first thing rather letting them find out latter. This is due to her believing that nothing lasting can be based on a false assumption. A false hope is worse than no hope. A false ideal more damaging than no ideal, and a broken promise is far worse than never making the promise.

Likes: :
Cassidee loves to learn about anything and everything. No topic is boring to her. She can be reading history one moment and the next listening to a physics lecture. What makes learning enjoyable to her is the new viewpoints it gives her. These viewpoints offer her options around obstacles in her own researches path and help prevent her fears from catching up to her. Books are her favorite way to learn because they do not require other people, however if someone was willing to put up with her, she would enjoy discussing ideas with them.

Stories both real and fiction intrigue Cassidee. It is one of the few times she can accept anything other than the complete truth. When hearing a good story she falls into a childlike rapture. These stories inspire her to look at things in a different way like learning does, but they also distract her from her work and fear, a rare thing in and of itself. Books are fine, but she prefers the expert hand of a storyteller to bring the story to life.

Rock Climbing was a hobby that Cassidee took up to vex her family but ended up being one of the best activities for her. It is learning at its rawest. Thoughts of finding something no one else knows about or overcoming a challenge makes her heart dance. It is also the one thing she has to break her depression once it takes hold. Feeling real danger and confronting it allows her to purge her fears of a distant death.

Dislikes: :
One of Cassidee’s chief dislikes is ceremony. This ranges from religious and political ceremonies, to festivals. Her annoyance stems insincerity she feels exists in these events. To her these events are either barely controlled chaos or overly choreographed rituals. Neither of option is particularly helpful. If worshipers at a ceremony are allowed freedom to do as they want then there would not have been a reason for a gathering, yet if it is rigorously controlled how can there be a sincerity? Political gathering suffer from similar problems. If an open forum is allowed the event could quickly be overcome by emotions and result in nothing more than shouting. On the other hand if the questions are orchestrated, that will be clear and no new ideas will be heard. Festivals are the worst. At worst they are simply a party with the barest pretext, and at best they play lip service to some old ideal.

Cassidee has no interest in mind altering substances. Even when in the depths of depression she will not drink alcohol or try a drug. The idea of allowing such a loose of control is very bothersome to her. She wants her actions to always be solely her own. It is also a matter of not letting her tongue slip and making more enemies. With an impairment on her judgment and thought, she thinks she would probably upset a lot of people. It would probably no do her any good to start denouncing Estarians and Harvesters in the same sentence. Cassidee also does not have faith in her own will, and if something were to erode it, she fears it will break completely.

Cassidee’s Past and Knowlegdes:

Character History :
Cassidee’s mother was a devout follower of Viratas and a vocal Esetraian. She worked primarily as a weaver before she married in her early 20s. A year later she conceived and bore her child 9 months later. Believing fully in the idea that Symenestria mothers could become resistant to their child’s poison, she refused even the small chance granted by the operation to remove the child before birth, to live. For all of her pride and faith, she died a horrible death but content in the belief that she was helping her race.

Her father was the second son of his family and following custom became the spiritual advisor for his family. He was not a strong, but rather the type of person that bent to the will of family and friends. However he was kind and had great faith. Perhaps it was Cassidee’s mothers faith that attracted him to her, and vice versa. That faith took a bit of a hit after her death but would eventually recover. Unfortunately he would never truly recover. Memories of his late wife could plague him for the rest of his life.

His relationship with Cassidee was never that strong. He just could not bring himself to love his daughter the way she deserved. Everything about her reminded him to much of his wife, and all he could ever offer her was a pained half smile. Conversations they shared always turned back to Cassidee’s mother, of her beliefs and her death. Cassidee was a perceptive child so she could easy see the difference between a true smile and his. She learned to dread that smile.

The other way he failed his daughter was interactions with his family. His role was to be a bridge that connected the isolated girl to the rest of the web, but instead he became a gate that barred her entrance. Her father’s family saw her as the offspring of some strange woman who challenged their established beliefs. At first it was not so much that they treated her badly as that they held her at a distance. Attention was lavished on her 3 younger cousins, and they also began to see her as an outcast.

Then the arguments started. Cassidee did not follow the values set out by the web. She had no interest in traditions and no faith in gods. A wedge had already been driven been her and her remaining family but these where the blows that split the stump. The final blow came when her cousin only a year younger than her turned 19. Most Symenestrians would blame Cassidee for shrinking her duties and being completely unreasonable as Cassidee refused to go on a harvest for her cousins. Tempers raised and words followed suit. Things were said that should not haven said or at least should have been said a long time ago. It came down to Cassidee saying her female cousins should just die, and ended with her being disowned.

Fluent Language: Symenos
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Zithanese

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Drawing 5 SP 5 Novice
Anatomy 15 SP 15 Novice
Scouting 5 SP 5 Novice
Medicine 5 SP 5 Novice
Gaditeering 10 SP 10 Novice
Biology 10 SP 10 Novice
Acrobatics 10 RB, 10 Novice

Lore of Symenestra Anatomy
Lore of The Importance of the Harvest
You will never participate in the Harvest
Aunt: Passionately hates you
Your web wants you gone

  • 1 Set of Clothing
  • 1 Silken Shirt
  • 1 Silken Pants
  • 1 Silken Undergarments
  • 1 Silken Coat
  • 1 Exoskeleton Armor Shirt
  • 1 Simple Sandals
  • 1 Waterskin
  • 1 Silken Knapsack which contains:
    -Comb (Wood)
    -Brush (Wood)
    -Fruit Rations (1 Week's worth)
    -1 eating knife
    -Flint & Steel
  • Blank Book (leather)
  • 10 sticks of Charcoal
  • 100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Book on Symenestra Physiology (Book,Exquisite)
Housing: Traded in. (living in inn)


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
House Trade in +500 GM 600 GM
Blank Book -3 GM 597 GM
Charcoal-5 CM 596 GM 9 SM 5CM
Living Expenses (Good)-125 472 GM, 9 SM, 5CM

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