[Ayatah's Scrapbook] Organised Chaos

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[Ayatah's Scrapbook] Organised Chaos

Postby Ayatah on September 11th, 2014, 11:16 am


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I spend a surprising amount of time reading everyone else's scrapbook, because I'm incredibly nosy and like to see what kind of people are behind the PC I may (or ma not) be threading with.

So it's only fair I return the favour and let everyone have a peep into my majestic life.

It's currently 12:02pm in the UK, and I am still in my PJs (which happen to my boyfriend's football shirt and boxers - Go toons!). There's two things I should be doing instead of being on here: studying Chemistry (I start my Neuroscience MSc course on monday and no NOTHING about chemistry, lol whut r atomz?), or some sort of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the only things occupying my brain right now are whether or not to have tuna mayo or cheese and baked beans on my jacket potato for lunch.

Think I'll go for the latter.

I can be so unbelievably lazy, but only when there's not enough things to do to fill the whole day. Sure, I COULD read about chemistry all day long, but cramming such a load of info in one go isn't the most efficient way to learn something. Plus, it's pretty dull. So I'll end up doing around 30ish mins of exercise followed by around 2 hours of chemistry. I'm also watching Celebrity Coach trip (a fantastic daytime TV show in the UK), and each time the Chuckle Brothers come on TV I feel so much rage it's crazy. For some reason, when all the other kids loved their TV shows, I used to want to throw things at the TV.

Spoiler :
So... my guess is that not a huge amount of people will know who the Chuckle Brothers are, because I *THINK* most people on Mizahar are from the US. For those unaware, here's a video:

Which should really bring me onto the basic information about myself, so anyone reading this will have some idea of who I am:

Name: Dani.
Alt PCs: Ayatah, Snaeha Datura, Jeremy Casing & Shakune.
Occupation Soon-to-be Full-time Postgrad student
Location London
What you can expect from this scrapbook A peek into my glamorous life. Probably a variety of things, to be honest.

Let the fun begin!

Questions? Go for it, give me SOMETHING to do :)

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