Katelyn's Plotnotes

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Katelyn's Plotnotes

Postby Katelyn Marks on September 17th, 2014, 2:25 am

Character Goals

Seasonal Challenges

Currently not participating in any particular city challenges. Feel free to PM me if you'd like me to help you complete some though!

Short Term Goals

☐ Novice Foraging
☐ Novice Swimming
☐ Novice Falconry
☐ Novice Butchery
☐ Novice Fishing
☐ Novice Tracking
☐ Competent Land Navigation
☐ Competent Wilderness Survival

☐ Novice Shielding
☐ Novice Morphing
☐ Novice Talon Sword
☐ Competent Auristics
☐ Competent Reimancy
☐ Competent Longbow
☐ Master Riding

☐ Novice Drawing
☐ Competent Cooking
☐ Competent Animal Husbandry

☐ Obtain a talon sword.
☐ Buy cosmetics.

☐ Begin learning Pavi from Tanna.
☐ Start teaching Winston basic commands/manners.
☐ Begin Katelyn's mental/emotional decline and drug addition.

Long Term Goals

☐ Competent Foraging
☐ Competent Fishing
☐ Competent Swimming
☐ Competent Butchery
☐ Competent Hunting
☐ Competent Tracking
☐ Expert Land Navigation
☐ Expert Wilderness Survival
☐ Expert Falconry

☐ Competent Dagger
☐ Competent Shortspear
☐ Competent Shielding
☐ Competent Hypnotism
☐ Expert Talon Sword
☐ Expert Auristics
☐ Competent Morphing
☐ Expert Reimancy
☐ Competent Leadership
☐ Competent Tactics

☐ Competent Copying
☐ Competent Writing
☐ Novice Calligraphy
☐ Competent Cartography
☐ Novice Politics
☐ Novice Law
☐ Competent Research

☐ Expert Cooking
☐ Expert Animal Husbandry
☐ Competent Sewing
☐ Competent Drawing

☐ Buy a small ship.
☐ Build a homestead/base of operations.
☐ Buy a full set of armor.

☐ Get Katelyn kicked out of the Order.
☐ Travel to Riverfall for rehabilitation.
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