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Katelyn Marks

Postby Katelyn Marks on September 17th, 2014, 12:31 am



Name: Katelyn Marks
Nicknames: Kate, Katie
Titles: None

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24 years old
Birthday: 80th, Winter, 490 AV
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 140 pounds

Profession: Syliran Squire
Housing: Squire's Dormitories

Likes: Animals, literature, learning, traveling, and horseback riding.
Dislikes: Abuse of power, bar fights, spiders, and bandits.
Merits: Adventurous, hard-working, determined, brave, curious.
Flaws: Proud, low self-esteem, stubborn.

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Katelyn Marks

Postby Katelyn Marks on November 3rd, 2014, 8:05 pm



ImageKatelyn has always been a sturdy woman. Even as a child she could only be considered hardy. Her rural lifestyle at the Mithryn Outpost has over the course of her life sculpted her into strong, hardworking stock. Hard won muscle defines her arms and legs, the cut of her shoulders, and the lines of her stomach. Feminine curves do soften the otherwise strong edges of her body, with round hips and an all-around full figure. She would never be associated with the word dainty, and petite isn't in her vocabulary.

Long copper hair frames a somewhat and subtly attractive face, contrasting strikingly with her pale skin and splash of faint freckles. It hangs loose most days and curls slightly toward her waist. Almost green, hazel eyes dusted with flecks of black and gold dominate her light complected features, and faint crow's feet hint at an easy smile lurking just below the surface--waiting for an opportunity to spread across her face.

Kat has never had much of an opportunity to really pamper herself, and consequently her appearance is generally rather plain or sometimes even rough. Callouses scar her hands and feet after long unattendance, and she finds it impossible to grow her nails out so instead they are trimmed close--if she doesn't chew them off first. Still, the distinctly female sway of her walk, attractive features, and at least partway attempt at maintaining an acceptable appearance seems to balance out her otherwise strongly masculine-influenced tendencies.

Scars and Marks :

Ritual scars on the palm of each hand obtained during her initiation into Reimancy.


Commission of Katelyn above courtesy of Sarah Hall.


Currently rewriting.


Currently rewriting.
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Katelyn Marks

Postby Katelyn Marks on November 3rd, 2014, 8:06 pm



Currently rewriting.


514 AV

Currently rewriting.
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Katelyn Marks

Postby Katelyn Marks on November 3rd, 2014, 8:06 pm



Skill Earned Total Proficiency
Weapon: Dagger 10 SP 10/100 Novice
Weapon: Composite Longbow 11 EXP 11/100 Novice
Weapon: Shortspear 2 EXP 2/100 Novice
Unarmed Combat 2 EXP 2/100 Novice

Skill Earned Total Proficiency
Horseback Riding 15 RB, 10 SP, 33 EXP 63/100 Expert
Endurance 28 EXP 28/100 Competent
Running 2 EXP 2/100 Novice
Stealth 2 EXP 2/100 Novice
Acrobatics 1 EXP 1/100 Novice
Body Building 5 EXP 5/100 Novice

Skill Earned Total Proficiency
Observation 96 EXP 96/100 Master
Meditation 10 EXP 10/100 Novice
Research 4 EXP 4/100 Novice
Deduction 2 EXP 2/100 Novice
Planning 6 EXP 6/100 Novice
Organization 2 EXP 2/100 Novice
Investigation 3 EXP 3/100 Novice
Tactics 2 EXP 2/100 Novice
Intelligence 7 EXP 7/100 Novice
Philosophy 2 EXP 2/100 Novice
Logic 2 EXP 2/100 Novice

Skill Earned Total Proficiency
Socialization 71 EXP 71/100 Expert
Rhetoric 22 EXP 22/100 Novice
Intimidation 7 EXP 7/100 Novice
Negotiation 4 EXP 4/100 Novice
Persuasion 1 EXP 1/100 Novice
Interrogation 13 EXP 13/100 Novice
Flirting 3 EXP 3/100 Novice
Leadership 2 EXP 2/100 Novice
Teaching 10 EXP 10/100 Novice
Hostessing 4 EXP 4/100 Novice
Etiquette 2 EXP 2/100 Novice

Skill Earned Total Proficiency
Land Navigation 17 EXP 17/100 Novice
Wilderness Survival 4 EXP 4/100 Novice
Tracking 4 EXP 4/100 Novice

*Wilderness Survival Biome(s): Forest

Skill Earned Total Proficiency
Horsemanship 20 SP, 19 EXP 39/100 Competent
Animal Husbandry 10 SP, 15 EXP 25/100 Novice
Cooking 4 EXP 4/100 Novice
Medicine 1 EXP 1/100 Novice
Music Composition 1 EXP 1/100 Novice
Copying 1 EXP 1/100 Novice
Cleaning 1 EXP 1/100 Novice

Skill Earned Total Proficiency
Auristics 7 EXP 7/100 Novice
Reimancy 1 EXP 1/100 Novice

*Reimancy Element(s): Earth

Skill Earned Total Proficiency
Storytelling 5 EXP 5/100 Novice
Singing 1 EXP 1/100 Novice


  • Horsemanship: Tack and Equipment
  • Horseback Riding: Riding in the Snow
  • Horseback Riding: Trot, Canter, Lope, Galloping, and Stopping
  • Horseback Riding: Thrown from a Horse
  • Horsemanship: Brushing Down After a Ride
  • Horsemanship: Cleaning Hooves
  • Making a Hearthfire
  • Wilderness Survival: Flint and Steel Firestarting Method
  • Wilderness Survival: Fill Up Waterskins at Rivers
  • Land Navigation: The Road from Mithryn Outpost to Syliras
  • Falconry: Basic Tools
  • Cooking: Rabbit Stew Ingredients
  • Cooking: Making a Sandwich
  • Cooking: Toasting Bread
  • Animal Husbandry: Calming a Restless Horse
  • Medicine: Pulling Out an Arrow
  • Meditation is Easy When You're Relaxed
  • Socialization: A White Lie
  • Planning: Packing for a 2-Day Trip
  • Planning: Having a Plan B
  • Tracking: Cow Hooves
  • Tracking: Horse Hooves
  • Tracking: Determining There Were Multiple Horses
  • Tracking: Pursuing a Criminal Through the Woods
  • Stealth: Harder on Horseback
  • Intimidation: Using a Dagger
  • Intimidation: Rearing a Horse to Intimidate
  • Meditation: Breathing Patterns
  • Mediation: Getting Rid of Self-doubt
  • Meditating to the Waves of the Ocean
  • Meditation: Basic Breathing Techniques
  • Negotiation: Walk Away and They Might Change Their Mind
  • Intelligence: Recognizing a Merchant's Monetary Intentions
  • Observation: Reading Emotions
  • Body Building: Using Arm Muscles
  • Rhetoric: Lightening the Mood with a Joke
  • Rhetoric: How to Ask a Sensitive Question
  • Teaching: Start with the Basics
  • Teaching: A Pleasant Attitude Can Go A Long Way
  • Teaching: Make Sure Your Student is Safe and Comfortable
  • Teaching: Find out the Strengths of Your Pupil
  • Teaching: Positive Reinforcement

  • The Chaos of Battle
  • Trust Your Instincts
  • Shortspear: Proper Fighting Stance
  • Shortspear: How to Block
  • Longbow: Not as Easy as it Looks
  • Longbow: Proper Stance
  • Longbow: Relaxed Grip
  • Longbow: Incorporate Back and Shoulder Muscles in the Draw
  • Longbow: Release Your Breath Before You Fire
  • Stringing a Bow
  • How to Hold a Longbow
  • Hold the Bow at an Angle to Prevent Snapback
  • Hold the Arrow in Place With Your Finger to Keep It from Falling
  • The Physics Behind a Bow
  • Bodkin Arrows: Have a Reinforced Tip to Punch Through Armour
  • Broad Arrows: Used to Hunt Unarmored Foes
  • Broad Arrows: Can Puncture Leather Armour
  • Blunted Arrow: Designed for Small Game or to Cripple a Foe
  • Whistling Arrow: It Screams?!
  • Unarmed Combat: Nail Gouge

  • Location: Anthonius Fighter's Pit
  • Location: Windmount Stables
  • Location: The Garrison
  • Location: Syliran Archives
  • Location: Suvan Shore
  • Location: University of Zeltiva
  • Location: The Great Bazaar
  • Location: Inner Sanctum
  • Location: Antinous Training Grounds
  • Location: The Kabrin Road
  • Location: Squire's Dormitories
  • City: Zeltiva
  • Ahnatep: Located in the Eyktol Region
  • Ahnatep: Slavery is Commonplace
  • Ahnatep: They Ride Chariots
  • Ahnatep: Windows are Commonplace
  • Ahnatep: Not too Friendly to Outsiders

  • Gerard Anthonius: Owns the Fighter's Pit
  • Harris Marks: Has a Crush
  • Garreth Marks: Murdered by Brigands
  • Ulliver Windmount: Friendly Stablehand
  • Ser Whitevine: Knew My Brother
  • Lawrence and Leon Dyres: Founders of the Order
  • Nila: Konti Seer
  • Loren Dyres: Current Grandmaster of the Order
  • Petri Alvikal: Current Lord Knight of the Order
  • Marrick: Squire of Ser David Whitevine
  • Marrick: Born in Ravok
  • Marrick: Used to be a Slave
  • Marrick Can Identify Wood by Scent
  • Marrick: Will Make a Fine Knight Someday
  • Marrick Is a Dream Boat and That Is a Problem
  • Garland: Squire
  • Percy: Aspiring Leathersmith
  • Aventis: Squire
  • Ser Connor Moore: Unranked Mage Knight
  • Ser Moore: New Patron Knight
  • Ser Moore: Doesn't Seem Like a Mage
  • Ser Connor: A Deeper Connection
  • Ser Connor: Trusted Mentor and Initiator
  • Ser Connor's Djed: Silvery and Cloud-like
  • Archailist: Pycon Squire
  • Archailist: He's Alright for a Bastard
  • Meeting Inartan Traders from Wind Reach
  • Katelyn Marks: Longing for Home
  • Zulkar: Inartan Knight Skilled in Archery
  • Jeremy: Kelvic Phylonurist
  • Isolde: Nuit Mage-Squire
  • Isolde: Knows Reimancy, Morphing, and Alchemy
  • Isolde: Grew Up in the Mithryn Outpost
  • Nuit: Don't Need Food, Water, Sleep, or Air
  • Nuit: Don't Age, but Still Feel Things Physically and Emotionally
  • Sayana: The Eypharian Dancer
  • Sayana: Her Many Arms Must Come in Handy
  • Sayana: Named After the Sun Goddess Syna
  • Eypharian: Jackal Warriors Can Wield Two Bows at Once
  • Eypharian: They Dye their Hair Exotic Colors

  • Sylir: Slain by Ivak Long Ago
  • Ivak: God of Fire and Emotion
  • Rhysol: God of Chaos and Evil
  • Ebonstryfe: Followers of Rhysol
  • Vayt: God of Disease and Pestilence
  • The Shroud: Marked by Vayt
  • Uldr: God of the Undead
  • Sagallius: God of Manipulation and Puppetry
  • Ssena: Goddess of Fear
  • Krysus: Goddess of Pain and Murder
  • Eyris: Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Tyveth: God of Honor, Justice, and Chivalry
  • Yahal: God of Faith and Purity
  • Phylonurist: Blessed by Caiyha
  • Phylonurist: Can Communicate with Plants and Animals
  • What Caiyha'a Gnosis Mark Looks Like

  • History of the Mithryn Outpost
  • History of the Syliran Knights

  • Djed: It's In Everything
  • Djed: Can Only be Transformed
  • Djed: It's How the Magic Happens
  • Unlocking the Door to Your Personal Djed
  • Djed can be Replenished by Eating
  • Overgiving: Cost of Magic
  • Overgiving: It's Deadly if Magic is Misused
  • Overgiving: Intense Migraine
  • The Cure for Overgiving is Rest
  • Overgiving Has Serious Consequences
  • Personal Magic: Uses a Wizard's Own Djed
  • Gnosis: Divine Magic
  • World Magic: Third Magical Branch
  • Auristics: Auras Can Be Sensed Through Sight, Smell, Taste, and Touch
  • Auristics: Seeing Your Own Aura
  • Auristics: Auras Can Quickly Change
  • Auristics: Sights, Scents, and Sensations
  • Auristics: Investigating Different Tastes and Smells
  • Reimancy: Elemental Mastery
  • Flux: Strengthening the Body Through Magic
  • Hypnotism: Manipulating Others
  • Projection: Using an Astral Body
  • Shielding: Exactly What it Says on the Tin
  • Morphing: Magic to Adjust One's Shape or Composition
  • Morphing: Requires Djed to Stay Morphed, Otherwise One Reverts to their Original Form
  • Voiding: Opening Portals
  • Alchemy: Transforms Objects
  • Animation: Bringing Objects to Life
  • Glyphing: Supplementing Other Magics with Runes
  • Spiritism: Interacting With the Dead
  • Magecrafting: Creating Magical Artifacts
  • Malediction: Using Body Parts to Make Artifacts
  • Summoning: Opening Pathways to Other Worlds
  • Leeching: Draining Other's Djed
  • The Rituals of Initiation
  • Initiation: No Pain, No Gain
  • Feeling One's Djed
  • Reimancy: Earth
  • The Basic Symptoms of Overgiving
  • Successfully Initiated in Reimancy

  • Garrison: Unruly Tiaden Warhorse
  • Kiter: Marrick's Massive Tiaden Mare
  • Remaining Optimistic in Times of Dread
  • Loss of a Brother
  • Horror of a Brother's Corpse
  • Dealing with Grief: Sobbing
  • Dealing with Grief: Numbness
  • Knights Don't Ride Ponies
  • Ranking System of the Order
  • Types of Knights
  • Syliran Mage-Knights
  • Herding Panicked Livestock
  • Becoming a Mage Squire
  • A Big Day and a Tough Decision
  • Syliras has a Magecrafter
  • Familiary, Summoning, and Malediction are Banned in Syliras
  • Admitting Fear
  • Pycon: Small Clay Shape-changers
  • Squires Have No Real Authority
  • Seeing a Wind Eagle for the First Time
  • Greeting a Wind Eagle with an Open Palm
  • The Beauty of a Talon Sword
  • Training is More Fun Than Anticipated
  • A Sword Doesn’t Come Out of the Forge Sharp
  • Talent for Archery Runs in the Family
  • Protecting a Puppy from a Spoiled Child
  • Winston: New Puppy
  • New Goal: Represent Patron and Mages Well
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Katelyn Marks

Postby Katelyn Marks on November 3rd, 2014, 8:07 pm



Warm Weather:
Image Shirt A simple linen shirt.
Image Pants A pair of simple linen pants.
Image Undergarments A set of simple linen smallclothes.
Image Leather Jerkin A sturdy leather jacket for weather too warm for a cloak.
Image Cloak A lightweight cloak made from medium quality mottled wool, good for cool or rainy weather.
Image Boots A pair of tall leather boots that end just below the knees. They are soft and comfortable from years of wear.

Cold Weather:
Image Tunic A warm tunic made from medium quality wool.
Image Pants A warm pair of pants made from medium quality wool.
Image Undergarments A set of simple linen smallclothes.
Image Cloak A warm, heavy cloak made from medium quality mottled wool and lined with thick fur.
Image Boots A warm pair of tall leather boots that end just below the knees and are lined with thick fur.

Image Belt A plain leather belt with a simple ring buckle.
Image Vambraces A pair of hard leather vambraces.
Image Leather Bracelet A simple braided leather bracelet crafted in Wind Reach.
Image Belt Pouch (x2) Two leather belt pouches worn at the hip at all times.

Image Talon Sword & Scabbard This weapon is currently pending in an ongoing thread.
Image Dagger & Scabbard A plain steel dagger with a simple hard leather scabbard.

Image Archery Glove A fitted leather glove to protect the fingers from a bowstring.
Image Composite Longbow A powerful longbow with recurve limbs made of yew and bone, with a leather grip and tabs on the string for silence.
Image Quiver A leather quiver worn on the back.
Image Arrows (x20) 20 standard longbow arrows.
Image Longbow Sheath A leather sheath constructed to hold a strung longbow to a saddle or across the back, with extra straps to accommodate a quiver.
Image Bowstring (x3) Three spare longbow strings, just in case.

Image Whetstone Used to sharpen a blade to a razor edge.

Image Leather Journal A blank leather journal that Katelyn has yet to find a use for.
Image "Known Consequences of Overgiving" A small leather bound book given to Katelyn by Ser Connor Moore after initiating her into Reimancy. The book has some illustrations inside, and explains the forms of Overgiving.

Image Hunting Knife & Sheath A plain steel knife with a soft leather sheath, intended for field dressing game.
Image Backpack An old, sturdy leather backpack.
Image Waterskin (x2) Two large waterskins.
Image One-Person Tent A small, single-occupant tent made of thick canvas with lightweight wooden poles.
Image Bedroll A thick woolen bedroll for sleeping on the ground.
Image Winter Blanket A thick woolen winter blanket.
Image 50 ft. Hemp Rope A 50 foot coil of strong hemp rope.
Image Hooded Lantern An old hooded lantern. It casts light in a 30 foot radius when lit.
Image 1-Pint Oil Flask A leather flask of lantern oil.
Image Flint & Steel Flint and steel for starting fires.

Image Wooden Comb & Brush A simple comb and brush carved from local wood.
Image Bar of Soap A small bar of soap that smells of honey.

Horse Tack:
Image Light Cavalry Saddle A lightweight saddle made for long distances on horseback and war.
Image Riding Saddle A standard saddle for casual, everyday use.
Image Bit & Bridle (x2) Two bridles and bits, one large and one small.
Image Pack Saddle A small pack saddle for a pony.
Image Large Saddlebags A large set of saddlebags.
Image Saddle Pad (x2) Two comfortable blankets to protect a horse from the saddle.
Image Halter (x2) Two leather halters, one large and one small.
Image Lead Rope (x2) Two cotton lead ropes reinforced with leather.

Image Horse Groomer's Toolkit A bag of various brushes, combs, and picks for properly grooming a horse.
Image Waterproofing Oil A bottle of oil used to waterproof certain clothing and equipment.
Image Rustproofing Oil A bottle of oil used to prevent weapons and other metals from rusting.

Image Leather Helmet A hard leather helmet with steel nasal guard and reinforcements.
Image Plate Poleyns Steel knee and thigh guards.
Image Plate Greaves Steel leg shin guards.
Image Plate Solarets Steel plated boots.
Image Leather Gardbrace A hard leather shield for the left shoulder, protecting her unarmed side and allowing maximum reach with her sword arm.
Image Full Chainmail Heavy, thing-length chainmail.
Image Squire's Tabard Thick, short linen coat worn over chainmail. The front is embroidered with the symbol of the Windoak.

10 Broadhead Arrows
5 Bodkin Arrows
5 Barbed Arrows


Location: Squire's Dormitories

House: Katelyn shares a room with five other girls, all of various ages but each of them at least a few years younger than she. Her bunk is kept neat, and like the other girls she has a single trunk to store her belongings. Inside Katelyn keeps all of her camping gear, her spare clothes, and extra blankets. The chest is secured with a lock which was provided to her when she moved in, and the key is never out of reach.
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Katelyn Marks

Postby Katelyn Marks on November 22nd, 2014, 8:07 pm



ImageName: Connor Moore
Race: Mixed-blood (Myrian/Human)
DoB: 30th, Summer, 484 AV
PoB: Nyka
Title: Unranked Mage-Knight
Skills: Shielding 49, Horseback Riding 40, Reimancy 30 (Air/Fire/Lightning), Longsword 30, Teaching 30, Auristics 20, Meditation 20
Gnosis: 1 Mark of Sylir

Additional Info: One wouldn't necessarily picture a mage if they imagine man of Myrian descent, but Connor broke the mold of his father's bloodlines and followed in his mother's more academic footsteps. Born in Nyka, he and his parents moved to Zeltiva for several years before settling permanently in Syliras when he was a young man. By then he had been initiated into several disciplines of magic by both his mother and the University where she taught for several years and he took classes.

He was soon introduced to the concept of becoming a Mage in the Syliran Order, and after a short time as a Squire successfully completed his Knighting Quest and took his place among the unranked defenders of the city. Since then he has had several Squires, but none have managed to complete their training, much to his growing disappointment.

Connor himself is a very passionate and intelligent man, interested in conveying magic to the world as a tool to be used for good and not something to be afraid of. He is patient and kind, but with the level head and firmness of a strong leader and teacher. He is open minded and worldly, with a craving for learning and accumulating knowledge. One of his more favored places to frequent is the Syliran Archives, where he will sit and read for bells on any subject that strikes his fancy.


ImageName: Winston
Breed: Mixed-breed
Gender: Male
Age: 2 months old
Weight: 3 pounds
Coloring: Black and tan
Distinguishing Marks: None
Training: None

Additional Info: Pending

ImageName: Sebastian
Breed: Mountain Pony
Gender: Gelding
Age: 19 years old
Height: 14 hands
Weight: 800 pounds
Coloring: Sorrel
Distinguishing Marks: White strip
Training: Riding and Packing

Additional Info: Sebastian is Katelyn's first horse. A gift from her father on her fifth birthday, the pony has been her closest friend for as long as she can remember. Most of what she knows of handling horses she learned through him, and he carried her steadfast for years even when she physically outgrew him. Sebastian has never been a particularly bright animal, but his loyalty is unquestionable and if he's anything, it's a diligent worker.

Though never in a hurry, his attitude is unmatched by even the biggest Tiaden, and he's always seemed to hold his own against anything thrown at him with the unmatched trademark sass of a pony. Although now that Katelyn finally bought a second, larger mount after joining the Knighthood, Sebastian works almost exclusively as a pack horse.

*This horse is Katelyn's starting package heirloom.

ImageName: Garrison
Breed: Tiaden Warhorse
Gender: Stud
Age: 6 years old
Height: 17 hands high
Weight: 1800 pounds
Coloring: Black
Distinguishing Marks: Four white socks, white strip, red tinted mane/tail.
Training: Riding and War

Additional Info: Garrison is Katelyn's second horse, purchased soon after she joined the Syliran Order. A Tiaden of all breeds hadn't been her initial plan, but he caught her eye where no other horse that day did. He is a very challenging animal, with a foul temper and impatient manner that tests her at every turn. He is extremely intelligent and despite his bad moods is exceptionally trained under saddle and in the art of war. He is fearless and steadfast, undaunted by most of the obstacles thrown at him, and despite his sour attitude seems to feel a strange sense of loyalty to his two companions.

Compared to others of his breed Garrison is finer built. He is tall and long-legged, with more narrow features that seem to benefit his speed and agility. His increased mobility leads to an excess amount of energy that seems limitless, and he easily grows restless when stationary for too long. Katelyn is still growing used to him but doesn't regret her choice. While isn't the nicest of animals, his redeeming qualities seem to balance out his unpleasant disposition in her eyes.


ImageName: Anton Marks
Relationship: Father
Title: Rancher
Race: Human
Age: 55 years old
PoB: The Mithryn Outpost
DoB: 10th, Fall, 459 AV
Skills: Animal Husbandry 30, Horsemanship 10, Farming 5, Driving 5
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Pending

ImageName: Cecily Marks
Relationship: Mother
Title: Seamstress
Race: Human
Age: 50 years old
PoB: Zeltiva
DoB: 78th, Spring, 464 AV
Skills: Sewing 25, Gardening 10, Cooking 10, Food Preservation 5
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Pending

ImageName: Daniel Marks
Relationship: Brother
Title: Farmer
Race: Human
Age: 30 years old
PoB: The Mithryn Outpost
DoB: 31st, Summer, 484 AV
Skills: Farming 25, Agriculture 15, Botany 10
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Pending

ImageName: Harris Marks
Relationship: Brother
Title: Hunter
Race: Human
Age: 28 years old
PoB: The Mithryn Outpost
DoB: 19th, Summer, 486 AV
Skills: Hunting 25, Tracking 10, Longbow 10, Butchery 5
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Pending

ImageName: Garreth Marks
Relationship: Brother
Title: Hunter
Race: Human
Age: Deceased
PoB: The Mithryn Outpost
DoB: 19th, Summer, 486 AV
Skills: Hunting 20, Trapping 15, Crossbow 15
Gnosis: None

Additional Info: Garreth was the youngest of the Marks boys, cheated into forever being his twin's little brother by just a few moments. He therefor took the opportunity to jest about his brother's old age every chance he had. He was always the silliest out of all of his siblings, even more than his trickster of a twin Harris. Garreth seemed to be behind every hair brained and dangerous idea, driving them on to bigger and better stunts.

Ever since they were children he'd been carefree and happy, somehow able to wiggle his way out of the trouble he was often the cause of. With a charming smile and infectious laugh, he had few enemies in the world, but more friends than he could count. It seemed he always had a kind word to say about everyone he met. While his siblings often joked that he'd be the first to get himself killed, they never expected it to be true.

After a dispute with his brother Harris, Garreth took a short retreat into the Bronze Woods to hunt game. When four days had passed and there was no sign of his return, his siblings trekked out in search of him. They found his camp looted by bandits and his body not far from the chaos; battered and torn by his attackers, the elements, and scavengers. His death left a lasting hole in his family's lives and became the catalyst for his sister's decision to become a Squire for the Syliran Order.
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Katelyn Marks

Postby Katelyn Marks on November 22nd, 2014, 8:07 pm



Pre-Creation :
Purchase Cost Total
Starting Package +100 GM 100 GM
Leather Vambraces -10 GM 90 GM
Leather Belt -2 SM 89 GM 8 SM
Waterskin -1 GM 88 GM 8 SM
Hooded Lantern -7 GM 81 GM 8 SM
Dagger Scabbard -2 GM 79 GM 8 SM
Dagger -2 GM 77 GM 8 SM
Hunting Knife -5 SM 77 GM 3 SM
Knife Sheath -1 GM 76 GM 3 SM
Bedroll -1 SM 77 GM 2 SM
One-Person Tent -2 GM 74 GM 2 SM
50 ft. Hemp Rope -1 GM 73 GM 2 SM
Riding Saddle -10 GM 63 GM 2 SM
Large Saddlebags -8 GM 55 GM 2 SM
Bit & Bridle -2 GM 53 GM 2 SM
Saddle Pad -1 GM 52 GM 2 SM
Halter & Lead -1 SM 52 GM 1 SM
1-Pint Oil Flask -1 SM 52 GM
4 Winter Blankets -2 GM 50 GM
2 Leather Belt Pouches -2 GM 48 GM
Medium Wool Tunic -1 GM 47 GM
Medium Wool Pants -1 GM 45 GM
Fur-lined Medium Wool Cloak -5 GM 40 GM
Fur-lined Tall Leather Boots -10 GM 30
Horse Groomer's Toolkit -10 GM 20 GM

514 AV :
Purchase Cost Total
Rollover --- 20 GM
Fighting Lessons -5 GM 15 GM
Seasonal Wages, Fall +637 GM 652 GM
Seasonal Expenses, Fall -135 GM 517 GM
Sold Housing +500 GM 1,017 GM
Tiaden Warhorse -300 GM 717 GM
Light Cavalry Saddle -12 GM 705 GM
Halter & Lead -1 SM 704 GM 9 SM
Pack Saddle -5 GM 699 GM 9 SM
Bit & Bridle -2 GM 697 GM 9 SM
Saddle Pad -1 GM 696 GM 9 SM
Quiver & 20 Arrows -21 GM 675 GM 9 SM
Rustproofing Oil -10 GM 665 GM 9 SM
Waterproofing Oil -5 GM 660 GM 9 SM
Whetstone -1 GM 659 GM 9 SM
Archery Glove -1 GM 658 GM 9 SM
Seasonal Expenses, Winter (Squire) -0 GM 658 GM 9 SM

515 AV :
Purchase Cost Total
Rollover --- 658 GM 9 SM
Leather Journal -5 GM 653 GM 9 SM
Leather Bracelet -3 GM 650 GM 9 SM
Longbow Sheath -25 GM 625 GM 9 SM
Composite Longbow -125 GM 500 GM 9 SM
3 Bowstrings -3 SM 500 GM 8 SM
Leather Jerkin -6 SM 500 GM 2 SM
Gold Locket -25 GM 475 GM 2 SM
Seasonal Expenses, Spring (Squire) -0 GM 475 GM 2 SM
Seasonal Expenses, Summer (Squire) -0 GM 475 GM 2 SM

Shield Points

Instances :
Reason Points
Training +4
Patron Interaction +2
Patron Interaction +1
Helping a Citizen +4
Helping a Citizen +4
Training +1
Patron Interaction +1
Training +2
Patron Interaction +1
Training +3
Patron Interaction +1
Patron Interaction +1
Patron Interaction +1
Training +3
Bravery +1
Cashed In -30

Total: 0
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Katelyn Marks

Postby Katelyn Marks on November 22nd, 2014, 8:21 pm

Thread List

514 AV

Date Title Status Rewards
46th, Fall, 514 AV Wind Drinkers Graded Socialization +5, Riding +4, Observation +3, Horsemanship +2, Endurance +1
60th, Fall, 514 AV The Drove, Part 1 Graded Riding +5, Socialization +5, Observation +5, Animal Husbandry +3, Horsemanship +2, Planning +1, Land Navigation +1, Endurance +1, Medicine +1
61st, Fall, 514 AV The Drove, Part 2 Graded Observation +4, Endurance +3, Animal Husbandry +3, Socialization +3, Riding +3, Horsemanship +1, Singing +1, Music Composition +1, Flirting +1
70th, Fall, 514 AV The Novice Graded Socialization +3, Observation +2, Shortspear +2
70th, Fall, 514 AV Progression Graded Observation +5, Longbow +4, Socialization +4, Endurance +3, Body Building +3, Intelligence +3, Flirting +2, Copying +1, Acrobatics +1, Rhetoric +1
89th, Fall, 514 AV Big Problems, Little Squire Graded Riding +5, Observation +5, Socialization +5, Horsemanship +3, Tracking +2, Land Navigation +2, Stealth +2, Intimidation +2, Endurance +2, Unarmed Combat +2, Interrogation +1, Rhetoric +1, Tactics +1, Running +1
90th, Fall, 514 AV To Cry Wolf, Part 1 Graded Observation +4, Investigation +1, Leadership +1, Socialization +1

Date Title Status Rewards
10th, Winter, 514 AV Along for the Ride Graded Observation +3, Socialization +3, Riding +1, Horsemanship +1
22nd, Winter, 514 AV The End Graded Observation +4, Socialization +3, Riding +3, Wilderness Survival +1, Running +1, Planning +1, Deduction +1
32nd, Winter, 514 AV Healing & Hurting Graded Observation +5, Socialization +5, Interrogation +4, Storytelling +2, Teaching +2, Rhetoric +1, Riding +1, Land Navigation +1
40th, Winter, 514 AV A Change of Pace Graded Socialization +3, Observation +3, Rhetoric +2, Negotiation +1, Shield Points +6
45th, Winter, 514 AV The Bigger They Are Graded Socialization +4, Observation +3, Rhetoric +1, Intimidation +1, Horsemanship +1, Riding +1, Animal Husbandry +1
75th, Winter, 514 AV Frostbite Ongoing ---
80th, Winter, 514 AV For the Love of Books Graded Research +4, Interrogation +1, Observation +1, Shield Points +1
82nd, Winter, 514 AV They're Not for Eating Graded Animal Husbandry +1
87th, Winter, 514 AV The Messenger, Part 1 Graded Riding +5, Observation +5, Socialization +4, Land Navigation +4, Planning +3, Animal Husbandry +3, Horsemanship +2, Wilderness Survival +1, Negotiation +1, Organization +1, Cooking +1, Shield Points +4
87th-88th, Winter, 514 AV The Messenger, Part 2 Graded Observation +3, Land Navigation +3, Horsemanship +2, Riding +2, Wilderness Survival +2, Cooking +2, Endurance +1, Socialization +1, Shield Points +4
90th, Winter, 514 AV Saying Goodbye Graded Socialization +3, Observation +3, Longbow +1, Endurance +1, Shield Points +2

515 AV

Date Title Status Rewards
1st, Spring, 515 AV Questions Answered Graded Socialization +3, Observation +1, Horsemanship +1, Riding +1, Interrogation +1, Shield Points +3
1st, Spring, 515 AV Home Sweet Home Graded Rhetoric +2, Observation +2, Interrogation +1
4th, Spring, 515 AV Prancing Pony Graded Teaching +5, Socialization +5, Observation +4, Rhetoric +4, Horsemanship +3, Riding +3, Animal Husbandry +2, Etiquette +2, Endurance +1, Leadership +1, Cleaning +1, Land Navigation +1, Body Building +1, +8 Shield Points
10th, Spring, 515 AV Let It Fly Graded Intelligence +1, Endurance +1, Longbow +1, Logic +1, Socialization +1, Deduction +1
11th, Spring, 515 AV Lesson Number 1 Graded Meditation +5, Observation +5, Auristics +4, Endurance +2, Cooking +1, Horsemanship +1, Shield Points +4
18th, Spring, 515 AV Friendly Faces Graded Socialization +5, Observation +4, Hostessing +4, Rhetoric +4, Teaching +2, Interrogation +2, Storytelling +2, Meditation +1, Endurance +1
19th, Spring, 515 AV Lesson Number 2 Graded Observation +4, Meditation +4, Auristics +3, Investigation +2, Riding +1, Endurance +1, Logic +1, Planning +1
30th, Spring, 515 AV Dog Gone Cute Graded Observation +4, Rhetoric +2, Land Navigation +1, Interrogation +1, Intimidation +1, Teaching +1, Socialization +1, Intelligence +1, Persuasion +1, Animal Husbandry +1
40th, Spring, 515 AV Foreign Intrigue Graded Observation +5, Socialization +3, Negotiation +2, Storytelling +1, Land Navigation +1, Animal Husbandry +1, Shield Points +1
80th, Spring, 515 AV Horses for Courses Ongoing ---
85th, Spring, 515 AV The Initiation Graded Endurance +5, Observation +4, Intelligence +2, Philosophy +2, Rhetoric +1, Organization +1, Interrogation +1, Tactics +1, Reimancy +1, Shield Points +5
88th, Spring, 515 AV Letting Go Ongoing ---
89th, Spring, 515 AV Escalation Graded Observation +4, Riding +3, Land Navigation +3, Rhetoric +3, Intimidation +2, Tracking +2, Interrogation +2, Bodybuilding +1, Endurance +1

Date Title Status Rewards
5th, Summer, 515 AV Hold Your Breath Graded Composite Longbow +5, Endurance +4, Observation +1
10th, Summer, 515 AV Riding 101 Ongoing ---
15th, Summer, 515 AV A Lesson in Language Ongoing ---
35th, Summer, 515 AV A Gift of Glass and Steel Ongoing ---
55th, Summer 515 AV Bunny: It's What's for Dinner! Ongoing ---
89th, Summer, 515 AV The Beginning and the End Ongoing ---

Date Title Status Rewards
--- --- --- ---

Date Title Status Rewards
--- --- --- ---
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