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Postby Minosayaa on October 17th, 2010, 3:04 am

Name: Minosayaa
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (appears in late teens, but behaves like a 10yr old)
Race: Kelvic: Zypherian
Eyes: Copper Brown
Coat color: Black Pointed
Hair Color: Black, uneven and short
Birthday: Winter 50th 508
Bondmate: None
Job:Sled Dog; Mino accompanies people on hunts, moves goods from hold to hold, and ferries people around via sled just for fun.

Mino can't really recall her childhood on command however sometimes a memory will resurface before returning to a vague feeling. Although she can't remember this time Mino or rather Emivl was born to a Vantha father who took a Kelvic woman as his wife. A man of the wilderness and of magic, Mino was born and raised outside Avanthal. It was only her wanderlust that got her into Avanthal.

Adopted by Darrus Frostfawn as a new lead sled dog for his team, he had no idea that he had in fact brought home a Kelvic. Mino didn't take on human form untill the next morning, making Darrus question what he drank the night before. After declaring Darrus to be her master, she forcefully attaches herself to the hold. After Darrus' death Mino stays within the hold. She hopes to find a new master or bondmate within the Frostfawn hold.

Mino is in all ways an air head.Because Mino was bonded so young she has halted mentally leaving her simplistic in thinking.She can't tell time or do simple addition problems. Numbers confuse her to no end and so do jigsaw puzzles. Human pups at the school have been trying to teach her to read with little success. But she makes up for it in her endurance and speed in the snow.

Mino has an odd habit of making a yodeling-ish howling noise and stays in dog form mainly, but habitually changes forms for no reason what so ever. She has no problem with changing and wandering nude(as she is Kelvic). Her normal style of dress consists of furry snow boots and a Nordic/Folksy dress. However she has been known to wander the snow bare foot. She also has a thing for the little dolls sold at the Nimble Thimble.

As a dog Mino is large in size and the fact that she has fur aplenty adds to her size. However as a human Mino is small almost petite. Her jet black hair lacks the dazzling color shimmer of the Vantha. Along with her hair, Mino's eyes are a constant brown while the shade may vary with strong emotions her eyes are always brown. Her human body is very flat chested which only adds to her child/adolescent look.

Winter 513: Mino finds a friend in a young woman named Spirit and the two strike up a novel idea on dog training.

Minosayaa's Song and Mino's Voice:Noriko Shitaya

Lyrics :
An unusual morning breaks
My heart is aching as it's pierced with a knife
I'm beginning to recognise
That I overslept for real with my pajamas trailing
With myself always wrapped in somebody's spreading wings

The truth is... the truth is... that I want to be protected
But I swear!
To anyone at all it'd feel good
I am sure! Being an adult, that's what it's like
The bell rings
It begins, girlfriends with whom I share teardrops and smiles
I love you, I love you, I love you so far

Also today I can not stand to fail
My head aches because of yesterday's test
Sadly, I wish it were a fictional thing
Go past the barrier of my young will

Something on the ground looked vaguely
like a lonely ball forgotten
and beginning to dull

I'll get there way before any one else
This mentality I have I 'm sure it's youth
Now as I stand atop of the jungle gym
My finger out to predict the direction of the wind of tomorrow
A dream you can not finish always remains a dream

To anyone at all it'd feel good
I am sure! Being an adult, that's what it's like
The bell rings
It begins, girlfriends with whom I share teardrops and smiles

I love you, I love you, I love you so far

Absolutely! I want to take my body that's begun to change
Heat it up and run through it all
Absolute perfection is boring, some imperfection is rather appealing
Forward, forward, forward, I will walk on to tomorrow!
My Sweet Heart, babe ...

Your tail is not alive
How to confuse human men
Stopping at a Tavern for Table Scraps
Avanthal: Kelvics Everywhere
Nassella: Pretty Symenestra Lady
Unable to Read and Write
Vantha: Loves Stories
Morwen, Goddess of Winter
Holds of Avanthal and their Roles in the City
Kelvic: Desire to Serve and Bond
A Good Day Involves Love From Vantha Pups
Helping Clean Up Your Mess
A Nervous Reaction to Your Change
Explaining the Death of Snow Foxes
Finding a Miss Liarra Midst the Books
Liarra Reminds You of Darrus
The Difference in Liarra's Meaning of 'Master'
Memories of Explaining Being a Kelvic to Darrus
Liarra: Destined for Sisters?
Enda: Symenos for Young Unmarried Woman
Blonde Hair is Not Warm

hunting 10/100 (Race Bonus)
running 21/100 (Starter Pack)
wilderness survival 20/100 (Starter Pack)
tracking 5/100 (Starter Pack)
begging 5/100 (Starter Pack)
Interrogation 1/100
Detection 1/100
Observation 5/100
Driving 1/100
Socialization 8/100
Storytelling 1/100
Teaching 1/100

1 Set of Clothing (cloak/coat & footwear included)
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
Food for a week
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel
Knit Over-the-Shoulder Bag[bought]
Six Octopi dolls[bought]

Worn Leather Collar from Darrus - Heirloom

Common: fluent
Vani: basic

1 basic 20x20 Arvinta in a Hold with a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and small table.

Starting Funds 100gm
Winter 51045gm
Summer 51345gm
Winter pay180gm
Polar tax18gm
Winter 51345gm
Food4gm 3sm 2cm
Knit Over-the-Shoulder Bag3gm
6 Octopi dolls3gm
Total 161gm 6sm 8cm

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