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Postby Lyn'nice on September 1st, 2013, 1:21 am


Name: Lyn'nice (lyn-neice)
Name origins: Evalyn, Bernice
Age: 28
DoB:3rd of fall
Race: Konti
Hair: white
Eyes: blue-violet
Height: 5"5
Weight: 145
Profession:Prior Gardener at The Orchards, Nakivak,

Appearance: Lyn'nice is an average looking Konti. She stands around 5'5 and weighs 145lbs. Her eyes shine a bluish purple. Her face has a friendly happiness to it. Lyn'nice is a tad bit more boisterous than most Konti and it shows in her smile. She keeps her hair short ranging from a pixie cut to a bob.

Spring514: Lyn'nice decides to grow her hair out, just to see how long she can stand it before she cuts it all off.

Concept: Full of energy and life, Lyn'nice tends the plants and flowers in Riverfall. She takes pride in the look of the greenery. She came to Riverfall to bear a few Akalak sons and in the process found a job doing what she loves, gardening. While bubbly and fun to be around Lyn'nice would rather tend to plants than socialize. However she can often be caught daydreaming and lazing about the greenery and water.

The closest people Lyn'nice resembles would be the flower children of the late 60's to early 70's. From her need to be one with nature, her carefree attitude, her clothes, and general mindset Lyn'nice may be the closest thing to a Mizaharian hippie or flower child.

History: Born and raised in Mura with her mother, sisters, grandmother, and great grandparents. Lyn'nice had a typical Konti upbringing with the exception of the influence of her Akalak great granddad. Lyn'nice chose to spend all of her time with her grandmother and great grandparents learning about plants from her gram,and everything else from her great grandpa. Days were spent laying in the cool waters listening to stories of how things used to be, as her gram would say.

She was taught that her personal heritage is that she comes from a long lineage of Nakivak, women who go to Riverfall to help continue a dying race. This fact was most enforced by her great grandfather that she too should follow this path. Being a grandpa's girl, she decides to head to Riverfall.

It took Lyn no time at all to find a Talvas who managed to impregnate her quite quickly before disapearing from Riverfall. Emotionaly shaken Lyn'nice is taken in by Kavala owner of the Sanctuary and a strong-willed single mother Konti. But leaves to make her own way


Seer of Growth- By a simple touch Lyn'nice is able to pick up on a soil's make up of minerals and components. She is then able to tell which plants would grow there best giving what is present in the soil or how to fix soil to fit a certain plant.

The Undan:

Gnosis: Healing 1

Botany 22/100 (+20 starter)
Fortune telling 10/100 (+10 race)
Gardening 27/100 (+20 starter)
Medicine 10/100 (+10 starter)
Observation 25/100
Socialization 40/100
Seduction 1/100
Interrogation 11/100
Planning 5/100
Hostessing 4/100
Cooking 2/100
Housekeeping 1/100
Herbalism 4/100
Teaching 2/100
Negotiation 1/100
Rhetoric 3/100
Investigation 1/100
Riding 1/100
Wilderness Survival: Grasslands 2/100
Acting 1/100
Storytelling 1/100
Organization 1/100

Lyn's theme music

Favchean: Polite and Charming
Favchean: Infantry in the Kuvay’Nas
Favchean: His mother is pregnant
Favchean: The Dominant Brother
Favchean: No intention of using a Nakivak
Favchean: Has reservations.
Favchean: Loathes to put Konti through pregnancy,
Favchean: A play on Cheavlan
Favchean: Would love a daughter but not hold her in Riverfall.
Favchean: Can Cook
Favchean: Willing To Make Room For Her In His Life
Favchean: Likes Rosela
Favchean: Understanding Nature
Favchean’s Mother: Likes Clams
Favchean’s Father: Likes Wine
Favchean: Mother C'hea and Father Farlvan
Favchean: Will let Lyn’nice help raise a son
Favchean: Wants an Akalak boy.
Hirem: Afflicted with PTSD
Hirem- Caelum's New Friend
Lillian:Caelum's Daughter
Who Knew Non-Konti Enjoyed the Water?
Natsu Nendo: Pycon, a Creature of Clay
Natsu Nendo: Prankster
Alia Beaudonuin: Cursing All Into Eternal Fires
Clay Food: Bland and Tasteless
Alia Beaudonuin: From Wind Reach to Riverfall
Alia Beaudonuin: Inarta Afraid of Birds
Who Knew Three Different Races Could Have So Much In Common
Tuvos Jerusc: Oathmaster
Riverfall Info
Clothing: Rosela’s Red Diamond Fashions has superior goods.
Kuvay’Nas: Riverfall Militia,
The Layout of Favchean’s Apartment
Navigation: The Location OF Favchean’s Apartment
Nakivak: will be restricted to dealings with men until pregnant by her Talvis
Nakivak: Being Under Contract.
Nakivak: What happens if one doesn’t fulfill one’s obligations.
Riverfall: Basics of the Nakivak Program
Konti: Don’t birth Akalaks’ all that easy despite rumors,
Akalak: Introductions are both personalities; first one is the one usually speaking
Alakak: Dark brothers are not always dark
Not All Kontis are Sullen
The Value of an Unexpected Kinship
Gardening and Fortune Telling
Reading tea leaves
Basic garden care
Gardening: The Soil at Favchean’s is good for Peonies
Maybelle Lily Root: Good for Burns
Herbalism: Know Your Plants
Uses of Sage
Identification of Sage
Uses of Boneset
Identification of Boneset
Boneset Root: Toxic
Identification of Red Root
Uses of Red Root
Uses of Hibiscus
Uses of Clove Oil
Uses of Cherry Blossom Tea
Moving a Hibiscus Plant
Herbalism: Wild Plants are Good for Vitamins
Botany: Claytonia Perfoliata/Miner’s Lettuce
Gardening: Domesticating Wild Herbs
Botany: Cymbopogon Citarus/Lemon Grass
Common Knowledge
Cooking: Opening Clams
Riding: Not so Scary
Wilderness Survival: Cyphrus Berries
Cooking: Skinning and Preparing a Catch
Wilderness Survival: Using all Parts of a Catch

Fluent: Kontinese
Poor: Tukant

Possessions: 1 Set of Clothing (cloak/coat & footwear included)
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
Food for a week
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel
A Pretty Scarf(gift from Chealvan)
A tablewear setting for four
Apothecary Chest
2 rare potted starter plants
8 uncommon potted starter plants
4 common potted starter plants
11 common starter plants
Wooden flute

Grandmother's Journals

Chea's heirloom:
Favchean's broken Undan

Starting Funds 100gm
Shopping Funds via Fav 15gm
Bluevein Prime10gm
Tableware Sets1gm
1lb Fresh Squid2gm
1lb Fresh Clams2gm
1lb Pork Sausage1gm
2 small flower pots6sm
12 small flower pots4gm
Starter Plants common=25 plants7sm
Starter Plants uncommon=15 plants2gm
Starter Plants rare=5 plants13gm
Apothecary Chest40gm
Wooden Flute5sm
Winter pay via Sanc 368gm
Winter expensewaved
Spring pay368gm
Spring expensewaved
Summer expensewaved
Fall expensewaved
Chea's birth1500gm
1000 sq ft Apartment1000gm
Winter expense 514135gm
Total 1137gm 2sm

Housing: Windswept Condos (owned)


4th [The Oathmaster's Tower] Nakivak, Volunteer
11th [Zhongjie Warren] The meeting of Dark and Light
13th A Contract Made [The White Crane]
14th Welcome Home
15th A shopping I shall go!
16th A Special Dinner
29th Show Me the Way To The Forest
40th This is good news, right?
51st A Horse and Figs


2nd Lyn goes shopping
8th A Knock at the Door
14th Rosemary is for Remembrance
16th A nature walk
22nd Herbs and learning
27th Light It Up

2nd-meditation in garden
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Postby Lyn'nice on March 8th, 2014, 3:39 am

Lyn'nice grows a large number of plants and keeps them in her quarters. These are some of her current plants and some of their uses.

Lemon Grass
used to treat fever, flu, headaches and to aid digestion.(collected with Clover)

Miner's Lettuce
The leaves are gently laxative. Apart from its value as a nourishing vegetable that is rich in vitamin C, it can also be taken as an invigorating spring tonic and an effective diuretic. A poultice of the mashed plants has been applied to rheumatic joints.(collected with Clover)

aids digestion and liver function, relieve arthritis pain, and regulate menstruation.

shown to improve cognitive function in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease

Passion Flower
Used in traditional medicine to aid with sleep or depression.

for fevers, headaches, stomach aches, toothaches, insect bites and other conditions

to treat liver diseases, kidney diseases, and spleen problems

medicinal use for a variety of conditions, including nausea, indigestion, and symptoms of the common cold.
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Postby Lyn'nice on February 20th, 2015, 9:44 pm


Gender: Female
Race: Konti
Relation: Cousin

Gender: Female
Race: Akontak
Relation: Daughter
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