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I'd Rather Smell the Ocean than...Shyke

Postby Meriann on July 16th, 2018, 10:08 am

Dor’gen & Lo’Campo: There have been new rules about the arrangement of skills since you’ve been absent. Skills now have to be organised alphabetically, and grouped in level of expertise (novice, competent, expert, master). Once you’ve edited your CS, I’ll be happy to award your grades. :)


Clamdigging: +1
Observation: +2
Acting: +1
Socialisation: +1

Acting: Trying to project confidence
Observation: Making assessments based on appearance
Dor’gen: Giant, purple man (?) with plentiful scars
Socialisation: Introducing oneself
Sunberth: A need for a form of self-defence

This was a painfully adorable thread. Nellie is a lovely PC from this first thread I've read of yours; I enjoyed your description of clam-digging and her internal monologuing. Please PM me if you think I've missed something, I'd be happy to read it over.

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