Solo Dancing with Dirty Feet [The Farson Home for Orphans]

Given employment, Ireth finds herself at Zeltiva's Orphanage for her first day of work.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Dancing with Dirty Feet [The Farson Home for Orphans]

Postby Ireth Telemnar on November 26th, 2014, 8:13 am

Dancing with Dirty Feet
Fall 74th, 514 A.V.
Location: The Farson Home for Orphans, Zeltiva

It was quite the hike from the Grotto to where the Orphanage stood, and though it might’ve taken only half a bell, Ireth had to get lost. She had left the Grotto as early as she could, bundling her little one into the cradleboard. Ellemyer was just over a season old now, and gurgled happily when her mother’d tickled her little round belly before strapping on.

You’re getting so big, little one. Whatever shall we do when you’re too big for your tunics? Were we in Nyka, I’d get Tynibi to just resize them. I don’t know who to go to for that here though. I may just have to buy some new clothes for you. You’re growing far too fast!” She kissed the baby’s soft nose and got a giggle in return.

After asking directions from a stranger in the street, the way to the Orphanage sounded so straightforward. Ireth took a wrong turn somewhere, and wound up down near the Docks.

Oh, for the love of the Lord…” She spun in a slow circle, examining the buildings around her. They all looked the same in the early morning light, though some had signs displaying their status as fishing shops and such. Ireth rushed into one and nearly ran over a portly older man.

I beg your pardon sir, but could you point me in the direction of the Orphan’s Home?

The man smiled cheerily at Ireth and nodded, leading her back outside. “Of course milady. Just take the Dock path up that direction, over yonder? And when ye get past the cobbler’s, ye take a right. It’s the big building with the wrought iron gate around it, ye hear?

The young woman was so happy to hear that that she nearly hugged the stranger. “Thank you so much sir, I really appreciate it!” And with that she took off in the direction of the man’s gestures. Her steps were lively as a gust of wind blew the salty smell of the sea up into the city. The moist air felt so good against the few patches of bare skin she had.

Ireth came to the cobbler’s and took a right, wandering her way between some people before coming before what had to be the Orphanage. And at the sight of the building made her jaw drop.

A massive stone manor with at least three floors stood before her, with what appeared to be two towers, one to the west and one to the east. But the western side of the building, not only the tower, appeared to be crumbling greatly, plants creeping and crawling all over the exterior in an attempt to retake the ground on which the manor stood. A tall wrought iron fence stood wrapped itself around the grounds supported by graying stones. The gate looked foreboding, but swung open easily when Ire applied pressure. She drew in a deep breath, wondering if this was really where she belonged.

Here we go, little one. Guess there’s no turning back now, eh?

The door was large and made of thick, dark wood. Ireth took the handle of the black iron knocker gingerly in her hand, raised it up, and let it fall against the solid door. The clap resounded on the inside and Ire felt a jerk behind her. Ellemyer started to whimper. The young mother pulled the cradleboard off of her back and knelt to comfort her daughter, whispering encouragingly when the door swung open.

A lithe woman with a shock of white hair opened the door, an impish smile upon her face until she saw Elle. Under her breath, she whispered “No no no, please no.

Ireth stood up with the cradleboard in hand. “I beg your pardon?” Her eyes narrowed and she cocked her head.

The lady pursed her lips. “How may I help you miss?

I’d like to speak to your supervisor please.” Not exactly the kind of greeting she’d expected. Did this woman really think that she’d come here to leave Ellemyer with them, in an orphanage? The very thought made Ireth upset.

The white haired woman considered Ireth for a moment, then allowed her inside. The front door led into an enormous foyer that had doors leading from it and a large staircase in the middle. The doors to the left were blocked off with lengths of wood, Ireth assumed that they led to the west wing. The woman closed the door behind them and Ire shrugged the cradleboard onto her back once more. The lady watched her, running a hand through her tussled short hair.

Um, Master Aelius isn’t here at the moment. So I’m going to take you to Mistress Thea. She likes to think she’s in charge whenever the master of the manor isn’t around.” Ireth nodded and followed the girl toward the staircase. As she walked, the girl chuckled. “We just have to find Thea first. That’s always the challenge around here, the place is so big. It was worse back before the west wing was closed, children like to find small hiding holes.
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