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Anais Seawind

Postby Anais Seawind on November 27th, 2014, 4:22 am

Race: Human, Svefra
Gender: Female
Birthdate:48th of Summer, 492av
Birthplace: Unknown, Suvan Sea
Residence: Syka
Occupation: Chandler, 5gm/day

Appearance: 5'10", lean, blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, tattoos (#01 -*Image back of neck, #02 -*Image right foot, #03 -*Image above left breast)
Character Synapsis: A somber woman, Anais seldom smiles and rarely laughs; the sadness in her past still weighs heavily on her.

The grief of losing her child has left a permanent mark of sadness in her eyes, and a scar on her soul, rocking the foundation of everything she'd been raised to believe in

Anais harbors a deep anger toward Laviku and an unshakeable sense of guilt for her weakness of faith, and is searching for clarity apart from her pod.
05 Astronomy +05sp
02 Bodybuilding +02
02 Butchering +02
20 Candlemaking +15sp, +05
01 Climbing +01
01 Construction +01
04 Endurance +02, +02
03 Food Preservation +03
03 Foraging +01, +01, +01
01 Investigation +01
04 Gambling +04
05 Musical Instrument: Kettle Drum +05sp
01 Persuasion +01
04 Planning +01, +01, +01, +01
12 Sailing +10rb, +01, +01
03 Sewing +03
06 Singing +01, +02, +03
10 Socialization +02, +04, +01, +03
01 Storytelling +01
07 Swimming +05sp, +02
02 Tactics +02
20 Weapon: Cutlass +20sp
05 Weapon: Slingshot +05
09 Wilderness Survival: Jungle +02, +01, +01, +02, +03

31 Observation +01, +01, +05, +04, +04, +02, +04, +05, +05




Culture: Lore of Traditional Svefra Shanties
Culture: Lore of Seawind Legends

Location Syka: New Settlers Can Claim 5 Acres of Land
Location Syka: In Need of Settlers
Location Syka: Syka Mercantile
Location Syka: The Panacea
Location Syka: Seawind's Solace

Medicine Arsyna Cream for Sunburn

Miscellany Aunt Molly’s Advice: Sewing Mends the Soul
Miscellany The Pain of a Distant Tavan
Miscellany Importance of Gloves When Clearing Land

[]NPC[/b] Irissa: Taught Me About Using a Slingshot
NPC Jansen and Kalum: Healers at The Panacea
NPC Juli Chaliva: Owner of the Mercantile
NPC Randal Zor: Appearance, Personality
NPC Randal Zor: Syka’s Carpenter

PC Anais: Has a Cutlass
PC Anais: Struggling with Faith
PC Anais: Knows that Some Boys are Better Looking than Others
PC Anais: Determined to Catch a Pet
PC Anais: Old Memories No Longer as Painful
PC Anais: A stubborn student

Religion Prayer: Asking Laviku for Safe Passage

Skill Butchering: Cleaning a Fish
Skill Candlemaking: Melting Down Beeswax Evenly
Skill Candlemaking: Cutting Wicks to Size
Skill Candlemaking: Using Weights to Make Straight Candles
Skill Candlemaking: Dipping Wicks to Make Even Candles
Skill Candlemaking: Don’t Hurry the Dipping Process
Skill Construction: Building a Multi-Purpose Firepit
Skill Food Preservation: The Process of Curing Fish
Skill Food Preservation: How to Make Brine
Skill Food Preservation: Cloudy Eyes Means Spoiled Fish
Skill Foraging: Passion Fruit Characteristics
Skill Foraging: Banana, Characteristics and Harvesting
Skill Gambling: The Rules of Thimble-Pig
Skill Gambling: Keep Your Focus on the Game
Skill Gambling: Gamble for Fun, Not Because You Need To
Skill Persuasion: Selling One's Own Skills
Skill Sailing: A Secure Knot to Lower Cargo from a Ship
Skill Sailing: Tying Whipping Knots on Rigging
Skill Sewing: Mending Sailcloth
Skill Sewing: Threading Needles
Skill Sewing: Tailor’s Knot
Skill Sewing: Patching Sailcloth
Skill Storytelling: Ridiculous Stories are Easy to Invent
Skill Tactics: Distracting Your Gambling Opponent with a Story
Skill Weapon/Slingshot: Replacing a Broken Cord
Skill Weapon/Slingshot: Adjusting the Cord to Center
Skill Weapon/Slingshot: The Preferred Rock Shapes for Ammunition
Skill Weapon/Slingshot: How to Stand When Shooting
Skill Weapon/Slingshot: Adjusting Your Aim After the First Shot

Wilderness Survival How to Harvest Sea Urchin
Wilderness Survival Using the Stars for Navigation
Wilderness Survival The Shore is Safer than the Jungle
Wilderness Survival Leather is Good for Skin Protection
Wilderness Survival Sleep in the Heat of Day
Wilderness Survival Don’t Drink Water if You Don’t Know It’s Safe
Wilderness Survival Tying a Double Looped Knot to Tow Cargo Through the Water
Wilderness Survival Starting a Fire with Flint and Steel
Wilderness Survival Water Can be Collected from Some Roots
Wilderness Survival Using Yourself to Test the Potability of Water
Wilderness Survival Poor Color and Scent Might Indicate Water is Undrinkable
Wilderness Survival Banana Tree Roots Contain Water
Wilderness Survival Always Enter the Jungle Prepared

63rd of Summer, 518AV - Injury: Bruise on back for next 7-10 days *

Broad-brimmed Hat Coat x1 (coarse wool, grey) Shirt x 3 (linen, undyed)
Pants x 2 (linen, dark blue) Pants x 1 (linen, dark brown) Undergarments (linen, undyed)
Shoes, Sandals x 1 High Boots, Leather Low Boots x1 (dark brown)
Leather Gloves
Atani (heirloom *est. value: 4gm, 9sm, 5cp: scarf (1sm ), large (x3) deep blue (x1.5) mohair (x15), finely belled (x20), weighted w/iron - 2lbs (+1gm) - 1 x 39.5mods + 1gm metal) Sword, Cutlass Glass Bead, Aqua *
Kettle Drums Passion Fruit x2 Fishing Pole
Rope, Hemp Holy Symbol, *Pendant, Wooden, Laviku Toolkit, Candlemaking
Quarterstaff *Effect: Melodic – The weapon hums a catchy battle cadence upon command. Activates via command word Toolkit, Clamdigger's Cooking Pot, 2-qt, Iron
Backpack Eating Knife Flint & Steel
Waterskin Comb (wood) Brush (wood)
Soap Razor
Pine Crate (3cu ft) Shovel Axe, Splitting
Insect Repellent
Casinor, Laviku's Kiss

Credit Debit Purpose Balance
Carryover 119gm, 3sm
-- -- -- -- --

Creation - Summer 519 :
Credit Debit Purpose Balance
+100gm Starting Package 100gm
-12gm Sword, Cutlass 88gm
-10gm Kettle Drums 78gm
-1gm Fishing Pole 77gm
-2gm Misc Clothing Items 75gm
-1gm High Boots, Leather 74gm
-1gm Holy Symbol, Wooden 73gm
-50gm Toolkit, Candlemaking 23gm
-1gm Rope, Hemp 22gm
-1sm Pine Crate 21gm, 9sm
-2gm Shovel 19gm, 9sm
-5sm Axe, Splitting 19gm, 4sm
-6gm, 6sm Purchases * 12gm, 8sm
+700gm Reward * 712gm, 8sm
-1gm Quarterstaff *Melodic – The weapon hums a catchy battle cadence upon command. Activates via command word 711gm, 8sm
+455gm Wages, Summer 518AV 1166gm, 8sm
-15gm Toolkit, Clamdigger's 1151gm, 8sm
-4sm Cooking Pot, 2-qt, Iron 1151gm, 4sm
-135gm Living Expenses, Summer 518AV 1016gm, 4sm
-5sm Slingshot 1015gm, 9sm
-500gm Simple Dock (abandoned) 515gm, 9sm
-200gm Office, Simple (abandoned) 315gm, 9sm
-10gm Bed, Average (abandoned) 305gm, 9sm
-15gm Fireplace (abandoned) 290gm, 9sm
-3gm Hearth, Average (abandoned) 287gm, 9sm
-3sm End Table, Average (abandoned) 287gm, 6sm
-1gm Table, Average (abandoned) 286gm, 6sm
-1gm, 4sm Chair, Average x 2 (abandoned) 285gm, 2sm
-9sm Canvas x 9 (abandoned) 284gm, 3sm
-25gm Insect Netting (abandoned) 259gm, 3sm
-5gm Builder's Kit, Simple 254gm, 3sm
-135gm Living Expenses, Autumn 518AV 119gm, 3sm

Religion: Laviku, Oceanus, Rk. 1 *Image, left shoulder

Tavan: Isporo *Image, a male Loggerhead Sea Turtle (weight 320lbs, length 33in) who befriended Anais when she was 8 years old

Fluent: Common
Basic: Fratava
Poor: Arumenic

Likes: Children, especially babies. Logical things/people. Music. Water. Hazelnuts. Wine.

Dislikes: Confusion, internal and external. Silence. Beef.
History: Anais had a typical childhood, if a Svefra childhood could be called typical. Benefiting from healthy sea air and plenty of exercise swimming in the brine, the inquisitive little girl picked up many useful hobbies: knot-tying, sailing, swimming, fishing, bartering and cursing.

As she entered adolescence, however, she became fascinated with non-Svefra. Each time her Pod ventured to shore, Anais would sneak off to observe the 'foreigners' - generally in taverns or inns where she could easily lose herself in a crowd. Her looks, while not breathtaking, still garnered her plenty of attention, a circumstance the young woman thoroughly enjoyed.

On one such stop, she met a traveling Eypharian and was instantly intrigued. His many arms drew her curiosity, while his handsome features inspired instant infatuation. They shared an exciting evening, and Anais took happy memories of the encounter back to sea when she left. Happy memories, and a spark of new life.

The pod welcomed her news joyfully, giving thanks to Laviku and celebrating the birth of a healthy baby boy in the Spring of 512av. But when the child's eyes failed to reflect the brilliant blue of the ocean, signifying his connection to the All Father, that joy quickly dampened to be replaced with a stoic resoluteness. Anais, Svefra to her core, did not question the religious teachings that condemned her newborn to the unforgiving waters of the ocean, but her heart was broken.

Unable to participate in the ceremonial casting adrift of the infant, Anais instead hid herself belowdecks, earning the pity and mild disapproval of several of her pod members. In the days that followed, her grief and disquiet grew, leaving her depressed and angry, questioning her faith and her pod. Anais chose to leave her family a year later, settling in Zeltiva in the Summer of 513av, and later relocating to Syka in the Summer of 518av.
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Anais Seawind

Postby Anais Seawind on November 27th, 2014, 4:25 am

Thread List:
Autumn 519
Autumn 518
6th - Skills to Sharpen - pm to join, ongoing
24th - Give it Another Shot, solo, completed, graded
45th - Remembrance Day, open, ongoing

Summer 518
14th - One Home or Another, solo, completed, graded
16th - Less Than Nothing, solo, completed, graded
17th - Impatience Wins the Day, solo, completed, graded
20th - Dead Meat and a Business Arrangement, abandoned, pending grade
20th - Meat-Scented Candles, solo, job thread, completed, pending grade
34th - And a Candle to Light the Way, solo, job thread, completed, graded
47th - Stars and Simple Tasks, solo, completed, graded
63rd - A Rocky Start, solo, completed, graded
64th - Practical Matters, solo, ongoing

21st of Spring, 513AV - Misery Shared, flashback, ongoing
67th of Summer, 507AV - A New Skill for a New Svefra, flashback, completed, pending grade
73rd of Summer, 507AV - A New Skill for an Old Svefra, flashback, completed, pending grade
9th of Fall, 503AV - Preservation is Key, flashback, completed, graded
54th of Summer, 502AV - Summer Fun, flashback, completed, graded
57th of Summer, 500AV - Hi-Jinks, Hi, flashback, completed, pending grade

Ixtli, butcher
Ashka, weaver


Known living family:
ImageName: O'Pearl Seawind
Race: Human, Svefra
DoB: Winter 3rd, 472 AV
DoD: --
Relationship: Mother
Gnosis: Oceanus Rk. 1
Additional Info: --
Skills: Candlemaking (5), Herbalism (26), Perfumery (10), Philtering (9)

ImageName: Erista Seawind
Race: Human, Svefra
DoB: Summer 59th, 464 AV
DoD: --
Relationship: Lia, (Great) Aunt
Gnosis: Oceanus Rk. 1
Additional Info: --
Skills: Cooking (10), Leadership (30), Vinting (10)

ImageName: Jewel Seawind Brinesoul
Race: Human, Svefra
DoB: Fall 88th, 490 AV
DoD: --
Relationship: Cousin
Gnosis: Oceanus Rk. 1
Additional Info: An older cousin, Jewel was always a pain in Anais' side. The two tolerated each other as children, but as they aged, conflicts arose frequently over things both large and small. Anais was thrilled when Jewel left the Seawind Pod to marry into the Brinesoul Pod in 508AV, and hasn't given the other woman much thought since that day.
Skills: Acting (13), Rhetoric (10), Sailing (27)

Deceased Family:
ImageName: Mollusca Seawind
Race: Human, Svefra
DoB: Fall 5th, 457 AV
DoD: Winter 26th, 516 AV
Relationship: (Great) Aunt
Gnosis: Oceanus Rk. 1
Additional Info: Anais' mother wasn't particularly adept at parenting, and so her Aunt Mollusca (Molly) stepped in to fill the void. The older woman taught the child to embrace life with a joyous heart, to praise Laviku in all things, and a host of other practical skills, as well. Anais was deeply saddened to hear of her beloved Aunt's passing.
Skills: Food Preservation (27), Weapon: Atani (32), Wilderness Survival, Sea (30)

ImageName: Chelm Seawind
Race: Human, Svefra
DoB: Spring 38th, 451 AV
DoD: Spring 87th, 518 AV
Relationship: (Great) Uncle
Gnosis: Oceanus Rk. 1
Additional Info: A more genial, friendlier man Anais had never met than her Uncle Chelm. The jolly sailor was always up for a good tune, a story or just a cheery bonfire with plenty of ale flowing. He happily bore the responsibility for most the Seawind Pod's entertainment - on water and on shore. Well-loved by all in life, Chelm was mourned greatly in his passing.
Skills: Foraging (31), Musical Instrument: Kettle Drum (26), Weapon: Cutlass (38)

ImageName: Irissa Whitewave Seawind
Race: Human, Svefra x Benshira
DoB: Summer 81st, 489 AV
DoD: Winter 13th, 512 AV
Relationship: Podsister
Additional Info: Irissa was not born on the sea, but in the desert, and did not set foot in Laviku's domain until after the age of 16. First joining the Whitewave Pod in 505AV, Irissa found a better fit within the gaiety and joyful Seawind Pod, joining them in 507AV. She and Anais became fast friends, until Irissa took ill and died suddenly only 2 seasons after Anais' own child.
Skills: Fortune Telling (26), Meditation (39), Weapon: Benshiran Sling (27)


Character Goals:
Short Term
Move to (Syka? Lhavit?)
Find source of tallow (Ixtli? NPC?)
Syka skills (WS, Cutlass, Construction, Foraging, Hunting)
Sailing to Competent (by Fall 518)
Candlemaking to Competent
Cutlass to Competent (by Fall 518)
WS to competent (by end of Summer 518)

Mid Term
Sailing to Expert (by Winter 518)
Kettle Drum to Competent
Begin learning to make kettle drums

Long Term
gnosis - Azenth rk 1? Raindancing rk 1?
build business (candles. soaps.)

Bee Keeping
Dual Wield
Food Preservation
Weapon: Atani
Wilderness Survival (Sea. Jungle.)
Writing (start a journal)

trauma related to death of child
journaling/writing down Svefra songs
prayer: work through the Laviku thing (utilizing Divine Connections forum)
make candles - wax, dipped
make candles - wax, poured
make candles - tallow
make candles with flowers in
carve candles
which is better: tallow or wax?
sourcing tallow
religion: explore, worship new god? (leth? gnora? eyris? ivak? makutsi?)
develop legends about the stars (Svefra) while stargazing
quail on board

Seawind Sea Song *
Secret :
"‘Ere were two lofty ships from th’North Suvan Sea,
Blow high, blow low, and so sailed we;
One was the Pride of Laviku, and t’other The Salty Star,
Cruising down ‘long the coast of th’North Suvan Sea.

“Aloft there, ahoy!” our jolly sailors cried,
Blow high, blow low, and so sailed we;
“Look ahead, look astern, look aweather and alee,
Look along down the coast of th’North Suvan Sea.

There’s nought upon the stern, there’s nought upon the lee,
Blow high, blow low, and so sailed we;
But there’s a lofty ship to windward, and she’s sailing fast and free,
Sailing down along the coast of th’North Suvan Sea.

“Oh, hail her, Oh, hail her,” our lovely Lia cried,
Blow high, blow low, and so sailed we;
“Are you Svefra, my boyo, or a privateer,” said she,
“Cruising down along the coast of th’North Suvan Sea.”

“Oh, I’m no Svefra - nor a privateer,” said he,
Blow high, blow low, and so sailed we;
“But I’m a salt-sea pirate a-hunting for my fee,
“Cruising down the coast of th’North Suvan Sea.”

Oh, ’twas broadside to broadside a long time we lay,
Blow high, blow low, and so sailed we;
Until the Pride of Laviku shot the pirate’s masts away,
Cruising down along the coast of th’North Suvan Sea.

“Oh, quarter, Oh, quarter,” those pirates then did cry,
Blow high, blow low, and so sailed we;
But we showed Laviku’s own mercy when we sunk them in the sea,
Coming down along the coast of th’North Suvan Sea!"

Seawind Work Song, 01 *
Secret :
”Th’drink is mudder’s milk to me
I’d sail me ship on a drunken sea

Whiskey-o, boy-o, tipsy-o, lass
Raise the sails up from down the mast
Whiskey-o, boy-o, tipsy-o, lass
Raise up th’ale, miss, an’ drain yer glass

Ale here, honeymead there, th’drinks’re flowing ev’rywhere
I’d trade me ship for some whiskey-fare

Whiskey-o, boy-o, tipsy-o, lass
Raise the sails up from down the mast
Whiskey-o, boy-o, tipsy-o, lass
Raise up th’ale, miss, an’ drain yer glass

Wine, it killed me poor old dad
Rum, it drove me mother mad

Whiskey-o, boy-o, tipsy-o, lass
Raise the sails up from down the mast
Whiskey-o, boy-o, tipsy-o, lass
Raise up th’ale, miss, an’ drain yer glass

Spirits taught me, spirits caught me
Spirits left me, beached me, wrought me

Whiskey-o, boy-o, tipsy-o, lass
Raise the sails up from down the mast
Whiskey-o, boy-o, tipsy-o, lass
Raise up th’ale, miss, an’ drain yer glass

Never met a drink I’d notten down
Nor drank enough t’put the glass down

Whiskey-o, boy-o, tipsy-o, lass
Raise the sails up from down the mast
Whiskey-o, boy-o, tipsy-o, lass
Raise up th’ale, miss, an’ drain yer glass”

Seawind Work Song, 02 *
Secret :
"The Valterrian was three hunnerd years ago
oh yes, oh
When Ivak’s pain burnt the world so
three hunnerd years ago

The Svefra sailed on the waters cold
oh yes, oh
Safe onna top of th’undertow
three hunnerd years ago

Laviku smiled on his children, lo
oh yes, oh
Kept us safe from the flames, rocked us to an’ fro
three hunnerd years ago

Sailors we are an’ have always been so
oh yes, oh
Kith an’ kin to the winds an’ the salty blow
since three hunnerd years ago

At ease on the deck, ridin’ the waves
oh yes, oh
Rulin’ the seaways, fearless an’ brave
since three hunnerd years ago"


Candlemaking: 01 | 02 | 03

Food Preservation:General Medieval Preservation
Fish | Fish

Sailing: 01 | 02 | 03

Survival: 01

Weapons: Atani 01 | Atani 02

Challenge - 4 (2 used 07/10/18, 2 used 08/28/18) banked rolls and the following:
The Amulet of Desire - Unclaimed :
A stranger will find you wherever you are. It might be a beggar who offers you a gift, a monkey who throws this at you, or in some strange way this item will be passed to you. It is a necklace. Over time and through roleplay you will come to understand how this item works. When you hold it in your hand and turn a careful circle until you stand in whichever direction the person, place, or thing that you desire will cause the amulet to glow. The person place or thing you desire can change moment to moment. It will continue to glow as long as you concentrate on that object of desire and point in the direction it lies relative to you. This item will only work if you are within a 10 mile distance of the one thing you desire.

Please remember, your character must have a LORE of the item person or location your character desires or else they don't know it exists to desire it. If you want an idea concept or fact, this will not work with this item. It works only on physical things.

Backpack of Voiding - Unclaimed :
It can be of any color though the basic shape will remain as pictured. It can hold anything within it as long as the thing can fit through the bag's opening to disappear inside. It weighs as if it is an empty backpack and has no limit in terms of what can go in. One must concentrate on what one wants to retrieve from the inside of it when reaching in or else the contents coming to ones hand will be random. This backpack will not preserve items such as food. Any garbage or food that rots in it will cause the contents to smell and a stench to emit from it once the top flap is thrown open. The same might be said of soiled sweaty or dirty clothing, especially socks and shoes.

This item must be acquired in thread. The method is up to the winners.

Statuette of Harameus - Unclaimed :
Harameus - This statuette takes the form of its owner. It is cryptic in conversation with meanings interwoven with other meanings that at times actually seem meaningless. Those who are marked by Harameus have a better chance of deciphering these meanings and gaining great insight from them. Otherwise, they can seem random and sometimes annoying. The statuette however is patient and rarely gets upset. Gnosis: 1 mark Harameus. Skills: Cryptography: 10, Intelligence: 10, Subterfuge: 10. Lore: Harameus, Deciphering hidden meaning in things. Magical Ability: Decipher languages and written code/riddles in a competent manner.

Magical Effect :
(10) Melodic – The weapon hums a catchy battle cadence upon command. Activates via command word

Applied to purchased quarterstaff.

Coin of... - Unclaimed :
Coin of Frost
Flip this coin into the air. Heads the area in a 10-foot radius grows excruciatingly cold and those in the area suffer a -10 to all rolls for the remainder of the scene. Tails and you suffer a -10 to all rolls for the remainder of the scene

Note: The following construction will not be completed until TBA

ImageBasic layout of Anais' home. Contents (will) include:
1 simple bed
3 simple chairs
1 simple table
1 simple end table
1 simple desk
1 simple set of shelves
1 fireplace w/hearth
1 small closet

The one-room construct that Anais calls home is made of local lumber, floored with bamboo and roofed with thatched palm fronds. Its walls are more windows than solid surface, draped over with netting to keep the bugs at bay; thick waterproofed canvas is rolled up and out of the way, but can be lowered if weather dictates. To provide herself with a semblance of privacy, Anais has hung a panel of canvas from ceiling to floor to shelter her sleeping area from her common living space. It is a cozy place, not much larger than the cabin on her casinor, and decorated sparsely.
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Anais Seawind

Postby Anais Seawind on August 9th, 2018, 11:29 pm

Secret :
The evolving write-up for Anais' property in Syka:

Anais' five claimed acres are predominantly untamed Sykan jungle, with an uneven strip of rocky beach at its forefront. Located just at the beginning of the peninsula leading to Treasure Point, the land she's chosen is approximately a bell's fast walk from the community core and enjoys a scenic, if distant, view of the southernmost tip of Solitude Isle.

The rocks dotting the beach extend both outward, into the ocean, and inward toward the imposing green of the jungle. Along the treeline, the windworn gray shapes form a ridge that runs nearly the length of the beach. ImageWhile the ridge is merely a few feet high, providing a mostly visual barrier between sand and jungle, it does give the jungle the illusion of added height. While Anais has yet to attempt a thorough exploration of the jungle itself, she has begun picking away at some of the looser rocks and debris, in an attempt to form a more stable path into its depths. Her efforts so far have yielded minimal results; a casual observer might notice an area slightly less overgrown than the rest, and a barely discernible path leading off at a shallow angle from the rocky ridge to a small, recently discovered grove of wild banana trees.

Along this jungle border, Anais has already experienced run-ins with the local Sykan wildlife. Small monkeys, no more than a foot in height, have introduced themselves. After her initial surprise at the sight, the Svefra was pleased to discover that these tiny creatures, while mischievous, seem to mean no harm and have been no more than a playful distraction to her daily life. Various birds also call the area home, as can be expected, and Anais has seen their colorful shapes in the air and in the trees - their songs and sounds are a constant presence in the air from dawn throughout the day, although they are quieter during the midday hours and almost silent at night.

Made of local lumber, the dock extends outward 30 feet into the Suvan Sea. A small offshoot leads from the furthest point of the dock to the entrance of Anais' simple, cozy living area. A one-room construct roughly 10x20 feet, the home has been built on stilts rising up from the ocean floor. This position allows for sea breezes to aid in cooling the interior, Imagewhile also keeping it safer from any potential land-dwelling predators and pests. The walls are nearly more open than enclosed, however Anais has installed insect netting over the openings and sturdy, waterproofed canvas that is mostly left rolled up but can be lowered to protect herself and her belongings from inclement weather.

Inside, more canvas hangs, dividing the space into two smaller areas - one for sleeping, and one for general living space. It is the general living space that greets the visitor: a small table, several chairs, a set of shelves and a fireplace are the extent of her furnishings in this area. Beyond this, behind a plain canvas curtain, lies a simple straw bed, small desk and a bedside table. Her hut is small, but Anais is quite comfortable in it; having lived most of her life onboard boats of varying sizes, the lack of excess space and the ready sight and sound of the ocean make her home on land feel more like her home at sea.

ImageDespite its rocky nature, the beach and its particular attributes are what led Anais to claim the land as her own. Tidal pools, areas where the brackish sea water remains even as the tide goes out, dot the coastline up and down the land. These pockets of water vary in size from shallow depressions a scant few feet wide to the largest, a pool wider than Anais is tall and approximately 15 - 20 feet deep. Aside from their beauty, these tidal pools teem with life and provide relatively easy access to food for both Anais and her sea turtle tavan.

The water in the tide pools is home to many varieties of sea life, from mollusks to urchin to seaweed to crabs, and even small fish that might be too tiny for a meal but would serve as adequate bait for fishing. Studying the tide pools can provide a peaceful distraction on a lazy afternoon and soaking in them is a low-energy way to escape the heat of Syna during the midday hours.

The view inland is one of vast and almost overwhelming vegetation. What starts out small, as brush and bush and vine quickly thickens until trees and shadowy mystery obscure the view. What dangers or benefits might lie within are still completely unknown to her, however the noises at night hint at an animal presence much more at ease in the green shadows than the Svefra is.
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