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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Seawind's Solace

Postby Anais Seawind on August 22nd, 2018, 12:37 am

Anais' five claimed acres are predominantly untamed Sykan jungle, with an uneven strip of rocky beach at its forefront. Located just at the beginning of the peninsula leading to Treasure Point, the land she's chosen is approximately a bell's fast walk from the community core and enjoys a scenic, if distant, view of the southernmost tip of Solitude Isle.

The rocks dotting the beach extend both outward, into the ocean, and inward toward the imposing green of the jungle. Along the treeline, the windworn gray shapes form a ridge that runs nearly the length of the beach. ImageWhile the ridge is merely a few feet high, providing a mostly visual barrier between sand and jungle, it does give the jungle the illusion of added height. While Anais has yet to attempt a thorough exploration of the jungle itself, she has begun picking away at some of the looser rocks and debris, in an attempt to form a more stable path into its depths. Her efforts so far have yielded minimal results; a casual observer might notice an area slightly less overgrown than the rest, and a barely discernible path leading off at a shallow angle from the rocky ridge to a small, recently discovered grove of wild banana trees.

Along this jungle border, Anais has already experienced run-ins with the local Sykan wildlife. Small monkeys, no more than a foot in height, have introduced themselves. After her initial surprise at the sight, the Svefra was pleased to discover that these tiny creatures, while mischievous, seem to mean no harm and have been no more than a playful distraction to her daily life. Various birds also call the area home, as can be expected, and Anais has seen their colorful shapes in the air and in the trees - their songs and sounds are a constant presence in the air from dawn throughout the day, although they are quieter during the midday hours and almost silent at night.

Made of local lumber, the dock extends outward 30 feet into the Suvan Sea. A small offshoot leads from the furthest point of the dock to the entrance of Anais' simple, cozy living area. A one-room construct roughly 10x20 feet, the home has been built on stilts rising up from the ocean floor. This position allows for sea breezes to aid in cooling the interior, Imagewhile also keeping it safer from any potential land-dwelling predators and pests. The walls are nearly more open than enclosed, however Anais has installed insect netting over the openings and sturdy, waterproofed canvas that is mostly left rolled up but can be lowered to protect herself and her belongings from inclement weather.

Inside, more canvas hangs, dividing the space into two smaller areas - one for sleeping, and one for general living space. It is the general living space that greets the visitor: a small table, several chairs, a set of shelves and a fireplace are the extent of her furnishings in this area. Beyond this, behind a plain canvas curtain, lies a simple straw bed, small desk and a bedside table. Her hut is small, but Anais is quite comfortable in it; having lived most of her life onboard boats of varying sizes, the lack of excess space and the ready sight and sound of the ocean make her home on land feel more like her home at sea.

ImageDespite its rocky nature, the beach and its particular attributes are what led Anais to claim the land as her own. Tidal pools, areas where the brackish sea water remains even as the tide goes out, dot the coastline up and down the land. These pockets of water vary in size from shallow depressions a scant few feet wide to the largest, a pool wider than Anais is tall and approximately 15 - 20 feet deep. Aside from their beauty, these tidal pools teem with life and provide relatively easy access to food for both Anais and her sea turtle tavan.

The water in the tide pools is home to many varieties of sea life, from mollusks to urchin to seaweed to crabs, and even small fish that might be too tiny for a meal but would serve as adequate bait for fishing. Studying the tide pools can provide a peaceful distraction on a lazy afternoon and soaking in them is a low-energy way to escape the heat of Syna during the midday hours.

The view inland is one of vast and almost overwhelming vegetation. What starts out small, as brush and bush and vine quickly thickens until trees and shadowy mystery obscure the view. What dangers or benefits might lie within are still completely unknown to her, however the noises at night hint at an animal presence much more at ease in the green shadows than the Svefra is.
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